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Published at 21st of November 2020 10:15:23 PM

Chapter 1039: 1039
"I'm Angela Elbas," The expert said, "I'm the leader of the research team sent here by the Royal Academy . It's my honor to ask the hero of the Hive to join our revolution . "

She had the aspect of a middle-aged woman with long blonde hair and brown eyes . Her facial features showed how her bloodline was quite distant from the main branch of the Royals .

The Demons turned to look at Noah, but the latter kept his eyes on Angela . Many thoughts surged in his mind, and some of them considered an eventual alliance with the rebelling forces .

However, he didn't see how helping them could benefit the Hive or their ally . It would be different if they could manage to seize control of the entire dimensional portal, but only King Elbas knew how it worked .

It was a battle lost before even starting . The Royals' leader had the most valuable and irreplaceable asset in his grasp . The revolt was hopeless unless the rebels didn't want to return to the other world at all .

Noah could never agree to that condition . The other world's value was immense due to the piece of Immortal Lands, and it had all the threats that he needed to feel pressured enough to advance .

"We only need to reach the dimensional crack," Angela continued with a voice full of excitement . "The forces on the other side will have no hope to reach this world once the only access is gone . We can reshape this continent in a paradise for cultivators led by a united organization . "

The trio could understand that Angela's belief was solid, but they had seen too much to know that it was only a dream . Cultivators would often betray and kill to seize more profits, and every organization would eventually face internal battles and revolts .

Noah and the Demons remained silent as they exchanged glances, and Angela didn't fail to understand that something was wrong . Their expressions didn't become warmer, and their cold eyes didn't accept her as one of their kind .

Only at that point did Angela consider that the legendary Noah Balvan wasn't a protector of the oppressed nor a champion of the rebels . She saw the real him for the first time .

Noah wouldn't care about the revolution unless it benefitted him, but he was interested in the study that had led to the creation of those hybrids .

Angela's wand was in Dreaming Demon's hands, and she studied it while the three of them tried to understand how to use that situation better . The most obvious option would be to use their prisoner to find the other rebels, but they had to retrieve many studies before making their move .

The trio saw a series of tattoos appearing on her uncovered skin . They depicted chains that spread on her hands and neck before releasing a humming sound .

The wand's crystal began to shine when the humming noise resounded in the area, and the creatures in the distance started to release angry roars as it continued to echo .

One by one, the chains on Angela's body broke, and the intensity of the humming sound increased, agitating more creatures in the pack . The crystal's light became more intense too, and its radiance only made the beasts in the distance angrier .

The trio acted quickly . Dreaming Demon's mental waves spread to suppress the noise, Flying Demon froze the entire area, and Noah stomped Angela's face, reducing it into ashes and creating a large fissure in the seabed .

Nevertheless, their actions couldn't stop the following series of events . Their reactions had been immediate, but they didn't expect Angela's tattoos . Even Dreaming Demon didn't sense then, which meant that they had some concealing properties .

Noah and the Demons couldn't have seen them coming, but they understood what their activation had caused .

The scepter appeared out of control, and its crystal started to tremble, as if ready to explode . Noah was about to punch it, but Flying Demon gestured him to stop and used his individuality to freeze the item .

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Meanwhile, the creatures in the distance rose from the seabed and turned in the red halo's direction . Their eyes and senses locked on the three cultivators still illuminated by that light before charging at them .

Noah quickly seized Angela's space-rings and stored her body to see if it hid some other secret . Then, he took a step forward, ready to face the massive army of powerful creatures swimming in his direction .

"Do we dispatch it?" Flying Demon asked while his lover stored the scepter . He wasn't an expert in the field, so he wondered whether there was a chance to do something productive with those creatures .

"The echo didn't stop in this area," Dreaming Demon said . "A dense part shot somewhere toward the landmass . "

'She has warned the rebels,' Noah thought as the dark star in his chest spun faster . There was a high chance that the rebellion had already started, so they had to focus on weakening their enemies .

"Can you take care of one of them?" Noah asked while the three Seven-headed Hydras surpassed the rest of their pack to reach them .

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"Can you take care of two of them?" Flying Demon said while exploding in a laugh . The Demons' auras surged at that point, and their individualities spread through the sea, creating personal areas filled with their laws .

Instead, Noah charged ahead, ignoring the threat that the three rank 6 hybrids posed to him . Something inside him told him that he had nothing to fear in a direct clash, and he was going to test his body's prowess anyway .

The first Hydra pounced at him with its four meters tall heads . Those specimens were huge and had long necks that stretched for more than twenty meters . They even had four thick fins that granted them good speed .

Noah didn't have access to his techniques, but he had enough assets to be deadly against creatures at that level . Sharp teeth filled his vision as the heads pounced at him, but he didn't change direction .

The Demons saw Noah slapping the head in front of him away and proceeding forward, leaving that hydra to them . His targets were the other two leaders that had fallen slightly behind .

As for the countless creatures in the heroic ranks behind the three leaders, Noah didn't even consider them as opponents . It would be strange if their joint attack could leave a dent on his skin .

In his chest, the dark star began to rotate at an unbelievable speed when he saw fourteen scaled heads attacking him . The dangerous feeling finally appeared in his mind at that point, but his mouth was already open, and the world lost its light for an instant .