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Chapter 1040: 1040
He had avoided testing his abilities in the open after the breakthrough . After all, his attacks were on the powerhouses' level, so he needed a special training area to unleash them fully .

His dantian was still in the solid stage, but he could destroy entire regions with his bare hands now that his body had reached the sixth rank . His quarters couldn't contain him anymore, and even the separate dimension would suffer if he went wild inside it .

A tide of black flames spread among the depths of the sea and sucked the dim light that managed to reach those areas . The water burned as Noah's fire created a dark zone that made the Hydras and the pack behind them blind .

A few lights began to appear among that violent blackness . They were small flashes that illuminated the environment and shone on the crying creatures that had been unlucky enough to touch the flames .

It was as if a starry sky had appeared in the depths of the sea . Noah's innate ability had given birth to a scene that many would admire in awe .

The flames surprised Noah too, and they gave him hints on the being that he had become after the chrysalis . The properties of the Light-devouring Dragons had remained, but his existence had affected the nature of his innate ability .

It was as if the last breakthrough made him reach a real harmony in his fusion . His abilities weren't skills inherited by a different beast anymore . They were part of his bloodline, which appeared to be superior to any other life form in the world .

The Hydras roared in pain when the flames engulfed them . Noah's attack's prowess surpassed every magical beast's innate ability and stepped into the realm of the powerhouses . It had the power of a spell!

The water didn't do anything to weaken the black flames . They burned the scaled skin of the Hydras and limited their movements by injuring their fins . Yet, they managed to suppress the pain to counterattack . Noah saw fourteen reptilian heads spreading their mouth and launching various attacks directed at him .

Each of the Hydras' heads could unleash a different ability, but they remained specimens with a water aptitude . They had various attacks that shared the same element .

'They are smart,' Noah thought as he stared at the attacks . Heat, cold, poison, pressure, pulling force, deafening noises, and mental waves came out of their mouths and landed on him .

Noah didn't have time to dodge, but the water around him began to burn as his body's temperature rose . His dark matter also came out and applied a layer of protection .

The Hydras had been smart enough to counterattack instead of letting him take the initiative . Still, that wasn't enough to defeat him .

The fake "Breath" inside the hybrids' attacks dispersed as soon as it entered in contact with the heat released by the dark star . It rotated so fast that its innate gravitational pull absorbed all the energy released by the creatures' offensive .

Noah felt the cuts closing when his dark star processed and purified that energy . His rotating heart had diverted all the functions of his body on the healing process, making it able to fix his injuries in a matter of minutes .

An intense sensation of power filled Noah as he began to realize how much his body had improved . His strength and abilities were superior to his peers, but that was only a secondary effect of its main feature .

The dark star didn't only purify and elevate his whole being . It worked as fuel too, which put him on a different league compared to creatures on a similar level . It was as if magical beasts and hybrids used coal to function while he had already gained access to nuclear energy!

That didn't translate into an immense strength, but it improved all his body's functions to an unmatchable level . Moreover, the dark star reacted to the inputs generated by his mind without the need of thinking .

His instincts had become a silent brain that controlled the behavior of the dark star .

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Noah had protected the Demonic Sword with his arms during the impact, but the power of his body made him understand that he couldn't use his living weapon until he adjusted his control . There was the chance that he would have to wait until it improved before wielding it again .

However, that didn't mean that it couldn't help him in battle . The Demonic Sword could fight alongside him .

The living weapon roared as he threw it upward . Snore formed around him, and the Demonic Sword stopped right above the battlefield, ready to support him .

Noah shot forward, uncaring of the fact that the Hydras had resumed their offensive . Fourteen attacks of various nature engulfed his figure, but they couldn't even leave a mark on his body after Snore weakened them .

Black smoke rose from his skin and covered him in a spiked armor that enhanced his already impressive physical prowess . The Hybrids were powerless to stop him in front of such a display of power .

Noah swam through the attacks and slashed with his clawed hands when he reached one head . Deep marks appeared on it, and a large part of its mouth fell apart after the impact . Green blood tainted the water too, but Noah's offensive wasn't over .

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The corrosive smoke spread in the reptilian head's insides, and a dark cloud covered the whole upper part of the creature . With the black flames still burring around its lower body, the Hydra was entirely at his mercy .

Snore unleashed its elemental attacks, and the Demonic Sword launched countless slashes toward the cloud . The injured head could only endure that oppressing offensive, granting Noah the chance to cover it with a series of punches .

It took him only a few attacks to destroy that head, and Noah moved toward the next one at that point, spewing more flames to force the creature into a passive stance .

The other Hydra felt troubled . Its heads tried to bite Noah, but he was too small to catch when it swam among its companion's necks . Its instincts would generally tell it to unleash attacks anyway, but it didn't want to hurt the other leader .

As for Noah, he used the advantage given by his size to its fullest . He always remained close to his first target's heads or necks, making it impossible to catch .

One by one, the number of intact heads began to diminish . Noah punched, slashed, and spewed flames as he danced around the thick necks . His battle style was flawless and exploited all the weaknesses of that species while considering the improvements given by their hybrid status .

It seemed that the rebels didn't teach them any spells, so their intelligence only prevented them from hurting each other as they tried to catch him .