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Chapter 1058: 1058
One Cut contained hundreds of thousands of minute movements that could bring its power to the apex if executed in perfect succession . There was more than a martial art inside the ancient aura . Noah felt as if that fissure contained the experiences of a divine swordsman!

'This is incredible!' Noah exclaimed, while his awareness wavered . Only a few experts in the cultivation world could claim to have the same experience in swords .

Noah had wielded sabers since he had set his mind to learn martial arts, and swords had accompanied the entirety of his cultivation journey . He didn't abandon that practice even when his centers of power pushed him toward other abilities .

His individuality had the shape of a sword that could pierce the starry sky with its might . The first will that his ambition had fueled concerned his sharpness .

Noah had always been unwilling to separate himself from his trustworthy weapons . Becoming a hybrid had solidified that feeling and had opened a path where his expertise could flourish, reaching levels of power that other existences could only dream of wielding .

The dark star in his chest spun faster, pushing his body toward limits that Noah had yet to experience . His instincts didn't want him to stop his immersion in that divine aura, and his greed desired to absorb all the knowledge contained in the cut .

Humanoid shapes eventually appeared inside his mind . They moved, performing various forms while they wielded ethereal blades .

Noah's mind had harmonized with the sharpness carried by the ancient aura, and his thoughts played any piece of knowledge that they were able to translate .

Understanding filled his whole consciousness as his thoughts kept on materializing the forms of ancient and forgotten martial arts . Noah felt that he was staring at the very origin of every sword art, only to see them become more complex as his mind translated more pieces of information .

Noah activated the Divine Deduction technique when he felt that his mind couldn't keep up anymore with that stream of knowledge . The Divine ability pushed his consciousness's processing skills even more and allowed him to remain immersed inside the ancient aura for longer .

However, he had to give up and cut his connection with the fissure at some point . His mind felt exhausted, and one glance at the condition of his sea of consciousness made him understand that he had reached his limits .

Almost all his mental energy had disappeared during the process . Remaining immersed in that understanding had depleted most of his thoughts, making him feel beyond drained .

Noah didn't have the strength to speak . He only wanted to rest and recover the mental energy to get back on studying the fissure again . There was too much inside that aura, and Noah didn't want to miss any of it .

Before he could shot toward a mountain to dig a cave, Faith stepped forward and handed him a small basket filled with crystalline water . She didn't speak while she stretched the item toward him .

Noah instinctively grabbed the bucket and drank from its edges . Some of the water fell on his face, and a gray smoke formed due to his body's high temperatures .

A refreshing feeling spread from his throat and face when the water touched his tissues . The tiredness that filled his mind softened and Noah found himself able to think properly again in a few seconds .

The Elders of the Council had become used to the after-effects of the fissure . They had deployed many methods to improve the training sessions near the cut and shorten the time required to recover the mental energy depleted during the enlightenment .

Those methods worked even better with Noah . His dark star purified and improved the crystalline water's healing properties before pushing them toward his mind . In a few minutes, Noah saw the level of the sea inside his sphere rising .

"You are incredible," Faith said when she saw that Noah's face had recovered some energy .

Noah paid attention to the crowd of Elders staring at him at her words, and his questioning gaze hinted that he desired an explanation to that event .

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"No one had ever lasted longer than a week when inside the ancient aura," Faith replied . "The rank of the sea of consciousness isn't the only variable in place . Great Elder Diana can last only for five days, while some rank 4 cultivators have surpassed her easily . "

Noah understood the meaning of her words . A strong mind was necessary to process more information, but a swordsman would deplete less mental energy to translate those forms .

"How long?" Noah asked, and the experts around him diverted their gazes . Regret appeared in the faces of some of the Elders . It seemed that they didn't like how the events had unfolded .

Yet, Faith showed a happy expression when she replied to his question . "You have been in the same position for two whole months! I knew that this place was perfect for someone like you . "

Noah could guess the reason behind the Elders' regret now . They had long since learnt that the cut benefitted cultivators with swords experience, but they wanted a monopoly over that training area .

Even after the alliance with the Hive, they didn't feel the need to share that resource . The Elders knew that Noah would benefit from it more than anyone else . After all, he had swung his weapons throughout his entire cultivation journey .

The Elders didn't want to give more power to such an unruly existence, mostly since it belonged to a foreign organization . Faith had eventually convinced them, but they didn't expect Noah to be so suitable for that resource .

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Noah had managed to meditate next to the Cut nine times longer than their best experts . Knowing the benefits that the fissure had given to them, they could only sigh, thinking about Noah's imminent improvements .

"You can negotiate the Kesier species with the Hive," Noah announced to the crowd, "But I can't be the only one to have access to this place . "

Noah didn't believe that the cultivators of the Hive could gain much from those divine remains due to how little heroic assets relied on martial arts . Yet, hordes of hybrids filled his organizations now, and some of them had bodies suited for those teachings .

Moreover, those who belonged to the six Bloodlines had experience in martial arts even in the heroic ranks, making them even better candidates for that training area .

"Agreed!" A loud voice broke the silence that had filled the region after Noah's offer . Respectful expressions formed on the Elders' faces as Great Elder Diana appeared in the sky above them .

The Matriarch of the Council had given her official approval to Noah's request . Now both organizations could prepare for the attack at the Elbas family properly .