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Chapter 1052: 1052
Their angry gazes shot toward Noah when they realized that they had lost those studies forever . The Elbas family's factions had invested a lot in the research, and now everything was gone .

However, they didn't complain . The Royals could only lower their gazes when they met the cold reptilian eyes . It was as if Noah was waiting to have an excuse to kill them .

"Restore the teleportation matrices," Noah said as he turned to leave . "I want to see everything that you have retrieved . "

The fact that he was the only powerhouse there made him the ruler of the entire world . No one could oppose him, so he could exploit the situation as much as he wanted .

He didn't decide to destroy the studies due to a whim . Ebano's plan was solid, and it would have forced the three ruling organizations to waste resources and share the trades' gains .

Yet, the Hive didn't have much to lose . Actually, obtaining and sharing those studies would have weakened its position in the main world .

The Hive was the only force that could deploy hybrids efficiently and without risking a revolt . Obtaining the studies would have improved its understanding of the compound, but it would have also taken away its advantage .

If every organization were to learn how to produce and control hybrids, the Elbas family would soon surpass both the Hive and the Council regarding knowledge in that field .

The Royal Pool wouldn't be the only problem of the alliance . The Elbas family would obtain the perfect method to weaponize magical beasts and improve its cultivators' overall power .

The Hive and the Council could do the same, but they didn't have as many experts as their enemy . Sharing that knowledge would slowly make them fall behind in the political environment .

Instead, now that the studies were no more, the Hive could continue to hold the monopoly over obedient hybrids and living weapons, making it a threatening force to face . The Council would benefit from the trades with its ally, while the Elbas family would have to restart their research .

Noah didn't believe that he could restrain the Royals forever, but his decision had made his organization gain more time .

Only the higher-ups of the other world's forces understood the reasons behind his actions, and they couldn't help but fear his ruthlessness . Noah had decided to destroy studies capable of changing the cultivation journey forever to preserve his organization's advantage .

He had made the whole world suffer only to benefit a bit more from his current position .

He had accepted that he couldn't do anything to stop his negative feeling . They were inevitable since they were the consequence of his wide path .

'Men can truly appreciate happiness only after they experience sadness,' Noah thought as he let his mind wander while cultivating inside the training area . 'I appreciate strength because I know weakness . I appreciate life because I know death . '

Killing Luke made him feel as if he had negated part of his past, but he had taken steps toward the future .

That mindset had helped him during the travel . Those bitter feelings had sharpened his mind, allowing him to complete his movement technique in a little more than two months .

The Demons eventually returned, and June came right after . Noah found truth in his previous thoughts when his lover caressed his face as if knowing that something disturbed his mind .

"You expose yourself to more sufferings as your existence reaches new levels of greatness," June said as she laid her head on his lap . "A being pursuing only destruction can't feel, but it can't improve either . An existence that can only create will feel everything, but it will never take a step for fear of hurting grass . "

Her words resounded in the training area as she turned to find a comfortable position on him . The Demons left when they saw that the couple was having one of their intimate moments, and they felt that both of them needed to rest .

"An existence in the middle of both realms might go nowhere," Noah said as he caressed her hair . "His duality might crush him while he looks for what he is . "

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"There has never been a middle, Noah," June said . "You of all existences should know that we can't strive for balance anymore . We either take everything, or we die . "

June was mostly speaking for herself, but her battle intent had always shared similar features to Noah's ambition . The two of them had both chosen difficult paths and were suffering from different backlashes .

June's Perfect Circuit couldn't contain the immense power that she had obtained, and Noah's individuality made him lose himself in thoughts concerning the nature of his existence often .

"You couldn't contain your battle intent," Noah said while wearing a smile and looking at his lover in the eyes .

"And your ambition didn't allow you to shrink your individuality," June said as a similar smile appeared on her face .

They had known each other so well and for so long that they could understand the difficulties of their respective journey even if they were approaching the laws .

"You need one last battle," Noah whispered as his hand went to untie her robe . "Succeed, and you will be able to fight forever . "

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"You have already destroyed a world," June said as she opened his robe to kiss his torso . "You only need to create a new one now . "

Understanding flowed incessantly in both their minds . Talking with their partner cleared many doubts about the path in front of them and steeled their resolve .

The revolution had been a simple prelude to the main event . What expected Noah and June in the main world was far more dangerous, but it was necessary for their situation .

They had decided to come out in the open, but they had to complete one last deed before announcing to the world that June was a traitor and that Noah could have feelings .

The couple indulged in a long intimate moment in which Noah had to make sure to leave the restrictions made with his higher energy intact . His arousal returned as the sound of kisses and moans resounded in the training area .

Noah discovered how careful his body could be, and he learnt how to control himself as he held June's naked back in his hands .

The couple did their best to satisfy the desire accumulated for the past centuries and decided to come out of the fortress only after three months .

The time had come for Noah to contact the best inscription master in the world . June's life depended on whether King Elbas would believe his lie .