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Chapter 1048: 1048
Noah saw the scene in slow motion . He expected the rebels to have a secret weapon, but the latest inscribed items surpassed even his wildest imagination . One explosion had been enough to deactivate defenses that could stop powerhouses!

The cultivators and leaders disregarded him and charged after their real target . Once they closed the dimensional fissure, the only connection between the two worlds would vanish, leaving every asset stuck in that place .

A wave of anger rose inside Noah . His mental energy quickly fused with the dark matter released by the dark star, his darkness, and the primary energy inside his lungs as he spread his mouth to vent his unwillingness .

"Stop!" Noah shouted, and his human words mixed with roars as they echoed through the sky . His cry expressed the entirety of his existence and affected the laws contained in the very fabric of the air .

The world stopped under his command, and his roar resounded inside the minds of every asset in the city . It didn't matter if they were magical beasts, cultivators, hybrids, or if they belonged to the allied side . Everyone stopped moving once Noah's order reached their ears .

Silence spread through the battlefield . Noah felt his pride surging and an immense sensation of power filling his mind .

It was as if his unwillingness had unlocked a power that had always owned but that he never used . His feelings had made him wield the innate authority of a creature at the peak of the food chain!

Noah felt surprised by that outcome . Only magical beasts and hybrids suffered the influence of stronger existences so much . The cultivators' individualities made their minds too unique to allow anyone else to control their functioning .

Yet, Noah's roar had been able to spread his authority even over humans . His existence belonged to a species that even cultivators recognized as superior in their subconscious .

Noah didn't let his surprise slow down his actions . His consciousness expanded beyond its normal limits as he sprinted toward the crack and enveloped all the rebels in its heavy pressure .

One intense thought ran through Noah's mental waves and landed on the rebels' seas of consciousness in his range . Their mental spheres cracked, and some even shattered completely when the will of a rank 6 mage landed on them .

The rebels began to fall on the city . The minds of those that had survived Noah's attack were still trembling and prevented them from stopping their descent .

Noah landed in front of the crack, and Snore enveloped it with its body . A layer of black rocks covered the Blood Companion's body, and a chilling gale came out of its mouth to freeze the area around it .

A large chunk of black ice replaced the exit of the dimensional tunnel, and the statue of a giant snake occupied its center . Noah had protected the crack with everything he had while his enemies were still under the effects of his roar .

The leaders began to struggle, and defiant cries soon came out of their mouths as they broke free from Noah's orders . Anger appeared on their expressions as their instincts took control of their bodies .

Noah's authority had overruled the rebels' brainwash when it took control of their minds . Those creatures were now free to act according to their wildest desires, and they all felt extreme anger toward the existence that had dared to stop them .

The Hydras opened their mouths to launch different attacks, while the three Steeled Octopi's tentacles cracked in his direction .

Noah was alone against four hybrids in the sixth rank, and he couldn't even exploit his many advantages since he had to prioritize the dimensional tunnel's protection . He had to remain in that spot .

The Demonic Form activated completely before the seven attacks of the Hydra landed on him . The armor partially broke, but the spell remained active . Still, the tentacles of the Octopi dispersed the remaining smoke and landed on his skin .

Noah felt his interiors tremble as the tentacles cracked on his body . His bones and internal organs endured the shockwave caused by the impact, and his skin opened in different spots .

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Blood rose from his throat, and dark matter came out of his injuries . His body had already diverted all its nutrients to his wounds, but Noah had no intention to be a punching bag .

He had held his ground during the assault . The attacks couldn't fling him away, but the shockwaves that they released created cracks on the black ice behind him .

Yet, before the last tentacle retracted, Noah waved his hand and stabbed his fingers in the metallic skin of one Octopus .

The creature tried to pull him, but Noah didn't flinch . Instead, his dark star spun faster as he applied strength on the limb in his grasp .

Steeled Octopus's bodies weren't as elastic as those of other creatures belonging to similar kinds . Noah's pull dragged the hybrid toward him, and it didn't have the power to stop that .

Noah's free hand stabbed the tentacle too before he rotated his arms above his head . The powerless Octopus launched attacks in an attempt to free itself, but a fuming armor appeared in their path and stopped them from hurting Noah .

The other leaders resumed their offensive, but Noah severed the tentacle from his handhold so that the creature would shoot toward the Octopi's attacks . At the same time, he spewed a wave of black flames to block the Hydra's blows .

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The flying Octopus slammed on the tentacles and blocked its peers' attacks while a starry sky vanquished the Hydra's abilities and proceeded to land on its body .

Angry roars resounded in the area, and the hybrids suffered injuries, but Noah's attention was on the loyal forces that were staring at his battle in awe .

The experts appeared ready to worship Noah . There weren't enough words to describe how valiant his figure appeared while he fended off the assault of four creatures in the sixth rank to defend the only path to the main world .

Attacks landed on him, but his figure barely moved . His arms held the strength to fling massive creatures away, but he remained still, focused on defending the dimensional crack .

His fiendish figure didn't give birth to terror inside the loyal forces anymore . It had become a symbol of hope proper of an existence that was single-handedly stopping that revolution and saving them from complete despair .

However, Noah didn't feel pride in seeing their awe . His anger surged, and he didn't hesitate to express it with loud words . "What are you looking at? Restore the damned formations!"