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Chapter 1022: 1022
Of course, he wasn't capable of expressing the full power of his mind . Most of his techniques needed modifications and weren't able to use rank 6 mental energy without them . Yet, he had crossed that remaining half-step that separated him from the powerhouses .

Noah sensed the power contained in his mind and felt free from the political restrictions that had hindered his actions . He had joined a world of monsters and gods when he reached the heroic ranks, but now he had finally reached the last stage . He had become one of those monsters .

Skully shot toward the lava lake when she saw that Noah wasn't paying attention to her . She decided to trust him and his resourcefulness . After all, he had already revealed that he had divine items inside his space-ring .

Noah's mind wandered as he watched the invisible force drawing near . He felt the pure anger carried by those mental waves, and the images of the Light-devouring Dragons' Heaven Tribulations appeared in his view .

He had felt the same anger . He had inherited it during the fusion, but it was part of him now . Noah could see himself in that force .

His hand rose in the sky, and the air began to churn as his will spread in the environment . His feelings became words that he shouted as black gales took form around him .

"Enough with the whims of bored gods!" Noah shouted, but his words became articulate roars when they came out of his mouth . "Enough with the limits of politics! Enough with holding back to benefit the weaklings! Let this world crumble!"

His heavy hair fluttered as the black gales shot forward to meet the invisible force . Their clash created storms that affected entire regions with their destructive might .

Noah's attack halted the Ape God's offensive for a few seconds before falling apart . The black winds were only a shape taken by the dark matter, while the invisible force was the innate ability of the Kesier Species .

Moreover, the Ape God still had some trace of divine power in its existence . Noah's attack had no chance to stop his opponent's blow . It was already astonishing that he had managed to slow it down .

The invisible force found only cracks when it reached Noah's spot . He had sprinted toward the sky as soon as he launched his attack, leaving no chance for the God to hit him .

Noah arrived on the black layer that protected the hidden world transformed . His scaled armor had changed after his mind broke through the sixth rank . Fuming spikes had appeared over his torso, and his fingers had become claws as long as the Demonic Sword .

It was as if Noah had become a messenger of destruction . His whole being resembled an existence meant only to destroy in that form .

The black metal of the sky resisted Noah's spell's effects, but its surface began to bend after it passed some seconds in direct contact with the black cloud .

Noah waved his hand, and hundreds of Instabilities at the peak of the fifth rank spread under the sky . The rebels had enlarged the holes in the last period, restoring part of their stash of black metal and allowing Noah to resume his forging .

The Instabilities detonated, enlarging the cracks already in the sky and creating new ones . Meanwhile, Snore formed and launched all the attacks that it was capable of toward those fissures .

Noah's plan was simple . If he Ape God didn't want him to escape its domain, he would destroy the sky and let the sea of magma submerge that world .

He didn't hope for the event to kill the Ape . His goal was to trap it in an environment almost devoid of nutrients, knowing that it didn't have the power to create a new hidden world .

There was the chance that it could make its way to the surface and hunt him down, but that creature was intelligent and capable of complex emotions . Seeing its species dying after so many sacrifices would destroy its will and probably its determination .

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That would be fatal for a creature that already struggled to return to the divine ranks . Still, Noah hoped that it survived the fall so that he could hunt it when his body had reached the right level .

Darkness spread under the black sky . A wave of destruction unfolded everywhere, but Noah felt compelled to escape when he saw the invisible force coming for him again .

Noah laughed as he sprinted away only to resume his destructive acts in another spot of the sky . He felt happy from the bottom of his heart . A God tried to catch him, but it could only watch its world falling apart by the hand of a smirking fiend .

The feeling of freedom and power that filled Noah made him unable to hold back his laugh . He knew that he wouldn't have a chance against a proper God, but he was unbeatable at that moment .

He saw a glimpse of the peak in that forgotten world, and he was going to enjoy it to its fullest .

Large blocks of the sky began to fall as Noah continued to run away and unleash attacks . He even had the time to perform his techniques as he went farther away from the lair of the Ape God .

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The amount of solid darkness depleted while he used the Demonic Form was immense, but Noah didn't care about anything else at the moment . He only wanted to destroy the world .

Skully eventually contacted him through her consciousness, telling him that she had gathered everything valuable and everyone that had survived the chaotic summoning .

"Follow the trail of smoke and bait those Apes!" Noah replied with his consciousness while he continued to escape in a seemingly casual way .

The truth was that his understanding of the laws connected to the destruction of his individuality was telling him where to attack to cause more damage .

Skully didn't want to follow the black smoke . Her instincts told her to stay away from that corrosive gas, but she knew that Noah was her only hope to come out of that situation alive .

More and more chunks of the sky fell . They pierced the ground and opened a path for the sea of magma under the hidden world . Huge red waterfalls filled the air, and an intense light filled that environment for the first time .

Noah stopped attacking at some point and dispersed his spells . No one could mend the sky anymore . The hidden world was beyond saving .