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Chapter 1037: 1037
Most of June's superior battle prowess came from her higher energy . She was like Snore, capable of surpassing the level of her centers of power because her fuel was far superior to the "Breath" . The only problem was that June's individuality pushed that advantage further, making her Perfect Circuit unable to withstand her power anymore .

Noah couldn't understand much from a simple glance, but he noticed how June's body seemed on the verge of exploding . Her centers of power didn't have the time to push the higher energy outside of her that more black sparks formed inside them .

"Why did you try to hide this from me?" Noah asked as he raised his voice . The cloud of black sparks dispersed due to the sound's intensity, and the water retreated, creating an empty area right in the middle of the sea's depths .

June stopped at that point, but she didn't turn . Her perfect circuit began to leak higher energy again, but Noah's consciousness expanded and dispersed the second cloud while it kept the water around them still .

The more June avoided answering his questions, the more Noah understood how severe her condition was .

"I can't help you if you don't tell me what the problem is," Noah said, but a power surge suddenly spread from June's body and gave birth to another crackling could .

Noah saw how June turned to face him even if her hat kept her face hidden . She remained silent for a while before deciding to speak for the first time . "You can't help me . "

Noah remained silent as he waited for June to continue . She only hesitated a few more seconds before explaining . "If you fix this for me, I'll feel defeated forever . "

Small help wouldn't affect her, and Noah lending a hand to create her higher energy wasn't a vital matter . Yet, June's life depended on her ability to fix her condition at that time, and she couldn't let anyone but her taking credit for that .

If Noah saved her life, she would lose her desire to fight him . Her individuality only needed a crack to fall apart, and Noah understood that after her words .

"Do you think that dying is the solution?" Noah asked . He wasn't ready to give up on June . There were ways in which he could help her without endangering the integrity of her individuality .

"This is the only way," June answered, spreading her arms to indicate the crackling cloud . "I need to force breakthroughs to contain this power . "

Noah couldn't help but sigh when he heard that . June had chosen to act as a true battle maniac, but her odds of succeeding were horrible . Cultivators couldn't just force breakthroughs in the heroic ranks . The Royal pool wouldn't be so miraculous otherwise .

"I- . You can't . " June said while she tried to suppress her voice . Noah saw her holding back from speaking and shot forward, shattering the remaining cloud and pushing the waters backward again .

June didn't move even when his hand went on her hat to lift it . Noah saw messy hair falling everywhere on his lover's face as he removed that heavy inscribed item .

June's furrowed brows and closed eyes revealed the pain that she had been enduring in her condition . She dropped her act and her mouth and joined the rest of her face in expressing her suffering .

Noah had never seen her in that condition . She seemed on the verge of collapsing, and all her efforts were on making sure that her Perfect Circuit held strong .

"Let it go," Noah said as he caressed her face . June shook her head, but her expression eased up when his hand touched her cheek .

The couple remained in that position for a while, immersed in the sensation that they had been unable to feel for centuries . Noah didn't feel his arousal, but his mind calmed down when he touched her, and his dark heart spun faster .

His creation spiked when he came in contact with the woman at the foundation of his idea of life . Noah had expressed so much destruction lately that he had almost forgotten how intense that harmonious calm was .

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June's hands rose to hold his, and her expression relaxed as a wave of higher energy came out of her Perfect Circuit . The black sparks were violent and threatened to hurt her body with their momentum, but they slowed down when Noah focused his mind on them .

Noah's consciousness forced the higher energy to condense and leave June's body in an orderly way . That was all the power that she had accumulated during her recent battles, so he had to disperse it to stabilize her condition .

Minutes slowly passed until, eventually, June's Perfect Circuit became devoid of any energy .

June's heaved a sigh and staggered when she felt empty, but Noah's hand was firm, and she could cling to it to keep her balance . Her eyes opened for the first time and reflected the reptilian pupils fixed on her orange irises .

Except for the scales, Noah's appearance didn't change much after the chrysalis . Still, June could notice the small details that the breakthrough had modified .

His icy-blue irises had slightly enlarged and irradiated the white of his eyes with that bright color . He had become taller, and his skin resembled hot metal that didn't have any crease on its surface .

Waves of heats filled his body whenever the dark star in his chest completed a rotation . His muscles were more pronounced, but only slightly . They didn't ruin the harmony that he expressed .

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Instead, June didn't change much . Her look appeared a bit more mature, but she was still the young battle maniac met after the entrance test of the Academy in Noah's eyes .

She had lost weight, and her face revealed how tired she was, but those were only the effects of her condition .

The couple stared at each other for a while before they went for each other's lips and exchanged a slow kiss . They eventually separated to embrace each other and lose themselves in the feeling that their hug triggered .

"What are your other options?" Noah asked once he felt that she had completely relaxed and didn't risk activating her Perfect Circuit again .

"Dying in a massive battle against creatures in the sixth rank is a great option," June said, and Noah felt her mouth breaking into a smirk on his chest . "Are you sure you don't want to consider it?"

"I'm sorry," Noah said, "My stomach has booked those hybrids . You need to find another way . "

June laughed, but her expression turned serious, and she left her chest to stare at Noah's eyes again . When she sensed the feelings that they contained, she couldn't help but reveal everything to him . "The Royal Academy has developed this new drug…"