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Chapter 1018: 1018
Noah was staring at the Sixth Kesier rune on Skully's fur when those ancient mental waves filled the world . He experienced the helpless feeling of having an unstoppable force taking control of his mind, leaving him unable to resist .

Skully and Noah executed mechanical movements as they straightened their position and began to fly in the same direction . Other cultivators joined them as they advanced past the lava lake, and all of them had their same empty expressions .

'This is a God,' Noah thought as his body moved on its own . His thoughts were free, but he didn't have control over anything else . Even his mental waves couldn't surge out of the sea in his mind .

Noah didn't feel angry . He had done everything by the book and acted according to what cultivators had learnt in millennia living there . He couldn't predict that sudden surge of power from the God .

'To think that something so faint can turn me into nothing more than a puppet,' Noah thought as his focus went on the force that was controlling him .

The mental waves of the Ape God were almost unnoticeable . They felt like nothing more than a whisper when they reached his mind, but his whole existence became powerless at that sound .

The God's mental waves weren't heavy, but they carried meanings so deep that even Noah's mind didn't understand why it was listening to them . Still, they felt simple, as if they were just casual thoughts generated by a superior being .

More and more cultivators joined the trail of experts flying in the sky . The calling of the Ape God was inevitable, and no human living in that world managed to escape it . Entire tribes came out of their underground homes, wearing the same empty expressions as everyone else .

A crowd of human cultivators gathered on the ground too . They were slower than the existences in the sky, and their resilience was lower . However, they kept moving forward even when the travel continued for more than a month .

An army of Kesier Apes soon appeared and escorted the crowds of humans through the various regions . Their destination was a solitary mountain placed in the farthest place from the lava lake .

Noah didn't dare to imagine how stressful it was to spend an entire life as a puppet, and his respect for the natives of the hidden world increased as he experienced the summoning first hand .

The helplessness that he felt could crumble any cultivator's spirit, making it impossible for them to advance in their journey . Yet, there was an army filled with experts ready to fight back . Their only weakness was their lack of techniques, but that wasn't their fault .

Noah's change of mindset didn't affect his sea of consciousness, but it made him decide to go all out to avoid the impending crisis . He had a chance to escape that situation, so he would take it .

The Ape God's mental waves had surrounded his mental sphere and kept on affecting it as he flew together with the other cultivators . His mental energy couldn't move, but it was in direct contact with the creature's faint thoughts .

Noah's mental energy had inherited the devouring properties of the magical beasts when he became and hybrid . He could absorb the wills of any living being as long as it came in contact with his sea of consciousness .

The thoughts of the Ape God carried clear traces of his will . Noah had never seen such purity and intensity even when he used the theory of the Body-inscription Spell on rank 5 beasts to condense their minds .

The amount of power that those divine thoughts contained was immense, which meant that they would expand his mind faster than any other drug or Kesier rune .

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Noah knew that he could survive that pressure for an instant . The simple glance at the Seventh Kesier rune had made him collapse, but he had survived without suffering any injury .

He felt confident that he could do the same with the Ape God's thoughts if he managed to devour a minute part of its mental waves . His only hope was that experiencing a breakthrough would temporarily free him and give him a chance to escape .

The only issue was that the God's calling was still resounding in the entirety of the hidden world . Gaining a few seconds of freedom wasn't enough to make him escape the range of its thoughts .

A plan quickly formed in his mind . His tricks and assets appeared in his view, and developed an intricate strategy that gave him a chance to escape the mental brand .

'I have to reach the meeting,' Noah concluded in his mind . Even after all his reasoning, he found only one approach that could give him a chance to survive . Yet, he had to admit that pulling that off would bring his destruction into another league .

The cultivators reached the solitary mountain, and the Kesier Apes led them through rocky tunnels that led to its insides . An intricate array of passages unfolded in front of Noah's eyes, but his mind was elsewhere .

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He regained focus only when he reached an empty area at the center of the mountain, and his eyes moved on their own on a massive figure sat on a large rocky throne .

Noah saw a twelve meters tall Kesier Ape sitting cross-legged on a refined throne carved out of the mountainside . The beast's hands formed a circle in front of its lower-waist . It seemed that it was practicing a cultivation technique, but no "Breath" moved around it .

Its fur was black, but it shone with a mystical light . Noah's dark matter did the same, but they weren't even close in terms of intensity . Six patches of white hair formed six Kesier runes, but the purity of the aura that they radiated surpassed any other rune that Noah had ever seen .

There was a missing patch of fur on the Ape God's right cheek . Noah didn't even need to look at it to know where the Seventh Kesier rune had come from .

Nevertheless, he didn't expect the God to turn toward him and speak human words with a strange accent that resembled an ape's cries . "So, you are the foreigner that has started this chaos . I can see it in your soul . I can sense that your power is nothing more than a side-effect to Heaven and Earth's mistake . "

Noah remained speechless . A magical beast was using human words to communicate with him, and it was speaking about the core of his individuality!

"Humans are all the same," The Ape God continued . "You think that you are stronger than any other being, but you are only lucky to be born in that species . If you were beasts, you would achieve less than worms . "