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Published at 21st of November 2020 10:15:09 PM

Chapter 1053: 1053
Yet, they couldn't take them . The studies had to remain in the other world, among the various forces .

June remained behind, and she would wait a few months before returning to the main world . She and Noah had already planned their next moves, and they had even chosen to have a communication method at that time .

Their decision was final . June would either die during the next mission or survive and join the Hive with her family .

A horde of experts waited for Noah and the Demons on the other side of the dimensional tunnel . The loyal forces had warned the main world's assets about their return, so many inscription masters had gathered in front of the tall portal to intercept the elusive Demon Prince .

Noah saw heroic cultivators of the Council, Elbas family, and even Shandal Empire waiting for him when the sunlight illuminated his face again . They were all experts in the fifth rank dressed in their most luxurious robes and wearing polite expressions .

The experts didn't hesitate to bow when Noah came out of the dimensional portal . The fact that he had destroyed the studies didn't seem to affect their respectful attitude .

Noah didn't know if that was the usual respect given to a powerhouse or if they were in awe of his deeds in the other world . Yet, that sight didn't faze him, and he kept his cold expression as he announced his intentions to the crowd . "I will speak only with the leader of the Elbas family . "

His announcement left the experts speechless . The cultivators of the Empire could understand that he would ignore them, but the others had mixed feelings .

The Council was his ally, so its Elders should prioritize the assets of their common enemy . A list of complaints appeared in their minds as they silently decided to report the matter to Great Elder Diana, but Noah silenced those thoughts with his next phrase .

"I've found the Kesier species," Noah announced before moving toward the western coast of the old continent . The Demons followed him after shooting intimidating glances at the experts . They warned them not to follow the Demon Prince .

Noah's group flew back to the nearest entrance of the separate dimension, and they found Thirty-seven waiting for them once the light of the teleportation vanished .

The automaton wore an angry expression, and his ghostly figure trembled as waves of rage filled him . His eyes went on Noah as loud words came out of his mouth . "How could you?!"

Noah's mind was so full of plans and strategies concerning his next move that he didn't understand why the automaton was so angry at him . Yet, his following words solved his doubts .

The group ignored him when they understood the reason behind his anger, and Noah questioned him about important matters . "Where is the Patriarch?"

Thirty-seven acted as if he didn't hear his words . He continued to explain how every lost discovery was a curse that would affect humankind for eternity .

His speech made some sense for an inscription maniac . However, Noah didn't have time to waste . His plan had started when he had publicly announced that he wanted to speak with King Elbas .

A few teeth of the Hydras appeared in his hands, and the automaton stopped speaking at that sight . He neared Noah to analyze the material better, but the hand closed, blocking his vision .

"The Patriarch is in his usual lodgings!" Thirty-seven shouted in a hurry, and Noah let the teeth fall on the ground . Both he and the automaton had become used to those interactions . Noah even suspected that Thirty-seven's unwilling behavior was an act .

The Demons and Noah exchanged a nod before he flew toward the nearest teleportation matrix . They already knew their role in Noah's plan, so they didn't need to follow him back to the headquarters .

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Noah used a series of teleportation matrices to return to the forest of White Woods . His body could sense the presence of magical beasts caged in the depths of that area, but his focus was on the powerful existence that cultivated in the underground structure above them .

"I need to talk with you," Noah conveyed through his consciousness, and a series of shining lines appeared under him . Their light teleported him directly in the underground structure, where he found Chasing Demon cultivating in a cross-legged position .

The Patriarch had improved his cultivation technique after Thirty-seven joined the Hive, but he had wasted a lot of potential during the fifth rank . He advanced slowly, and he struggled to reach the halfway mark of the lower tier . Only the Seventh Kesier rune had helped him in the last period .

"What brings you to see this old man?" Chasing Demon said in a rough voice as his eyes opened . Cracks appeared on his skin when he moved, revealing that a layer of rocks covered his entire body .

Noah guessed that Chasing Demon was developing a new technique, but he didn't probe further . His plan was already in motion, but he felt the need to warn the Patriarch .

"I'm going to start a war against the Elbas family," Noah said as a jug of wine came out of his space-ring and floated toward the Patriarch .

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"Will you now?" Chasing Demon asked as he drank directly from the jug before throwing it back at Noah .

Noah caught the jug and drank directly from it too . He shrugged his shoulders before taking another sip and explaining himself better . "Well, I will attack the Academy and make a mess . I don't think they'll like that . "

Chasing Demon smirked, and pieces of his rocky skin fell from the corner of his mouth, revealing his actual tissues . His eyes went on the jug, and Noah threw it back at him while the Patriarch asked a question . "And why would you do that?"

"I need to help her," Noah said, and Chasing Demon almost failed to catch the wine when he heard those words . He was quite sensitive when it came to that topic .

Avenging Charming Demon had given him peace, but it had also left him without any desire . He didn't have much ambition left now that he had fulfilled his lifelong dream, and that mindset affected his growth .

"King Elbas should be out of the scene for a while if everything goes according to my plan," Noah said in an uncaring tone . "I wonder if the Hive wants to use this to its advantage . "

Chasing Demon listened to Noah before drinking all the remaining wine in one sip . He then cleaned his mouth with his forearm before asking a simple question . "When?"