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Chapter 1030: 1030
Noah, Chasing Demon, and Great Elder Diana stared at King Elbas and saw the hesitation in his expression . They didn't know what kind of calculations were happening in his mind, but they were aware that he was considering the possibility of fighting the three of them .

That had happened again during Ravaging Demon's events . No matter how outnumbered King Elbas was, he always appeared to have the resources and power needed to come out as the winner .

That was his scariest aspect . King Elbas was the best inscription master that those Mortal Lands had seen since Divine Architect, and his foundation appeared even superior to hers .

He was even the leader of one of the most potent forces in the entire world . King Elbas had access to any resource he wanted, and nothing stopped him from obtaining what he needed .

However, he was still a rank 6 cultivator at the peak of the liquid stage . His knowledge was immense, and his expertise extraordinary, but his power couldn't express those qualities to their fullest just yet .

Noah could sense the level of the powerhouses now . Great Elder Diana was somewhere in the middle phases of the liquid stage, while Chasing Demon had yet to be halfway through the gaseous stage .

The records of the battle against the quasi-rank 7 winged beast told him that God's Left Hand was stronger than his Patriarch but weaker than the Council's Matriarch . That put her near the peak of the gaseous stage unless she had improved in the last years .

That understanding brought a greater realization to his mind . He was now sure that none of the powerhouses had ever fought for real in their scuffles . They had always held back for fear of each other's assets .

That didn't apply to the fight against Ravaging Demon, but they didn't need to use their real power for a cultivator at the bottom of the sixth rank .

Noah tried to appear in peak condition even if his mind was killing him . He had only stressed it a bit during the battle, but the pain coming from its cracks made him feel like fainting .

King Elbas' expression eventually broke into an arrogant smirk . His gaze became aloof as he swept his opponents before going into the sky . Traces of emotions appeared on his face as his eyes reflected the vastness of the azure firmament, and his aura became eerie .

The Royals' leader had moved his attention away from his opponents, but none of them dared to attack him . Noah even felt that he understood King Elbas' feelings .

Noah could see how King Elbas didn't care about any of those matters . His only goal was the sky, and his individuality grew as long as the world respected his figure .

Great Elder Diana stepped forward and opened her mouth to speak, but Noah shot a glance toward Chasing Demon that hinted him to stop her .

Noah hated to handle political relationships, but he knew how they worked . King Elbas had made a passive move, and Great Elder Diana saw it as an opportunity to seize more resources .

However, Noah wasn't in the condition to join battles on that level . He would have to prepare for weeks, even if he was at his peak!

Chasing Demon understood the meaning behind his glance and shouted before his ally could say anything . "Deal!"

Great Elder Diana shot a confused gaze toward him, but Noah left before he could see how that situation evolved . He had wasted enough time in the open . It was time to go in seclusion and heal before the breakthrough of his body .

Skully and the rebels waited for him in one of the Hive's territories on his path back home . Elder Julia had intercepted them, but she had instantly activated the Copying Technique when she sensed Skully's aura .

The rebels had quickly shouted Noah's name to express their alliance with him, but Elder Julia couldn't let them pass without any confirmation that they were speaking the truth .

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Yet, she had chosen not to attack even if the shining lines on the ground had begun to radiate a rank 6 aura . Elder Julia could summon a puppet capable of fighting Skully, but she preferred to avoid battling a powerhouse .

"They are with me!" Noah shouted as soon as he reached the group . "Find them some accommodations and make Thirty-seven go through their techniques . I'll seclude myself for a while . I might not come out for a few decades . "

Noah disappeared in the distance before Elder Julia even had the time to congratulate him on the breakthroughs . His flight quickly ended since he descended toward the ground while activating an inscribed item .

A formation appeared, and its light enveloped Noah before transporting him inside the separate dimension . From there, he used a series of teleportation matrices to return to his mansion .

The Hive had kept Noah's habitation in order, and it had even added more formations around and inside its structure . Many features of the mansion had seen improvements, especially the various training areas inside it .

The Hive had even added a garden filled with precious magical plants that released substances meant to heal injuries faster .

Noah only needed a quick scan of his habitation to understand all its new features, and he quickly went for the garden to deal with his most pressing matter .

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His mind calmed down when he sat among those magical plants, and his mental energy began to wash the cracks once he was entirely still .

Noah's mental energy turned into a crystal-like substance as it filled the cracks . Only a small part of it remained attached to the walls of his mind, so he had to repeat the process for weeks until all the wounds had a layer of mental energy above it .

The situation of his mind had finally stabilized at that point . Noah could resume his regular training without worrying about worsening his condition . He only had to be careful not to overdo .

Noah found himself forced to hold back his body's breakthrough once again since his mind couldn't endure the period inside the chrysalis just yet . However, he focused on his dantian for the time being and even managed to gain experience in the world of the laws .

His meditations also concerned some of his techniques . There was a lot to do before he could claim to have made his such a life-changing breakthrough . Still, he never explored the matter too deeply because there was a bigger variable in play .

His body was about to evolve, and the process would involve even his new center of power . Noah was barely able to suppress his eagerness to see what he would become after he came out of the chrysalis .