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Chapter 1023: 1023
They were mostly human cultivators since they had been too slow to reach the regions affected by Divine Demon's ring's detonation . Yet, a few experts had survived thanks to the Ape God's efforts to contain the explosion .

Skully was in their lead . Her mental waves supported the human cultivators in the air, but there was only sorrow in her expression . Even if she had recalled a body-tempering method during the last period, most experts had been too weak to survive the catastrophic event .

Those that managed to save their lives had suffered massive injuries, and they would probably carry them through their entire cultivation journeys . Skully's only hope was on the surface, but there was a difficult path between the hidden world and there .

On the other hand, Noah felt ecstatic . His existence brimmed with power, and his individuality expressed its features through all his energies . It was as if destroying an entire world had renewed his life essence, making him appear livelier than ever .

However, his injuries were there and threatened to control his mental function as soon as he stopped suppressing them . He was in deep need to rest, but the journey was still long .

"What are you waiting for?!" Skully shouted when she saw that Noah didn't move . The sky kept on falling everywhere around them, and massive quantities of lava were turning that world into a crimson hell .

Yet, Noah didn't act . He limited himself to stare at the destruction that he had caused with a dazed expression .

Skully's shout forced him to come back to reality, but his intentions didn't change . It was too early to leave . Many specimens of the Kesier species had survived since they didn't join the summoning, and they couldn't allow them to reach the surface .

The threat of the Ape God had to end there . No one could follow them .

"Give me the goods," Noah said as Snore's body materialized and spread its maw . The rebels didn't bother to find new clothes, but they had gone to gather all the black metal they could find . Skully even had the Seventh Kesier rune and a few human specimens of the Kesier species with her .

"This is my insurance," Skully said as she pointed at the large piece of fur under her arm . "The rest can go with you . "

Noah didn't blame her for her lack of trust . He had chosen to sacrifice her people to maintain his freedom . His choice had been unavoidable, but his lack of hesitation spoke for his character .

Snore suddenly shot forward . Its body turned into smoke and covered the heroic cultivators and the beasts . Ten of them were in the fifth rank, and more than forty were in the fourth rank . Still, the Blood Companion could envelop all of them in its gaseous form .

Moreover, Noah had poured some dark matter inside them . His higher energy helped to stabilize their wounded bodies and gave them new vigor right before the long journey through the magma .

"Be ready," Noah said, "We need to stop them before leaving this place forever . "

Skully and the others remained speechless . Noah's intense aura, coupled with his recent gesture and his calm in that apocalyptic situation made him appear as a perfect leader .

The rebels couldn't help but nod and turn in his same direction even if they felt doubtful . They didn't know how he could be so sure that their opponents would come from that direction .

Yet, they began to see a pattern in the sky as the destruction continued . Massive chunks of black metal feel everywhere randomly, but a path remained intact .

That sight surprised the rebels to no end . After all, how could there be order among that worldwide event? A whole world was falling apart, but Noah had managed to affect his destruction so that only a safe path would remain .

Black shapes appeared in the distance a few minutes after Noah's order . Kesier Apes in the heroic ranks flew right under the patch of intact sky as they tried to find a safe spot .

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Those in the human ranks walked on the ground, but their situation was pitiful . Sprays of magma fell on their bodies and burnt them to death . Only those in the third rank managed to survive for longer, but they inevitably ended up submerged too .

Noah's attention was on the specimens in the fifth rank . They were the only ones that could survive through the sea of magma, even if with some struggle . As for Apes in the sixth rank, they had yet to appear .

Noah pointed, and the rebels acted . A series of spells shot from the group of cultivators and landed on the flying pack . Countless specimens died on the spot, and those that survived ended up outside of the safe path, in the middle of the pouring lava .

The rebels didn't stop their offensive, but the safe path eventually broke, falling on the beasts that were still surviving their attacks .

'Where are they?' Noah thought as he inspected the environment . Then, two presences appeared in the range of his consciousness . Noah sensed that two powerful creatures were walking on the other side of what remained of the safe path .

Noah glanced at Skully, and she understood what to do when he pointed at that spot . The two of them launched their best attacks and destroyed that piece of the sky, uncovering the rank 6 Apes hiding above it .

Snore released a loud hiss and launched all its attacks against the two floating beasts . Noah joined it by creating a six-armed dragon that shot in their direction . Skully didn't hesitate and materialized a series of wind slashes that flew toward the Apes .

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The impact of those attacks destroyed the remaining safe area and left severe injuries on both creatures . Their lives wouldn't be in danger during normal situations, but the world was ending, and being wounded could make a difference in their survival .

All the magma contained above fell downward at that point . It landed on the remaining charred ground and quickly burnt it to ashes, revealing the crimson sea below .

The two seas mixed, and the temperature in the area rose . The magma coming from below was far hotter than the other, and the area's dangerousness increased as the two of them merged .

Snore protected Noah and the captive beasts from the magma . His body could withstand that heat, but his back had suffered severe injuries, so he wanted to avoid worsening his situation .

Skully protected the human cultivators with her mental waves, while the other experts deployed their defensive methods and supported each other to prepare for the journey .

The group then looked above, toward the fuming figure that had caused such chaos, and waited for his orders .

"Let's return to the surface," Noah said, leading the way through the sea of magma .