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Published at 21st of November 2020 10:15:53 PM

Chapter 1016: 1016
He had learnt to know Skully during the past years . She was a wise and driven powerhouse, but her long period spent as nothing more than a skeleton had left her with a massive flaw in her personality .

The flaw didn't go away even after her mental state regained some stability . Skully had become addicted to the sensations that her new body gave her!

Noah knew that there wasn't anything more addicting than sensing the centers of power improve . Skully had probably lost herself while she absorbed Kesier runes, and she didn't stop even after her mind regressed to a wild state .

"Skully?" Noah asked in a cold tone as black smoke came out of his body . He didn't want to fight her, but he would go all out if necessary .

Skully gave voice to a deep growl as she crawled toward him on her four limbs . She moved slowly as if she was taking her time to inspect a powerful prey .

Noah's pride surged, and he released a roar that echoed through the entirety of the metallic structure . He even relied on his control over the dark matter inside her body to weaken her during her crawling .

Skully staggered, and her arms bent all of a sudden, making her slam her face on the floor . Confusion appeared on her expression, but a wave of anger soon replaced that feeling .

Skully roared, and injuries opened on her body as black smoke forcefully left her figure . Blood came out of her mouth, but that damage didn't stop her from getting back on her four limbs .

Noah's eyes sharpened when he saw his higher energy leaving her body . Skully's condition had improved so much in the last period that she didn't need the dark matter to function anymore .

A scaled armor appeared around him, and Snore took a solid form . The Demonic Sword released a draconic roar as it flew in his palm, ready to join him in the imminent battle .

Carl suddenly arrived in the throne hall, but he froze in place when he saw that scene . He immediately understood that there was something wrong with his leader, but he didn't dare to interfere .

All the natives of the hidden world had a limited number of spells and poor cultivation techniques . Skully had helped them when she recalled some inscription method, but their power mostly came from the struggles that they had survived and a prolonged period spent cultivating .

Their battle prowess was incredibly low, and even the natural features of their individualities were only faint abilities in their auras .

"Bring everyone away," Noah said without moving his eyes away from Skully . "I'll try not to destroy this place . "

Carl quickly nodded and left the hall . He felt relieved that Noah didn't ask him to help in the battle . Skully was still his leader and the only reason why all of them had lived for so long without a mental brand .

Noah felt her mental waves trying to crush his mind, and he let them apply their pressure on him for a few seconds . When he sensed that there wasn't anything human inside them, a lightning bolt shot from Snore's horns and landed on her chest .

Snore hissed, Noah roared, and the Demonic Sword released a loud cry as they deployed all their attacks . Six fuming arms became one and slashed downward, and various elements came out of the Blood Companion .

A loud explosion resounded inside the throne hall . The metal in the room bent and cracked after Noah's offensive landed on Skully, but a violent pressure soon covered the entirety of the palace .

The cloud that had formed after the collision dispersed, revealing a cracked invisible barrier that had protected Skully . Not even the second form of Noah's martial art had been able to touch her .

A formless force reached for Noah, but it found only a crack in the air when it arrived on its position . Cracks spread around the hall as Noah used his movement technique to make the Skully lose track of him .

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Meanwhile, Snore pounced at the powerhouse, slamming on the cracked defensive shield and releasing its elemental attacks at close range . Its wings spread too, and their feathers stood up as they absorbed the primary energy in the environment .

Noah had one crucial advantage . Skully acted as if nothing was wrong with her body, but he knew about damages that dispersing his dark matter had caused .

Some of her internal organs were bleeding, and many of her joints had lost essential connections with her muscles . She was hurt, and her physical strength had almost diminished under the standards of a rank 6 creature .

Moreover, Noah didn't want to kill her . He only had to beat some sense into her until she regained her mental faculties .

The lack of killing intent in his blows didn't mean that he was holding back . It would be suicidal not to go all out against a being in the sixth rank .

Noah sprinted until he felt sure that Skully had lost track of him before casting the Black Hole spell . All the primary energy created during the past attacks gathered in the sphere next to him and Snore's wings .

Skully roared in anger as her mental waves became violent . The Blood Companion's body shattered in multiple spots when her attack swept it, but it didn't move . Even after part of its wings broke, Snore kept them unfolded and launched its feathers .

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Skully endured those feathers with her bare body, but a few injuries were on her fur that made them somewhat threatening . Another mental shield soon appeared between her and the winged snake, blocking its attack once for all .

The powerhouse was about to use her thoughts for offensive purposes again when a six-armed dragon slammed on her shield . The third form of Noah's martial art and the barrage of feathers slowly pierced the defensive shield and hit Skully, who could only endure the blows .

A loud explosion echoed through the palace again, and a hole formed in the black wall that had seen Noah's most potent attacks converge . Shards of black metal fell from the cracks spread everywhere in the hall, but a tense silence filled the scene .

Noah activated his Demonic Form again as he waited for Skully to move . He knew that she was still alive, but he was unaware of the condition of her mind .

Snore remained in front of the hole, and dark matter came out of Noah's heart to fix its maimed body . The Blood Companion returned at its peak in a few seconds, with only its wings lacking most of their feathers .

Skully eventually moved and let out a pained groan as she supported herself on the wall's interiors . Her eyeless head moved in the room before she gave voice to a question . "Did something happen?"