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Published at 21st of November 2020 10:15:04 PM

Chapter 1056: 1056
King Elbas' eyes sharpened, but he couldn't remain in silence for long . His mouth opened, and a question came out of it . "What did you even find?"

"I want everything you have on the darkness element . " Noah promptly answered . "I'm not talking only about spells and martial arts . I want every technique, research, and blueprint that cultivators with a darkness aptitude can use . "

The Elbas family stood at the peak of the inscription field, and its studies covered every aspect of the cultivation journey . Noah couldn't even begin to imagine how many discoveries and mysterious techniques the Royals had created under King Elbas' rule . Yet, he had every intention to find that out .

Silence fell in the room, and the crackling fireplace accompanied the two powerhouses once again . The duo filled and emptied cups as the minutes passed, but their eyes never left their adversary .

Eventually, King Elbas took out a scale that had two golden plates on its sides . An eerie aura surrounded the inscribed item, and Noah could sense that its power was in the middle tier of the sixth rank even if it didn't have offensive properties .

King Elbas pressed two fingers on his forehead, and an azure lump of mental energy came out of his mind when he pulled his hand . He then dropped those thoughts on the plate near him, and the scale tilted in his direction .

"This is the value of what you've asked," King Elbas said as he pointed at the empty golden plate . "It won't record anything unless you want to . "

Noah felt intrigued when looking at the scale . King Elbas had created something on that level with the sole purpose of making his negotiations fair .

Most powerhouses won't ever think of spending time and resources creating something like that, but King Elbas was atypical . He appeared to have a rank 6 item ready for every occasion .

Noah looked at the scale for a while, but he imitated King Elbas' actions before he started to have some doubts about the truthfulness of his guest's claims . The image of the Ape God appeared in his mind before Noah pulled that thought and placed it on the empty plate .

His thoughts weren't azure like King Elbas' . His shining lump of mental energy was brown, and it tilted the scale toward him when it landed on the golden plate .

King Elbas' eyes widened when he heard the plate landing on the wooden table . He knew exactly how valuable the resources requested by Noah were, so the reaction of the scale left him speechless .

All the accumulated techniques, studies, and resources connected to the darkness element could rival any quasi-divine item in value . Yet, the scale declared Noah's offer was far superior to that .

The only possible conclusion was that Noah was willing to trade a proper divine resource!

Noah analyzed the oath with his mental energy . It was a standard item used during negotiations of that kind, which would activate once both parties agreed to the deal .

Brown runes formed on the empty side of the tablet as Noah swore the oath . The negotiation had officially begun at that point . It was only a matter of deciding the terms .

"I have a general idea of the location of your travel," King Elbas said in an attempt to lower the value of Noah's offer . "Whatever it is, I can find it on my own . "

"You can't," Noah replied, "I've destroyed the entire place . You need me if you want to get your hands on it . "

"It?" King Elbas asked . He had already understood that the matter involved resources in the divine rank, but he needed to hear their nature from his guest's mouth .

Noah smiled and took a sip from his cup . He let the tension build enough to see annoyance appearing on the powerhouse's expression before revealing his resource . "I found a rank 7 Kesier Ape . "

King Elbas' eyelids trembled, but he promptly closed them to hide his surprise . Many questions filled his mind, and countless doubts made him wonder whether his guest was speaking the truth .

However, he knew that the time for questions was over . Both parties had sealed the oath . Their offers had to be true for the agreement to activate .

"How did you even survive?" King Elbas couldn't help but ask when he reopened his eyes . Still, Noah limited himself to take sips from his cup .

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"The exact location of the Divine Ape in exchange for martial arts and spells of the darkness element," King Elbas offered .

Noah shook his head and gave voice to his counteroffer . "No . There is no precise location, and you will never find it without me . As I said, I want everything . "

"I need to invest resources to kill something on that level," King Elbas replied .

"That's what makes this trade fair," Noah said, putting an end to that argument .

King Elbas could train his mind till the seventh rank on his own, but the Seventh Kesier rune would ensure his breakthrough . Even the best inscription master in the world couldn't ignore that offer .

"You have your deal," King Elbas eventually said, and the azure runes on the tablet began to shine at his acceptance .

Noah smiled again and sealed the agreement by saying a single word . "Deal . "

Both sides of the tablet shone at that point, and runes appeared on the existences' fingers . Noah saw black runes forming on his hand and flickering a couple of times before disappearing inside his skin .

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The runes traveled through his body, and the dark star focused on them when they floated toward his mind . Still, it let them pass because it felt Noah's will inside them .

The runes landed on his mind and fused with its walls . King Elbas and Noah had finally sealed the pact now . It was time to exchange the goods .

King Elbas took back his inscribed items and placed a large map on the table . Noah stood up and began to describe the last seen location of the Ape God and the layout of the sea of magma .

His explanation didn't stop there . Noah explained the behavior of the red sea's currents and gave King Elbas his personal opinion as an expert in the magical beasts' field .

The two agreed on the delivery of the resources too, so the matter ended there . They were about to leave the hut and return to their respective domain, but Noah had another doubt .

"Why did you tell me about the higher energy?" Noah asked . "You knew it would have made me stronger . "

King Elbas had stood up by then and was walking toward the exit . Yet, Noah's question made him stop to answer honestly . "I'm a researcher, Demon Prince of the Hive . I had to know which shape darkness would take . "