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Chapter 1034: 1034
There were no laws in the void . The trio leaked them as if it was a natural occurrence in that environment, and they dispersed once they crossed the ethereal walls of the tunnel .

Noah and the Demons could wield the laws, but they appeared unable to contain them when exposed to that blackness . They concluded that only gods could cross the void without being affected by its properties .

After all, they were only borrowing true meanings that existed in nature . They didn't produce them, and their individualities were too weak to contain them inside their centers of power .

That experience was new even for the Demons, and the group silently agreed to quicken their pace to avoid any problem .

A starry sky appeared in their vision when they crossed the exit . The various forces had dug the volcano away and built a fortress that protected the dimensional tunnel in those years .

A city unfolded around the fortress . That was the center of the new world's alien forces, so the many buildings had an orderly layout that resembled a military camp .

Many layers of protection surrounded the various quarters and progressively increased the number of defenses that the city had since they stretched till its peripheral areas . Tall walls encircled the whole settlement too, and many cultivators patrolled on top of them .

The other world had taken the colonization seriously . Noah and the Demons couldn't help but feel amazed when they thought about the resources invested in that place .

They immediately realized that even existences on their level would find it troublesome to breach all those defenses, let alone the fortress at their center . It felt surreal staring at the wonders that the four leading organizations could do when they worked together .

"This place has better defenses than Rufus' quarters," Flying Demon conveyed through his consciousness . The Copying Technique alone wasn't enough to match those countless protections stacked on each other .

Noah now understood why the forces deployed in that world didn't panic nor request help when the rank 6 hybrids rose from the sea . They didn't fear them .

That city was the only neutral area in the other world . It worked both as a big market and as the center of the teleportation matrices connected to the landmass's various research structures .

Ordinary cultivators would have to go through a series of procedures before being admitted to the teleportation matrices, but Noah and the Demons were far from standard experts . Mental messages flew faster than cultivators in the dimensional tunnel, so the other side's forces already knew about their arrival .

Their arrival created some tension among the forces deployed there, and Noah was the reason behind that event . The news of his actions above the poisonous swamp had reached the other world, and the cultivators of the Elbas family didn't see him in a good light .

Noah had destroyed an army of heroic cultivators that featured even experts in the liquid stage . Many of them were heads of specific branches of the Royal family, while others were factions' leaders inside that organization .

He had only needed a few minutes to ruin their future and disrupt the entire power balance inside the Elbas family . It felt only normal that many factions resented him .

However, the hateful gazes shot toward him from a distance weren't enough to make him waste time . He had come there for June and to hunt rank 6 creatures . The resentment of those cultivators didn't occupy his thoughts even once .

"Demon Prince," A peak rank 4 Elder of the Hive said as she kept her head lowered . "I can only describe what I've seen . I'm sorry that my expertise in the magical beasts' field isn't to your satisfaction . "

Noah didn't answer and continued to read a thick pile of sheets that described the fauna's evolution from the Worldwide Heaven Tribulation until that day .

Thirty-seven had given him a similar report, but Noah wanted to hear it from the experts on the field too . The only problem was that the cultivator in charge at the moment had a limited cultivation level .

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Noah had a significant doubt regarding the invasion of those powerful hybrids . Years had passed since the transformation, but only weak hybrids had come out of the sea before the attack .

That was normal since powerful beasts would often live far away from the landmass . Their natural habitats were the depths of the sea, where the echoes of Noah's cry couldn't reach .

There was a chance that a powerful creature had happened to swim near the coastline right at that moment, but that alone didn't explain the presence of three rank 6 hybrids leading a large-scale invasion .

Noah felt that there was something else . The other world was the perfect place to actuate unorthodox and condemned experiments since the news would reach the central powers slowly . Some of them might even go missing for mysterious reasons .

'Who would even create an army of hybrids on this level?' Noah questioned himself . Even if he found it easier to believe that experts had given birth to that pack, he couldn't find an explanation to justify their actions .

The Demons eventually joined him in that structure . They had gone to another department that handled espionage operations and kept track of most teleportation to investigate June .

"Here," Dreaming Demon handed Noah a report containing June's travels, and he saw that she had moved toward the other side of the landmass, right where the hybrids were resurfacing .

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The report was seven years old though . June could have moved anywhere on the continent at that time .

"Do you think she is still there?" Flying Demon asked, but Noah shook his head .

"I think she went deeper into the danger zone," Noah explained as a smile appeared on his face . "A battle maniac solves problems by fighting . "

"Shall we move then?" Dreaming Demon suggested without showing the slightest amount of fear . The fact that their target was inside a rank 6 danger zone didn't make her hesitate for even a second .

"Just one last thing," Noah said before his aura spread inside the entire room and cut off any form of communication . The expert in front of him almost fainted when his mental waves reached her mind, but Noah's piercing eyes kept her awake .

Then, his cold words reached her ears and forced her to be completely honest . "Do you think there is a rebellion brewing here?"