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Chapter 1044: 1044
Luke and the other experts had told him everything there was to know about the revolution . Noah had even seized the researches that they were trying to get out of the structure .

The most important studies and discoveries were already gone, but his loot wasn't little, especially when it came to the pieces of information concerning the rebels' plan .

Noah reunited with the Demons to explain what he had discovered .

According to Luke, the ideas of rebellion had brewed in the new world for a while by then . Yet, the rebels had never owned a weapon capable of surpassing the city's defenses until a century ago .

All the organizations in both worlds had continued researching the compound . Those studies were the key to surpass the natural limitations of the human species and could open the path for countless new cultivation paths .

Noah had part of the blame when it came to how serious each force was in those studies . His many incredible achievements didn't strictly depend on his hybrid status, but the organizations knew that it had helped him a lot .

Every cultivator would pay any price to obtain his power, so the experts never stopped, and the organizations kept on pouring resources to uncover the secrets of the transformation .

Countless experiments and many casualties eventually led to some results, but the greatest discovery came from the other world's structures . The research team of the Elbas family deployed there learnt how to trigger the transformation!

That discovery was bound to change the very foundation of the cultivation world . After all, anyone could get their hands on the compound since every creature in the other world carried it .

However, those experts had lost their sense of belonging to the main world for a while . Their research gave real hope to the revolution .

The city's defenses could fend off powerhouses, but they couldn't block an endless tide of hybrids in the sixth rank . The only problem at that point was in controlling the creatures so that the plan wouldn't backfire .

The rebellion had gathered many followers after that discovery, and it had increased the resources invested in learning to control the hybrids . The main world didn't even know that the research team had found a way to trigger the transformation!

It wasn't hard to control the flow of information from that side of the dimensional tunnel, mostly since those in charge of overviewing the situation had already switched side .

Nevertheless, Luke's revelations' most crucial aspect was that the rebellion had created multiple packs led by many rank 6 creatures in those years . They had even groomed obedient specimens to make them reach the sixth rank .

There was only one problem . The rebels had initially planned to use the first pack to bait most loyal forces out of the city, but Noah's group had intercepted it . Angela's warning had then forced them to modify their approach and start the revolution immediately .

The trio was a variable that the rebels didn't predict . They had founded all their calculations on the fact that no one could oppose rank 6 creatures without the city's defenses, so they had to act quickly .

The Demons didn't feel hurried . Not even a day had passed since Angela's warning, and the other packs were still in the depths of the ocean when the revolution began .

The trio had enough time to return to the city and help in the defenses .

What worried the Demons was Noah . They knew something about his past and his relationship with Luke, but they couldn't understand if that event had affected his mind .

Nina had been the first to open him to his human side, so she was bound to have a place in his mind . Discovering that her grandson was a traitor could destabilize even the strongest cultivators .

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"Is he dead?" Dreaming Demon asked in a polite tone . She wouldn't blame Noah if he had decided to leave the matter to them, but she had to make sure that no traitor remained alive .

Noah nodded and gave her the space-rings containing the researches carried by the escaping expert . He understood why she felt so serious about the matter . She and her lover had suffered too much for experts like Luke .

However, Noah was even more ruthless than her . He needed that world to satisfy his body's requirements, and the rebels wanted to block that path . He couldn't let it happen, even if it meant killing the grandson of a cultivator that had helped him in the past . His power would always be his priority .

The group flew silently toward the surface . They didn't feel like speaking after discovering that many forces of the Hive had conspired with the rebelling troops .

Moreover, it had become clear that they had to improve the loyalty oath since so many assets had managed to break it without suffering any backlash .

It took them a few weeks to return to the hunters' guild, but their expressions went cold when they saw that it was empty . There were only a few corpses and the remains of the broken teleportation matrix inside .

The rebellion had taken roots even on the opposite side of the continent . The trio didn't have a fast way to return to the neutral city now .

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"Try to contact someone," Noah said as he gave them June's contact . "Ask anyone . Find a quick path back to the city and let me know . "

The Demons didn't need to ask what he would do . They had the same mindset, and they could see how eager Noah was for a battle .

"There are seven more rank 6 creatures," Dreaming Demon said . "All of them have a mind in the fourth rank and are in the lower tier of the sixth . With dantians at the peak of the fifth rank, they should take a few months to breach the fortress . "

Dreaming Demon told him the result of her calculations . Those numbers came from Luke and her understanding of the city's defenses .

"Good luck," Flying Demon said as the duo took a few steps back . Noah had a rank 6 body, so he could reach the city far faster than them . It was clear that he wanted to fly across the continent instead of waiting for someone to answer .

A shockwave spread from Noah's spot, and his figure disappeared in the distance . The bare strength of his legs had been enough to leave a large crack in the sky that closed slowly .

Noah flew as fast as he could . His mood was awful due to Luke's events . He felt as if he had killed part of his past after executing him and the experts .

Luckily for him, a battle was right on the other side of the continent, and he couldn't wait to vent .