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Chapter 105
Samuel's eyes widened seeing Noah .

He knew that someone had escaped his men and that he had a skill that emitted black smoke .
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He was finally sure that Noah was that someone .
Anger enveloped his mind, he had lastly understood why his group met so few magical beasts .
'He had come here first and killed them!'
He was a proud heir of a noble family, he couldn't let someone with no background surpass him!
However, before that he was able to scheme anything, the army of Ice-born Yetis became visible .
Hundreds of rank 3 magical beasts were following Noah tightly with the imponent rank 4 Yeti in their lead .
All Samuel's anger vanished on the spot as he yelled unconsciously:
"RANK 4!"
From that point, it was chaos .
Someone in their group directly broke the rune in their sea of consciousness moved by fear and a blinding light enveloped them, making them disappear .
Samuel turned and ran uncaring of anything that he had in front .
He swung his arms powered by the strength of his rank 3 body and flung away the other members of his group to make a way toward the bottom of the mountain .

The two Eeggi siblings were sent flying in different directions .
The brother had it easier as he had a rank 3 body too and could withstand Samuel's blow but he still fell for a few meters .
His sister though had only a rank 2 body and slammed powerlessly on a tree, fainting on the spot .
The brother was about to reach for her when others above him banged on his body .
He opposed with all his strength to the force pushing him down but the other cultivators were too scared .
They instinctively used their weapons to create a path through him and he did the same to defend himself .
At that moment, their runes shattered and they were teleported outside of the test area .
Meanwhile, Noah was running at full speed with the army of magical beasts on his tail .
He saw the chaotic scene below him and shook his head internally .
'Fucking nobles, it's just a tiny rank 4, why do you get so scared?'
He focused again on the Yeti ten meters tall .
'Well, tiny maybe isn't really fit for this one . '
He was feeling quite at ease .
The Yetis were slower than him and he had enough strength to reach the teleportation area .

Even if you are the strongest being in the world, why should I fear you if you can't touch me?
These were Noah's thoughts as he descended .
Then he saw the red-haired man trying to reach for his sister and disappearing after he opposed the other cultivators .
'So, the rune can even break on itself if you don't follow the rules . Wait, why isn't she escaping?'
He noticed that the girl that helped him with the key in the manor was laying on a tree unmoving .
'Is she unconscious? Wait, if she dies, will they blame me?'
After all, he was the cause of the rank 4 creature's rage .

The rune could understand if a participant broke the rules, what if it even registered the events that they went through?
Noah was quite doubtful about that but he still chose not to risk his entrance in the academy .
He slightly curved and more smoke came out of his legs .
When he reached the girl, he hastily grabbed her collar a threw her over his shoulders .
The clothes on his back tore and a big bat appeared which absorbed the girl inside its body .
Noah was using the Demonic form, the smoke was toxic to anyone except for him and Echo, he couldn't simply carry her .

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And then, his descent continued .
A fifteen and a half years old man was running at full speed with his upper-body naked in a land of snow .
A big bat had its two pairs of wings retracted and was standing on top of his shoulders .
An army of Yetis was closely following him, unable to match his speed .
More and more participants appeared in his field of view and they had the same reaction of Samuel's group .
Teleportation lights shined from time to time and many ran toward the bottom of the mountain uncaring of the test .
Noah picked up a bottle from his space-ring to refill his mental energy .
With the addition of the girl's body on his back, his expenditure of mental energy had increased .
Hours passed and, in the end, the red line on the terrain became visible .
Noah's eyes lit up seeing the borders of the teleportation area and accelerated his pace .
The Yetis were still behind him but he had grown so used to their pressure that he almost forgot about them
'I should probably stop my spells . Even if many have seen Echo and the black smoke, they couldn't possibly have paid so much attention to them since they were too scared of the beasts behind me . '
When he was at a few meters from the red line, Echo was reabsorbed in his body and the partial Demonic form deactivated .
The girl came out in the open and Noah grabbed her with one hand, carrying her like she was some sort of bag .

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'She is still sleeping even after so many hours . Damn nobles, they have it too easy . '
Then he jumped across the teleportation area and a bright light enveloped him .
When the pressure on his sea of consciousness vanished, he was back in the square of Ebonrest city .
All the other participants were staring at him .
Many emotions were exuded from their stares: anger, envy, respect .
Some lonely cultivator even had tinges of pride in his eyes .
'The fuck are they looking at . '
However, Noah couldn't care less and looked at the screens in the air .
The name Vance was in the first position but Noah didn't feel too happy about that .
That was because his kill count was at least four times the one of the second place .
'I really overdid . '
At that moment though, the red-haired man came in his direction, yelling .
Only then Noah remembered that he was still carrying the unconscious girl and he threw her toward the brother .