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Chapter 1028: 1028
The three armies stared at Noah in disbelief . The experts' eyes went up and down as they followed the movements of the beast's corpse . Something told them that Noah had forgotten that he was carrying such a large creature .

Noah had come there in a hurry thinking that some significant event had caused the gathering of so many experts, but he couldn't see anything valuable in the region .

What had once been a poisonous swamp had now turned into a smelly region with brown ground that gave off purple shades . Peculiar and strange plants grew there, and a research structure stood in the distance . Yet, Noah didn't sense anything worthy of such a massive battle .

"It was a strange succession of events," Daniel spoke calmly, even if his expression showed his astonishment toward what he was seeing . "We are at war now . "

"What's the loot?" Noah asked . He couldn't believe that organizations at the peak of the world would have deployed some of their best assets over "strange events" .

Of course, Noah was one of the few existences that would find it hard to understand the reasons behind the war . He had always thought as a lone cultivator, so topics like honor and face had never crossed his mind .

Daniel showed a complicated expression at that question . He knew Noah, and he was sure that he wouldn't get what was going on . If he had to be completely honest, he would have never predicted that such small matters could have led to something so big either .

However, no one inside the Hive could deny Noah an honest answer .

"We are fighting for the honor of the Hive," Daniel eventually said .

Noah thought that he had misheard his words, but Daniel's stern expression confirmed his previous statement . That left Noah speechless . He couldn't believe that he had delayed his rest over such a meaningless matter .

'Well, I'm here now,' Noah thought as he swept the enemy army with his consciousness . He had some unfinished business with the Royals, and putting an end to that façade could only benefit his imminent seclusion .

The cultivators of the Royals' faction shuddered when Noah's mental waves went over them . They had begun to realize something when they saw the giant lizard, but the direct contact with his consciousness made them sure of his breakthrough .

Noah was a rank 6 mage now . He wasn't a complete powerhouse, but the level of his mind put him far beyond what they could handle .

"Wait!" Daniel shouted when he understood what Noah wanted to do . "There is a silent agreement to limit the battles to the liquid stage!"

"Who cares," Noah said as he swung the arm carrying the beast . The battle had already started when he arrived in that region, so the armies had mixed . Still, groups of experts on each side handled the long-range attacks, and Noah threw the lizard at them .

"Retreat," Noah said in a cold voice as he shot after the lizard . He needed the battlefield to be empty of allied troops to unleash his power .

Daniel and Faith's eyes widened when they saw his sudden action and ordered a full retreat . They knew Noah, so they could understand what was about to happen .

The long-range experts of the Royals dodged the massive beast, but Noah suddenly arrived on the spot and grabbed its tail . Then, he swung it in a circular motion so that it would hit the retreating enemies .

Snore took form from the black smoke that hung behind his back and began to launch lightning bolts toward any isolated enemy that it found .

There were only rank 4 and 5 cultivators on the battlefield . The ground was deadly for those in the human ranks, and the silent agreement didn't allow anyone above the liquid stage to join the battle .

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Noah was leagues above them now . A slaughter began as soon as he entered the battlefield, and his enemies could do nothing to stop him .

Many of those experts wore defensive inscribed items, but Snore's attacks pierced them as if they were butter . Even the protections at the peak of the fifth rank could only crumble when the lightning bolts exploded next to them .

Noah's blows had the same effects . He swung the lizard as he flew through the battlefield, and someone would either die or end up gravely injured in the impacts .

As the allied forces retreated, Noah gained room to launch more destructive attacks . He didn't resort to his techniques and spells due to his wounded mental sphere, but he let Snore go all out .

A sea of black flames spread in the sky, lightning bolts flew everywhere, and chilling gales froze large chunks of air . The Blood Companion was enough to take control of the entire area .

Noah stopped swinging the lizard when he saw that Snore could handle the rest by himself . His mental energy spread and gathered the intact corpses and space-rings near him .

The effort hurt him a bit, and his control over the corpses and items wasn't as stable as Skully's . Yet, it did the job, and it gave him the chance to seize all the dantians and resources that he found . Moreover, he even found a ring that could contain the lizard .

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Noah ate the dantians that didn't go through the waters of the Royal pool as he wore the new ring and stored the beast . There weren't many of them that he could devour, but he still found a couple of edible ones .

Snore continued to unleash attacks, but its offensive wasn't casual . The Blood Companion smartly avoided June's area and the part of the sky occupied by an old acquaintance .

Noah turned toward Thaddeus Elbas when he finished his meal . He strolled on the air as he crossed the sea of flames that separated the two of them .

Thaddeus appeared frozen in fear . He had managed to reach the last phases of the liquid stage thanks to the pool, which made him one of the Royal family's core members . However, he was nothing more than an ant in front of who had once been only a promising disciple .

"It has been a long time," Noah said in a cold tone as he came out of the black flames . Thaddeus couldn't even muster the strength to nod when those vertical pupils stared deep into his mind .

"I know that some of you did it," Noah continued as he arrived right in front of him . "But I've never heard a name . "

Thaddeus couldn't even imagine what was going through his mind . He hadn't seen Noah for centuries in the end . How could he understand what he was talking about?

Noah placed a hand over his shoulder and spoke in a calm tone . "Who killed Ivor?"