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Published at 17th of August 2019 07:45:08 AM

Chapter 104
The light signaling the beginning of the third day of the academy test shone upon Shelfan Mountain .

The participants exited their hidings and began to march again toward the summit .
The number of rank 3 Yetis had become scarcer as they climbed and the cause for that unusual situation had to be attributed to a man in a black suit that was in the highest position among them .
That man was obviously Noah who didn't waste any time during the first day and climbed relentlessly until he had met a satisfiable number of magical beasts .
His second day was spent clearing any large pack that he found, leaving the participants below him almost without any targets .
As he woke up, he exited Echo's body and explored once more the area but after a few hours and a single battle, he couldn't find any more Ice-born Yetis .
'I'm only at one hundred and thirty-five, I should secure some other kill before I go back to the teleportation area . '
He had just to run toward the bottom of the mountain and even in a straight line to reach the exit area, the travel would take a maximum of ten hours from his current position .
'I'll climb a little more, as the rune hits "150", I'll go back . '
He moved toward the peak and the environment became increasingly cold, it was nearing the temperature of the nights .
However, no more magical beasts appeared in his sight nor were they sensed by Echo .
'My estimate was a bit arrogant, at this rate, I will not be able to go much further due to this cold . '
He marched for some more minutes and was about to turn back when he saw a tall Yeti in the distance .

It was a peak rank 3 specimen, one of the few that he met on the mountain but surely the tallest of them .
Its eight was almost six meters .
'I guess, I should grab the last kill, what can possibly happen after all?'
Echo wasn't sensing anything different coming from its direction and Noah took the chance to fight it without relying on his Demonic form .
He had fought using the spell too much in the last period and he didn't like to depend only on one skill .
He jumped straight at the Yeti and two sabers appeared in his hands during his assault .
The Yeti noticed him but it had to face more than twenty wind slashes coming in its direction before it could focus on the human .
Its huge arms were cut in many spots but the mountain winds promptly gathered there to fix the injuries .
However, Noah didn't give it any time to recover .
He was already behind the beast and slashed vertically with both his blades .
Two deep wounds appeared on its back and more winds gathered on its body .
Noah attacked again, he was using his speed to avoid any reaction of the creature and his precise strikes to deal more injuries that what the winds could heal .

In fifteen minutes, the Yeti was powerless on its knees, showing its defenseless head to Noah .
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He didn't waste any time and stabbed both his sabers in its brain while being deep in thought .
'My battle prowess without the Demonic form doesn't reach even a quarter of my full strength . My martial art is falling behind my other skills . '
The rune inside his sea of consciousness showed "136" and Noah nodded internally but as soon as the body of the Yeti touched the ground, his senses and Echo screamed detecting a great danger .
A small snowy hill right in front of him began to move and a deafening roar enveloped the area .
The snow fell from the moving body, slowly revealing the mighty figure of an Ice-born Yeti ten meters tall!
From its mouth full of sharp fangs, the cold winds that filled the mountain came out and dispersed in the environment .
It looked at the corpse of the peak rank 3 Yeti on the ground and anger filled its eyes as it moved its gaze searching for its killer .
In the distance, it saw a small black figure that was running at high speed toward the bottom of the mountain .
Noah had begun to run away the moment he sensed the danger .

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Thanks to his rich battle experience, he knew that there was only one thing that could cause those sensations to his body .
'Rank 4 magical beast!'
'Fuck, fuck! I will never, ever trust my luck again!'
Echo was staring at the scene behind him peeking from his clothes, Noah wasn't satisfied with only the colorless images of its scanning ability .
'So, the mountain winds come from the rank 4 specimens . I wonder how many of them there are to fill the entire mountain, or maybe . . . '
Echo's gaze moved to the summit .
'I bet there is something stronger up there . '
The rank 4 Yeti gave another powerful roar and started to descend the mountain to chase toward Noah .
Noah didn't think twice about it and activated the partial Demonic form on his legs, his speed increased drastically .
From behind the rank 4 creature though, tens of rank 3 Ice-born Yetis appeared, they resembled a small army marching toward the world of humans .
Noah saw the scene and paled a bit, there were hundreds of rank 3 specimens that gained speed as they continued to descend and the rank 4 was in the lead position .
'Well, I guess that the test is over . '

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At a lower altitude, the group led by Samuel was still climbing in search of more magical beasts .
Samuel seemed anxious as his rune showed the number "25" .
He had secured more kills than it was concorded due to the scarcity of Yetis and more discord was sewn between his followers .
"Lord Samuel, I didn't even reach ten units . Could you let me take the next one? Otherwise, my family will really lose face . "
A youth from a medium-size noble family pleaded him but Samuel only snorted in response .
He knew that the average for these kinds of tests was around fifty units in the top positions .
He came from a large-size family after all, they had accumulated an incredible quantity of knowledge during the years and hunting tests were frequent .
'Where the fuck are all the magical beasts?'
The ground began to tremble, making the girl from the Eeggi family shake again .
She grabbed her brother's sleeve and stopped his movements .
"Big brother, it's time, we have to run . "
Before his brother could nod however, Samuel turned toward her and admonished harshly .
"What run! Don't tell me that you are scared of earthquakes! Fucking small families, they shou-"
His words were stopped by the girl pointing at a spot behind him .
Samuel turned only to see a black fuming figure running at high speed toward them .