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Published at 21st of November 2020 10:15:34 PM

Chapter 1027: 1027
The alliance had deployed both armies after the usual scuffle among the powerhouses, and the experts of the Elbas family had flown out to face them .

Daniel and Faith looked at the massive army of the Royals before exchanging a worried glance . As leaders of their respective troops, their mission was to contain the losses and come out victorious from the conflict . Yet, the Elbas family had deployed more heroic cultivators than their groups put together .

That strange phenomenon had happened for a while by then . The Royals would progressively increase the number of heroic assets deployed in each battle, making it seem as if there was no limit to their power .

Faith cracked a quick smile before moving her eyes on her designed opponent . June stood among the Royals wearing her usual orange robes, but a large hat on her head hid her expression .

June had started to wear that inscribed item a few years after the beginning of the battles . Her power surges had become rarer since she had started using it, but she still experienced them every once in a while .

Faith couldn't help but feel sorry for her friend . Since the events with Ravaging Demon, all the heroic forces of the Elbas family had remained inside its domains, unable to join political meetings and compelled to become stronger .

June had never met her friends in those years, and the enmity between the Royals and the alliance stopped any negotiation or neutral event . She had been alone for almost two hundred and fifty years .

'This wouldn't have lasted for so long if you were here,' Daniel thought as he saw Faith's actions and turned his head toward the enemy army . Noah's figure appeared in his mind, and he could almost imagine him coming up with a reckless plan that allowed the Hive to win instantly and seize some benefits .

Daniel's mindset had changed after Ravaging Demon's sudden attack killed Amos Udye . He had understood the reason why Noah craved power with such intensity, and he had begun to desire it too .

However, he was different from Noah . He couldn't see himself as a lone existence . His light was a pure beacon that could show the path to those that chose to follow him .

That was one of the reasons why Elder Julia had put him in charge of the army . Daniel had exceptional leadership skills, and he could take the best out of his troops . Moreover, he valued their lives, which made him a better captain than Noah .

Still, he lacked the sheer power that Noah could express, but that wasn't his fault . Noah was the best cultivator in history . Any comparison would be unfair .




Some weeks before, in an area north of the new continent, Noah's group came out of the sea, and the rebels remained speechless when they saw the sun .

Noah wasn't in the mood to waste time . His mind hurt too much, and he was barely stopping the cracks on his sphere from expanding .

Skully's moved her attention between the environment and the lizard carried by Noah . Her hunger and happiness for her return fought inside her to take the spot of predominant feeling .

Noah became aware of his position in a few seconds and pointed toward the new continent's northern coast before flying in that direction . The rebels wanted to stare at the blue sky, but they promptly followed him for fear of remaining alone in that foreign world .

No one spoke during the flight, but surprised gasps resounded among the group as the coastline became visible . Noah quickly adjusted his direction to avoid the Elbas family's domain and fly over the mountain chain to return to the Hive .

The Elders of the Council couldn't miss his return . Noah and Skully's auras were enough to warn everyone in the nearby territories that powerful existences were flying above them .

Yet, no one dared to interrupt them . The Elders recognized Noah, but any desire to greet him vanished when they saw the huge lizard hanging from his grasp by its tail .

Noah's space-ring was full and couldn't contain anything else . He had even left most of the black sky behind because of that issue .

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He could only carry the rank 6 creature with his hands . The effort didn't affect him, but those who witnessed that event remained speechless and grabbed their inscribed notebooks after he went away .

The news spread quickly, but its details sounded unrealistic . The Demon Prince of the Hive had returned, carrying the corpse of a rank 6 magical beasts with him, and followed by an army that featured a being in the sixth rank!

Those who heard the news from their notebooks thought that the witnesses had suffered from some unorthodox technique's after-effects . However, as more and more Elders began to report the same event, the higher-ups felt forced to investigate the situation .

It was needless to say that their reaction was the same and the others . Noah's uncaring attitude as he carried the lizard left them so astonished that they almost overlooked the powerhouse flying together with him .

Noah mostly ignored the glances in his direction, but the rebels began to feel uneasy . They had never witnessed such incredible scenery, and it felt unreal to see so many cultivators shooting in the sky to stare at them .

'Why are there so few of them?' Noah thought as he proceeded forward . He felt glad that no one was interrupting his return, but he understood that something was off .

He had crossed most of the Council's domain by then, but no welcoming party had arrived, and the Hive had yet to contact him . The only conclusion he could reach was that everyone was busy with something else .

Then, his innate awareness perceived the shockwaves released in the battle above the eastern coast . Noah sensed the sheer amount of power deployed on that battlefield, and he changed direction after giving a few orders to the rebels .

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A blinding white halo shone around Daniel as he floated across the battlefield . His light turned every spell aimed at him into "Breath", and purified the tissues of any cultivator in its range until only their bones remained .

He appeared invincible in that form, but the other Elders struggled due to the high number of cultivators on the enemy side . All their opponents even had a series of luxurious inscribed items that made them hard to kill .

'We might have to retreat,' Daniel thought as he inspected the battlefield, but a violent aura suddenly covered the entire region and forced the fights to a stop .

When the cultivators turned toward the source of that pressure, they saw a young man with furrowed brows carrying a giant lizard .