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Chapter 1038: 1038
Noah had taken her away from the seabed, and the Demons had returned to the island with them . They sat on the floor of the destroyed castle now, and a few jugs of wine stood between the two couples .

"The Royals have developed a drug that improves the sturdiness of the centers of power," June said as she shot an annoyed glance at Noah . He was filling her body with dark matter to prevent another outburst of energy, but his heavy consciousness made June feel uneasy .

June had explained her second option to Noah and the Demons . The Elbas family had studied the ancestors' compound for centuries by then, and it had created many exceptional items by reverse-engineering its structure .

One of them was a potion that increased the sturdiness of the centers of power by fusing magical beasts' features into their structure . Its effects replicated the transformation on limited areas of the body, improving its overall functioning .

June's Perfect Circuit would become able to bear her higher energy in that way . The only problem was that the Elbas family kept all their prototypes and recent creations in a restricted area . Only the members of the Elbas bloodline had access to them .

As for turning her into a hybrid, Noah couldn't . June's individuality was a big issue, and she would feel in debt to her lover forever, which was an even greater problem .

"She has the expertise to break the defensive formations," Noah said once he finished applying a layer of dark matter around the cores and weak spots of the Perfect Circuit . June had pointed them before, so his work had been thorough .

June had chosen an old book full of teachings on the formation field as a reward from Shandal's dimension . Unknowingly to the Royals, her expertise had grown immensely, and her unique position made her aware of the defenses in place around the restricted areas of the new Academy .

"You forget one big problem," Dreaming Demon said when she understood the whole situation . "What stops King Elbas from appearing and killing you on the spot?"

June bit her lower lip at that question . King Elbas was the only reason why she didn't use the second option as her main strategy . The threat of the strongest powerhouse in the world was something that she couldn't ignore just because she was desperate .

It was better to try her luck against the magical beasts . Even with awful odds, she had more chances of succeeding there than in getting past King Elbas .

The Demons and June stared at the bottom of their empty cups as they pondered about the matter . She didn't have many choices . She could either jump into a deadly mission or rot at her current level forever .

"I can get him out of the scene for a while," Noah eventually said, and the questioning eyes of the three experts went to him .

As for how he planned to make King Elbas leave the surface, that was the easy part . Noah only needed to lie .

The group had to solve one problem before devoting all their attention to June . The forces deployed in those Mortal Lands were planning a revolt, and an army with three rank 6 Seven-headed Hydras was waiting to invade .

Noah even linked the origin of the revolution to some faction of the Elbas family now . After all, June had just confirmed that the Royals had made significant advancements in that field . Their discoveries could be behind the sudden appearance of hybrids from the bottom of the sea .

Of course, June wouldn't join Noah and the Demons in that mission . She had to remain put until they solved the situation and returned to the main world .




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Noah and the Demons built a large cave in the seabed and used a few simple inscriptions to keep the water outside . They even had separate areas, so both couples could have intimate moments and cultivate in peace .

The group had decided to refrain from charging at the pack to study the situation . They had to prepare a battle plan anyway, and they had taken the chance to see if Noah's hypotheses held some ground .

If rebel forces were behind the sudden invasion, someone would eventually instruct the hybrids about their new task . Waiting there for something to happen didn't hurt anyone as long as the pack didn't move .

Dreaming Demon was in charge of analyzing the situation . Her individuality allowed her consciousness to spread farther than Noah's awareness . Moreover, he was busy meditating and catching up with June .

His mind and body were amazing, and he had yet to explore their full potential . Still, he had the time to focus on his techniques now, and his creation surpassed its old level since June was there .

Noah focused mostly on improving the spells required for his techniques, namely the Shadow Copy and the Merging spell . They were the cores of his offensive and movement, so he had to make them suitable for his new physical strength .

He even pondered about his elements from time to time . He needed only light to complete his full mastery, but Daniel's individuality was far different from his .

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Only a month passed before something happened, and Noah didn't manage to improve even when using the Divine Deduction technique .

"Someone is coming," Dreaming Demon warned the group with her consciousness, and the three of them left the cave to move toward the pack . June remained behind because she had to abstain from using her centers of power .

The trio reached the pack silently, hidden by Dreaming Demon's mental waves . A rank 5 cultivator appeared in their vision, and she descended through the dark waters to near the hybrids .

The woman wore a golden armor and held a long wand in her hand . A shining red crystal stood on top of her inscribed item, and its light forced the creatures to lower their heads . Even the three hydras didn't dare to look at her directly .

Noah and the Demons exchanged a glance, and Dreaming Demon's mental waves expanded, affecting the waters and spreading until they reached the expert .

The woman lost her balance for a moment before her expression became dull . Then, she started to walk toward the trio, uncaring that some creatures had lifted their heads after her departure .

Once she regained her consciousness, she found three pairs of cold eyes fixed on her .

The woman belonged to the Elbas family, but her expression lit up in joy after seeing Noah, and she began to speak before the trio could start questioning her . "So it's true! You are the protector of the revolutions! Have you come to help us rebelling?"