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Chapter 1055: 1055
The hut wasn't big, and it featured only one large room . Wood made the entirety of the structure, and luxurious carpets covered its walls and floor . A round table stood at its center with two comfy armchairs placed on opposite sides .

Noah couldn't help but stare at the scene for a few seconds . With the fireplace as the only form of illumination and no inscriptions, the hut resembled one of his previous world's structures .

"Cultivators lose something when they obtain godlike powers," King Elbas said as a tinge of melancholy made its way through his arrogant . "I've never forgotten what it was to be a commoner . "

The powerhouse traced the surface of the table with his fingers before sitting in an armchair . His expression became pensive for an instant only to recover its sharpness when he focused on his guest .

Noah could see the leader of the Royals outside of his role for the first time . King Elbas wasn't only the arrogant expert who wore a crown wherever he went . He was also a thoughtful cultivator who could spend time studying the most basic structure, even if he could already build miraculous items .

Every living being that managed to reach the sixth rank was exceptional in some way . King Elbas was the best inscription master in the world, and his expertise didn't stop at the cultivation field .

Noah didn't see the arrogant expert anymore . In his mind, King Elbas appeared as a creator who had started from simple wood until he had learnt to handle materials bordering the divine ranks .

Mysteries surrounded most of his history . The world only knew that King Elbas had been one of the nobles in the old Utra nation before his coup . No one knew how he had reached the sixth rank without alerting the previous Royal family .

'He is a monster,' Noah concluded in his mind as he sat on the armchair, 'Just like me . '

King Elbas didn't take out wine nor any food as per the customs of meetings on that level . He remained in silence, staring at his guest as he waited for him to begin the negotiations .

Yet, Noah had a different plan . Everything about that meeting was a bait that had to lead to King Elbas abandoning his domains for a while . Noah couldn't appear as if he was desperate to seal an agreement .

Minutes passed while both existences remained in silence . Only the fireplace's crackling and the noise of the storm outside accompanied the two powerhouses inside the hut .

"I thought you wanted to talk about Apes," King Elbas eventually said, and the corners of Noah's mouth curved upward at his words .

He could have held back that smile, but he wanted King Elbas to notice the small victories that he managed to seize during their conversation .

"I thought pieces of information had a price," Noah replied, and King Elbas showed a smile too . He appeared happy that his guest's resolve didn't crack in front of him .

"My descendants' reports say that you can't handle negotiations properly," King Elbas continued . "They were wrong . "

"Your family has been wrong about me since I was a human cultivator," Noah used sharp words to reply . "I hope this outcome doesn't hurt your pride . "

A tremor ran through King Elbas' eyes when he heard that answer . Noah had casually hinted at his individuality, but he knew that the Demon Prince of the Hive wasn't someone that acted on whims .

Noah was purposely showing his knowledge to prove that he wasn't a simple newly advanced cultivator .

King Elbas waved his hand, and a large jug appeared at the table's center together with two cups . The powerhouse gestured Noah to taste the wine, but the latter hinted that he had to go first .

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"I might have taken an antidote before," King Elbas teased as he filled his cup and emptied it in one sip .

"If there is an antidote," Noah said as he copied his actions, "then it can't affect me . "

The flavor of strong wine filled his body . The dark star spun faster as it purified the nutrients carried by that liquid and diverted part of the energy absorbed to his mind .

Noah felt a wave of heat filling his body . It was as if he had taken a bite from a scorching magical beast in the sixth rank when he understood how nourishing that wine was .

King Elbas' smile widened when he saw surprise appearing in Noah's expression, and he couldn't help but comment on the matter . "I could only brew six on these . The material went extinct afterward, and I'm still trying to recreate it . Let me tell you, it's hard to make a rank 6 magical plant out of nothing . "

King Elbas was bragging about his expertise . After all, he talked about growing magical plants in the sixth rank due to a hobby . No one could even imagine what he did for matters that concerned his power .

Noah decided to change the approach . He suppressed his surprised face and filled another cup before officially starting the negotiations . "I have found and captured a few specimens belonging to the Kesier species in the human ranks . The Hive is nurturing the pack now . We expect a new Sixth Kesier rune to appear every four hundred years . "

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King Elbas' eyes flickered as calculations happened in his mind . There was a difference between feeding a magical beast until it reached the sixth rank and pushing it at that level forcefully .

The specimen in the sixth rank didn't have to be healthy or strong . It could even be a pile of fur as long as it had the Sixth Kesier rune on it . King Elbas knew that he could shorten that period to two hundred years if he didn't care about the creature's condition .

"What do you want for a female specimen?" King Elbas asked directly, but he didn't appear too interested . He was already nearing the last stage of the sixth rank in the end . There was a limit to how much those creatures could interest him .

It wasn't even worth grooming a creature until it reached the seventh rank . King Elbas already had a good method to train his mind, and he would find it pointless to invest a lot of resources and time in that project .

"The specimens of our pack aren't for sale," Noah replied firmly, and interest finally appeared on King Elbas' face .

Noah had set up the meeting, which meant that he had something to trade . It also had to concern the Kesier species since he had mentioned it .

King Elbas felt intrigued, and he understood that there was only one way to learn the nature of Noah's goods .

"What do you want?" King Elbas asked, and Noah replied while wearing a cold smirk . "Everything, of course . "