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Chapter 1046: 1046
Only the fortress' defenses were fully automatic . Everything else depended on how much the main world's forces had been willing to invest in protecting the dimensional crack .

Investing less would mean having full confidence in their forces . The loopholes in the city's protection depended on how much face the organizations were willing to lose .

Noah saw the shield disappearing and sprinted . Faint cracks appeared under his feet, and his figure became blurred once every few instants .

He didn't complete his technique, but there were many powerful enemies in front of him . Jumping right among them could force the dark star to push his mind even further and complete the ability that he had prepared during his travel .

The armies of beasts and hybrids disregarded Noah's oppressing aura and invaded the city . The defensive walls shone for a few seconds before crumbling, and the cores of many formations went dark when the seven leaders unleashed precise attacks on them .

The rebels had trained the rank 6 creatures well . The leaders knew exactly where to attack to inflict the highest amount of damage . Many shining buildings and lines went dark before Noah could even catch up with the packs .

Noah launched a wave of dark flames in the most crowded area near him . Countless cries echoed in the environment as a starry sky spread among the weaker beasts and killed tons of them in a few seconds .

The buildings of the city suffered too . Noah's attacks didn't stop at anything, and they even engulfed cultivators that had failed to retreat in time .

Noah didn't care about the casualties at the moment . His only priority was to stop the rebels from closing the dimensional crack and isolating him in that world forever .

The leaders turned their heads toward Noah after his flames ravaged their armies, but they chose to ignore him again . They limited themselves to roar orders that forced hundreds of weaker creatures to hinder his charge .

Noah saw hundreds of hybrids using the fake "Breath" in their dantians to fly toward him . Their mental spheres resonated as they echoed their leaders' orders, and an oppressing aura filled that part of the sky .

Noah didn't even feel the slightest amount of danger . Those mighty creatures were nothing more than ants in his eyes .

Snore and the Demonic Sword came out and began to launch attacks toward the army . Meanwhile, Noah sprinted forward, creating large cracks in the sky and slamming directly on the hybrids on his path .

Noah couldn't bother to dodge or attack them . Even peak rank 5 creatures would explode once his body touched theirs at that speed .

All his knowledge of the magical beasts' field surged, and his mind sorted those pieces of information as he flew forward . Noah understood in a few instants that the Manatees would be easier to kill, so he began launching fireballs at them .

The Demonic Sword and Snore appeared next to him and launched their attacks too . They understood Noah's feelings, and they wanted to help him taking care of those creatures as fast as he could .

Manatees had tough bodies, and those belonging to the Giant Manatees species were even forty meters long in the sixth rank . They were slow, but they had a great defense and an incredible physical prowess .

However, they didn't have any innate ability . Those creatures would have to face Noah in a melee battle, where he didn't fear even the mightiest creature .

Noah crossed half city to crash directly on the first Manatee . His inscribed notebook had begun to ring as soon as the forces on the ground noticed him, but he didn't have time to mind them .

Black smoke rose from his skin and formed a spiked armor, and a crack soon appeared on his helmet as he spread his mouth to bite the hybrid . The Manatee didn't expect Noah to aim at it . The Hydras were closer, so they were the ideal target for someone in such a hurry .

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Instead, Noah had ignored the Hydras and shot toward the Manatees while gaining a sudden acceleration . His figure had disappeared only to crash on the creature's body!

Noah had failed to execute the technique perfectly once again, but he was getting close . The momentum accumulated in the sprint made his feet stab the creature during the landing .

His mouth went on the beast and tore a large chunk of its skin . His clawed hands then expanded the wound and dug its insides until they opened a path for its internal organs .

Noah spewed a wave of black fire, uncaring that the piece of skin fell out of his mouth in the process . The flames weren't enough to fill the entirety of the creature's insides, but the black cloud around him filled the empty spots and spread more destruction .

The Manatee cried in pain, and its ally came in its help, but Snore and the Demonic Sword showered the second hybrid with attacks that hindered its advance .

Of course, the Blood Companion and the living weapon couldn't stop a rank 6 creature that relied only on its body for long . Yet, Noah only required a few seconds alone with his target to complete his hunt .

The injured Manatee tried to kick Noah away from its body, but the latter had his feet stabbed in its muscles . No matter how much it struggled, Noah wasn't going anywhere .

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Countless punches and slashes fell on the powerless leader . Noah dug the insides of the creature and exposed its vital organs . His flames and corrosive smoke followed right after, burning and consuming anything that they touched .

Smoke began to come out of the Manatee's mouth as Noah played with its insides . Its survival instincts took control of its body and made it dive toward the ground in a desperate attempt to fend off that dangerous presence .

Yet, Noah let go of his foothold and jumped right inside its body to continue his destruction undisturbed . By the time the Manatee crashes on the ground, its heart had already ended in Noah's space-ring .

The loyal forces on the ground gathered around the giant corpse of the fallen leaders . A rank 6 creature had died in less than a minute, and they didn't want to miss the expert that had made such a feat possible .

Noah crawled out of the hybrid's insides and stored its body once he stepped out in the open . His Demonic Form had disappeared, which allowed the experts to see his figure covered in blood and remains of internal organs .

"Activate everything you can to buy me some time," Noah thought as a bad feeling filled his mind . Something told him that the fortress wasn't as safe as Dreaming Demon had predicted .