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Published at 14th of August 2019 08:30:06 AM

Chapter 101

A loud voice sounded in the district on the morning of the entrance test .

"Gather toward the ingress and attend further instructions . "

Noah was cultivating and opened his eyes after hearing the voice .

Meditation was refreshing for the body of a cultivator and if it was paired with enough sleep it helped maintaining someone's peak form .

Noah, of course, didn't train his mental energy the day before the test, so he felt rested and full of energy .

He exited the room and saw that all the other contestants did the same .

They moved silently outside the manor and toward the appointed spot, a tense air surrounded the young men and women and no one was friendly to each other like on the day of Noah's arrival .

After all, depending on the test, they could all be enemies in a few hours .

Only the girl with red hair seemed somewhat at ease as if uncaring of the incoming trial .

She even waved her hand toward Noah that limited himself to nod before ignoring her .

When they reached the ingress of the district, six beautiful women appeared in their line of sight .

They were holding large buckets and their eyes were closed as they stood motionlessly in place .

The voice then sounded again .

"Leave your keys in the buckets, once everyone has done it, we will move . "

The process took ten minutes as more than one hundred youths had to drop their wooden cards .

When the last card was dropped, a figure appeared in the air above them .

He had a green full-body armor and he floated staring at the group below him .

"Follow me and remember that an envoy from the Elbas dynasty will be overseeing your behavior . "

The group moved in silence along the streets of Ebonrest city while the man walked in the air leading them .

Noah felt a stare full of hatred coming from behind him that belonged to the noble that tried to prevent his ingress in the manor back when he arrived in the district .

'Please, mighty Royals, let the test be a fight to the death . '

He dreamed of that unlikely chance .

The Royal family couldn't put so many lives at risk, the cultivators present there were the best of the best of the new generations of nobles after all .

After another ten minutes of walk, they arrived at a large square that had a big diagram at its center .

On the sides of the diagram, there were stands full of the family members of the participants .

Meals and beverages of any kind were put in front of them as they stared at their descendants below them .

'No chances of laying low with this much audience . '

Noah thought .

The guard in the air signaled to the youths to gather in front of the diagram and then a bright light shone from the highest place in the audience spots .

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A man donned in a golden robe appeared on the throne placed on the opposite side of the participants who raised his hand to silence the crowd in the square .

"I am Thaddeus Elbas, the administrator sent from the Royal Academy for this test . I will now explain the rules and the theme of the trial so pay attention . "

He moved one of his blonde curls away from his forehead and resumed his explanation .

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"The formation that you see in front of you is a teleportation matrix, it will send you all near the peak of Shelfan Mountain . As you know, that area is full of dangerous magical beasts, mainly Ice-born Yetis, most of them in their rank 3 version . Once you are teleported there, a rune will appear in your sea of consciousness that will keep count of the number of magical beasts that you manage to kill and of their rank . That number will be also shown here . The five of you that will kill more beasts will pass the test . "

He stopped for a few moments to make sure that everyone understood the first part .

Noah was already cheering internally after hearing Thaddeus' words .

"Now the rules . You must go back to the edges of the teleportation area for that number to be valid . Its borders cover all the mountain area so you just need to descend and at some point, you will reach it . If you break the rune, you will be immediately teleported back here but all your kills will be invalid . If you harm another participant, we will know and we will disqualify you . It is allowed to steal someone else's kill however, so be careful . The rune will also gather information about your other qualities since we have reserved ten spots for those of you that don't excel in battle prowess . The time limit of the test is three days and you must return to the teleportation area before that time or your kills will be invalid . "

Thaddeus stood up and spread his arms wide .

"This will be all for the explanation . Remember to not be reckless and to preserve your life . Good luck and may the test begin!"

The formation at the center of the square began to shine and the guard from the Voydol family in the air yelled loudly .

"Everyone inside the formation!"

The group of youths moved immediately in the borders of the diagram which shone more brightly as the last of the participants entered its range .

In a few seconds, all the men and women at the center of the square disappeared and, in their place, four big blue screens appeared in the air .

The screens had the names of the participants written on them with a "zero" next to each name .

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At the same time .

Noah resisted the pressure of the teleportation with ease and when he opened his eyes, he found himself in a snowy environment .

The area was so cold that he had to circulate the "Breath" in his body to fight back the assault of the frigid temperature to his skin .

'This cold is unnatural, it can even damage a rank 3 body!'

Some other people were around him who were slowly opening their eyes .

'It seems that we were all sent to different locations . '

He looked around and saw right behind his back that a vivid red line was drawn on the terrain .

'That should be the border of the teleportation area so the test is on its opposite side . '

He smiled a little, his cold aura fused with the one of the surroundings, scaring the participants near him .

'Let's see if there is really someone that can surpass me!'

Echo began to scan the area as Noah charged directly toward the peak .