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Published at 23rd of October 2020 10:34:59 AM

Chapter 1008: 1008. Reinforcing
"So," Skully said as Noah inspected her bones from various angles, "I won't be able to see with my new body."

The two of them were alone in the throne hall, and Noah had just finished explaining to her the damages that the rank 6 Kesier Ape had suffered during the hunt.

Organs as the eyes and the brain were above the dark matter patching abilities, and Noah couldn't recreate them at his current level. Skully would have to adapt, but he knew she wouldn't complain at all once fused with the Ape.

Noah had to fix the frailty of what remained of her body before approaching any form of fusion. Still, his inscription methods were too harsh for her, so he had to find a way to make the process more natural.

Luckily for him, he had already found a material that worked perfectly for her, which could help in the forging.

Skully had sat on that throne for who knew how many centuries. Her mental waves had interacted with it for so long that its black metal was part of her.

She had used the other Mortal Lands' natives' inscription method unconsciously and had turned the entire throne in a material that reflected all her shades. Noah couldn't imagine using anything else to improve her skeleton's structure.

"Your mental abilities will be stronger," Noah said as he distanced himself to get a clear picture of her overall condition. "I'm quite curious to see by how much. Yet, you might take a while to get used to it since we destroyed the Ape's brain."

"That's fine!" Skully said in her childish voice. "I missed the training during the years stuck in this form!"

Noah could only sigh at the sight of that excitement. The powerhouse didn't know how many things could go wrong when using the Elemental Forging method, and she had to undergo two of them.

Moreover, there were polishing sessions on both bodies to complete. Noah couldn't leave them in the way they were, mostly since there were many incomplete body parts.

"Carl," Noah said in a soft tone, and the expert in the fifth rank limped inside the hall, "Prepare the team to move her. I need to work on this throne."

Carl performed a bow and limped back outside the hall. He could fly, but he needed to become used to his regrowing leg.

There were only a few alchemists among the natives of the hidden world, but their level of expertise was far below average. They couldn't concoct drugs powerful enough to heal Carl's leg in just a few days.

The cultivators in the black palace had initially been doubtful about Noah's presence among them, but the recent hunt had improved his status by a lot.

Moreover, the news that he was giving another body to their leader had improved their mood. He wasn't a foreigner anymore in their eyes, but they wanted to know if he could do what he claimed before worshipping him as a savior.

Carl returned with a group of peak rank 5 cultivators that used their most soft spells to lift Skully's skeleton and empty the throne. Noah waited for them to leave the hall before processing the throne's black metal with the small star made of higher energy.

All he had to do now was waiting for both Ape's corpse and throne to absorb part of the dark matter and give Noah some power over their structure.

It took a few months for the throne's fabric to give up and let the higher energy affect it. Noah sensed it immediately and prepared himself for the next phase of his plan.

The expert at the peak of the fifth rank prepared a room where they laid Skully on a metallic table. There were old traces of inscriptions around it, but they were too consumed to work.

Noah reached the room carrying a large slab of black metal carved out of the processed throne. There was dense smoke seeping out of it, but the item appeared harder than before.

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The experts backed down when Noah neared the table and placed the slab right next to Skully, who seized the chance to mock him. "Imagine killing me right in front of my men!"

Noah ignored her line and placed his hands above the skeleton and the slab. The dark matter came out of his body and created an incubating chamber around the table, isolating it from external eyes.

"It's a good thing that you can't feel pain," Noah said as he hinted that he was about to start.

"Yes!" Skully said. "Years of suffering to obtain my dreamed Ape's body! I hope it will be worth the wait!"

Noah didn't hesitate any further and began to control his darkness so that it activated the dark matter inside the slab and forced it to liquefy. An intense sense of life filled the room as soon as Noah's imbued "Breath" made its appearance. That sensation was so fierce that Carl's healing speed increased by a bit.

The liquid metal floated toward the old and destroyed bones and began to seep in their structure. Getting inside them was easy, but fixing them was a slow and methodic procedure.

Noah controlled the metal so that it filled every hole in the bones and improved their overall structure. A black layer even appeared over them, showing how more resistant they had become.

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That part was relatively easy. The only side that could cause Noah any problem was the skull due to its sensitive matter inside. There wasn't a brain there. Skully had replaced it thanks to one of her unorthodox techniques. Yet, it was a sensitive spot, and Noah had to pay his utmost attention when fusing it with the metal.

Noah continued until all the slab ended. He had done his math and knew that the Ape's body could withstand the skeleton's new weight without getting affected by it.

The process ended smoothly. Skully survived the procedure, and Noah found himself closer to the laws of creation after he had done all that work. There had been times when he had to recreate entire bones to give stability to Skully's overall structure. The skeleton was too old, and it had lost most of its original power.

Skully ended up in a coma. The new bones and the different substance inside her had to find some harmony, especially since she would have to endure the fusion.

Noah wouldn't have forced her to undergo another fusion even if the Ape's body was ready. Even a few years might not be enough to make Skully gain some stability with her new skeleton.

A couple of years had to pass for both Skully and the Kesier Ape's corpse to be ready for the fusion, and Noah decided to wait a few more months anyway after that point. Then, he brought Skully and the body into his training area, ordering everyone to leave them alone.

He was going to create the second artificial hybrid. He couldn't have an audience.

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