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Chapter 1035: 1035
The roars of hundreds of magical beasts and hybrids echoed through the ceiling and walls of her cave, and countless heavy steps made the whole island tremble .

She was in the middle of the invading pack, and she didn't reach that position by chance . June had flown on the opposite side of the continent to remain alone, but she had pressed forward once she learnt about the hybrids .

Being among experts in her current state was akin to exposing her higher energy, and June had to protect that secret to avoid the consequences of her betrayal .

She had to protect her relationship with Noah too, but her priority now was to fix herself without being exposed .

The truth was that the instability of her energy was her fault . She had failed to comprehend how powerful the higher energy would become when paired with her insatiable battle drive .

June had replaced her "Breath" with her dark sparks . Her centers of power expressed her individuality and used higher energy as fuel for her abilities and their expansion .

However, June was only human . Her centers of power couldn't endure the magnitude of her energy because their level was too low compared to the strength that she was capable of unleashing .

The True Thunder Body didn't help her either . The dark sparks didn't exactly belong to the lightning element, and Eccentric Thunder didn't predict that his heir would gain access to such powerful energy so soon .

It was an issue of power output . June's Perfect Circuit couldn't handle all that violent energy since she was a cultivator in the liquid stage of the fifth rank .

The issue became even more significant when her individuality came into play . June was a battle maniac, and her centers of power would produce more energy as her fights continued . That put even more stress on her, which made the power surges inevitable .

June would have been able to suppress her instabilities completely if she stopped cultivating . No higher energy through her Perfect Circuit meant no more power surges . Yet, that solution only worked if she halted her progress forever .

As soon as she started cultivating again, the instabilities would return .

June couldn't possibly accept to see her cultivation journey end . She would rather die trying to find another way than live the rest of her days as an expert incapable of using her power .

She only regretted not spending more time with Noah . Yet, she didn't want to burden him with her mistake, which was why she hid her condition when he assaulted the battlefield .

Of course, many wouldn't even bother to analyze that gesture, especially when there was the corpse of a rank 6 beast hanging from his hands . However, June had noticed it, just as Noah had seen that her stern expression hid her grave condition .

The sounds of steps intensified before calming down all of a sudden . June could sense that the pack had taken the island as its lair . Her prediction of where the beasts would stop had turned out to be true .

June planned to force a breakthrough, and she could only do that by putting her life on the line . She needed a desperate battle, something that could push her far beyond her usual limits .

She had initially thought to fight any creature that she found, but then the pack led by three rank 6 hybrids arrived, as well as her chance . June would fight it until her Perfect Circuit improved, or her higher energy overwhelmed her centers of power .

It was a desperate action, but the only solution that she had . Noah's face appeared in her mind one last time before she shot outside of the cave, and dark sparks surrounded her body .




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Noah and the Demons activated a teleportation matrix inside the city while wearing solemn expressions . Noah's guts had been on point . According to the expert in the magical beasts' field, rumors about a rebellion echoed in the other world .

It was only typical for forces distant from the main branches to feel separated from them . It had been the same in the Coral Archipelago, with the only difference that there were kilometers of void dividing the interest parties at that time .

The rebels only needed to block the dimensional tunnel's exit to separate the two Mortal Lands forever, and the defenses in the city had enough power to stop even powerhouses .

'Rebellions inspire rebellions,' Noah thought as a different scenery appeared in his eyes . The Hive had shown that the world's leading forces were vulnerable and could lose with the right tools, so anyone with some ambition dreamt of doing the same .

If his guess was right, the sudden appearance of such powerful hybrids wasn't a natural event . A threat on that level would keep most troops busy if it ever were to reach the city .

Noah and the Demons reappeared in a structure of the Hive dedicated to the capture and enslavement of hybrids . It was similar to the hunting guild in Noah's past, but with hunters in the heroic ranks .

The trio had chosen that place for its position on the other side of the continent . From there, they could reach the area invaded by the pack in a few weeks .

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The hunters wanted to hold a banquet in their honor and show how valuable that structure was, but Noah didn't care, and the Demons followed his lead .

The three of them set off immediately and flew toward the island where Noah had met the last ancestor . The latest reports stated that the pack had halted its advance and that the leaders had returned inside the sea .

That was the perfect moment to attack and skim their ranks, but the city sent no assets as if the forces there knew that a revolution was brewing .

Noah activated the Divine Deduction technique as he flew . He didn't do it to study the political situation there, but to analyze his techniques .

His mind and body were in the sixth rank now, and the improvements they brought to Noah's prowess were immense . He only needed to make his techniques able to use that new power .

The most significant changes had happened in his body . He felt stronger after every rotation of the dark star in his chest, and his entire being became purer thanks to his new heart's effects .

Noah had initially thought that it would take a while to find traces of his lover, but the scene found on the island changed his mind . The trio reached their target only to see hundreds of magical beasts' corpses filling the red ground .