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Chapter 1050: 1050
The Hydra suddenly felt a dangerous sensation next to one of its heads, but it only saw a headless neck when it turned toward that feeling . The danger had reached its mind only after the deed . The creature didn't even manage to look at its enemy!

The same crack with a humanoid shape had appeared next to the headless neck, but the Hydra found no trace of Noah . Still, the dangerous feeling returned one instant after it disappeared, and the creature found another headless neck when it turned toward it .

Fear took control of the leader's mind . The Hydra wasn't even sure that Noah was the reason behind those wounds, but the danger returned before deciding on its next move .

Another headless neck fell on its floating body . The hybrid gave up on any reasoning and let its instincts take control of its actions . Its four remaining heads spewed attacks in the air around it, but one neck blew apart before the creature could even cover its surroundings .

That was a form of terror that only a few creatures had experienced in their lives . Every living being left traces of their passage or released shockwaves after surprise attacks . However, Noah's presence never appeared, and his attack didn't affect the environment .

One by one, the remaining heads either exploded into a bloody pulp or saw deep cuts piercing through their brain . The Hydra died without identifying its opponent once, and that terror remained with the creature as life abandoned its body .

Noah reappeared on the falling corpse of the creature to store it before it reached the ground . Drops of sweat ran down his forehead before evaporating due to the heat radiated by his body .

His eyes were wide and bloodied, and the wounds on his skin had enlarged even if he didn't suffer any other attack . Still, there was only happiness in his expression .

'The fabric of the world is frail and yet so dense,' Noah thought as he took a moment to understand what he had just experienced .

He had completed his movement technique when the formations in the fortress reactivated . His completely rebranded version of the Merging spell made him cut through the darkness element after partially fusing with it .

That gave the spell a power that could reach the sixth rank, making it an incredible movement ability that matched Noah's individuality . However, the diagram alone wasn't enough to create those fantastic effects .

Noah had developed a martial art that could fuse with the new Merging spell and bring out all the advantages of his body . The sheer strength of his muscles made him push the piercing power of his spell further, allowing him to cut right through the very fabric of the world!

It was needless to say that the technique's effects were far more remarkable than what the single spell could do . Noah became able to ignore the limitations of the space around him and imitate short teleports with his sprints .

It was as if he entered a personal dimension when he used his technique, a world that only existences capable of ignoring the laws could reach .

The effort drained his body and mind . The technique expressed the peak of his existence, and it was the best type of skill that his individuality could wield .

As for his dantian, the amount of darkness depleted was negligible since Noah mostly used the "Breath" and primary energy in the world to fuel the ability .

The three Steeled Octopi moved their attention toward Noah once he made his reappearance . Part of them was still unsure that he had been behind their companion's death, but they remained careful nonetheless and rotated their tentacles to create a solid defense .

The hybrids felt that the danger would come for them, so they deployed a rudimental defensive method that made use of their limbs' flexibility and tough skin .

Noah's aura released a sharp power surge before his figure disappeared again, leaving the usual human-shaped crack behind . Crossing long distances with his technique wasn't ideal, but he tested his limits now that he had the situation under control .

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Laws broke as his figure ran through the very fabric of the world . The damage that he caused wasn't massive, but faint tremors appeared in the sky seconds after his passage .

The world redistributed the laws to restore balance in the fabric of the sky . Those faint tremors were the result of laws reassembling to bring the harmony back .

Noah's body felt heavy while he traveled in that dark dimension . His eyes burned as they remained fixed on the blurry and foggy shapes of his targets .

The place between dimensions where Noah traveled with his techniques was devoid of sounds, and it made his vision somewhat unreliable . He was so fast that his eyes didn't have enough time to capture images . Still, Noah had to keep them open to give more inputs to his mind .

It would be impossible for him to be precise if he closed his eyes . His consciousness required even those blurry images to confirm the position of his targets .

The Octopus that Noah had thrown before had suffered injuries when it protected him from its allies' attacks . Its body showed large green bruises, but blood had stopped flowing from its damaged tentacle .

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However, two of its limbs exploded while it performed its defensive maneuver . The creature wanted to close the opening in its defense, but a large hole appeared on its body and told it that the danger was already too close .

Black fire began to come out of the opening, and shockwaves echoed from inside the Octopus' body . The creature released angry cries as its tentacles went inside the wound to search for the intruder, but that only worsened its situation .

Its tentacles went limp at some point, and its body began to fall toward the city . The creature had died, and terror spread among its allies when they saw its corpse disappearing mid-air and revealing Noah's bloodied figure .

Only two leaders remained out of the original seven rank 6 hybrids . Even if fear filled every corner of their minds, the Octopi maintained their calm and understood that they had no chance against that opponent .

The surviving leaders began to retreat at full speed, but Noah sprinted again to pierce the body of one of the departing Octopi . The creature's insides bore witness of his savageness, and life soon abandoned it too .

Its corpse began to fall, but Noah stored it and looked toward the last leader in the distance before heaving a tired sigh . The creature had gone too far while he was busy killing its ally . He could catch up with it, but he would exhaust his darkness to land inside it .