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Chapter 1061: 1061
"We knew someone would have used this method to invade us!" The cultivator exclaimed . "State your name and your organiz- . "

The cultivator stopped speaking when the light dispersed, and Noah's figure became visible . Everyone in the world knew his face, so she couldn't help but feel fear when she recognized him .

Noah found himself covered in a green substance that hindered his movements and kept him locked on the ground . The material resembled an elastic and opaque jelly capable of blocking even his mental waves .

The Elbas family didn't forget about the raids in the Utra nation . Its many inscription masters didn't understand the nature of the separate dimension, but they developed measures that could block any ability of that kind .

The woman analyzed the jelly around Noah with a worried expression . The material could stop quasi-rank 6 attacks, but it couldn't hold a powerhouse for long .

According to his centers of power, Noah wouldn't be considered a complete powerhouse, but the battle prowess shown in the other world had demonstrated that he was more than worthy of that title .

The woman began to retreat, knowing that Noah would break free anytime soon . However, she had underestimated how deep inside the sixth rank Noah's power was, and her initial hesitation turned out to be a fatal mistake .

Noah had spent so long immersed in the ancient aura that some of his mind's features had changed already . His mental waves had become sharper, and his existence had returned to express the main characteristic that had accompanied his individuality since the beginning .

He was a blade . His individuality had begun to express other features as he explored his destruction and creation, but his sharpness had always been the first will fueled by his ambition .

Noah could easily break out of the jelly's constraints, but he would lose half an instant to do so, and the woman wearing a golden robe would escape due to that delay .

Yet, his middle finger was free to move since the edges of his hand kept that spot without jelly . Noah only needed to flicker it for a black line to come out of his palm and pierce the green substance .

If his existence was a blade, then every cell of his body could become a sword . Noah had always used weapons to enhance his power output, but the Cut had shown him that he could apply his sharpness to his entire being .

The woman of the Elbas family was only a cultivator at the peak of the fourth rank . The jelly weakened Noah's casual slash, but his enemy's body shattered when the black line touched her back .

His consciousness expanded as he tore apart the green substance lingering on his body . His mission was to attract as much attention as possible and see if his target was inside the Royal Academy .

The Royals wouldn't forget about June with him there . They would initially try to take care of both intruders, but Noah had already decided to go all-out .

His mental waves could cover almost all the Academy, but they couldn't seep through many buildings . There were defensive inscriptions everywhere, and many structures had multiple layers of them .

The layout of the Royal Academy became clear in Noah's mind . To his surprise, the Elbas family had arranged that place in the same way as the old Academy .

The Royal Academy resembled a small city that had a shining river dividing it into two parts . One side had various habitations, while the other had large research buildings .

Of course, the value of those structures was on a superior league compared to the old Academy . That wasn't a place where human cultivators could walk, and even beings in the fourth rank would find it hard to endure the pressure accumulated in the area .

Noah could sense the presence of training zones in the peripheral areas of the Academy, but his interest was in the assets that populated the buildings and streets . His focus eventually went on one of them . His mental waves had successfully located Cecil Elbas .

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'You were here in the end,' Noah thought as a smile appeared on his face, and black smoke came out of his skin . He couldn't help but feel happy at the idea that he was about to unleash his destruction in that place .

That feeling didn't come only from his enmity with the Elbas family . He was simply happy that he was about to express his individuality .

Countless shining lines lit up around him as soon as he took a step outside of the jelly . Many defenses activated, and runes even appeared on the sky since his corrosive smoke was tainting the air .

Noah felt the power of the sixth rank in some of the lines around him, but his mind sensed no danger . It was as if it knew that he could cross them easily .

The spiked armor formed, and Snore appeared next to him . The Demonic Sword came out of his robe and flew inside his clawed hand, ready to fight alongside him .

Noah didn't worry about his living weapon's integrity anymore . The Cut had shown him movements that could alleviate the pressure on the Demonic Sword even if he used most of his physical strength .

The ground morphed, and fifty armored knights came out of it . A silver metallic layer covered their bodies, and each of them radiated the power of the peak of the fifth rank .

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Purple lines appeared in the sky, and a heavy pressure began to focus on Noah's mind . A series of mirrors came out of the buildings nearby, and "Breath" of various elements gathered on their surface .

Three massive humanoid puppets surged from the river in the distance and began to walk in Noah's direction . They exuded power in the sixth rank, and their bodies appeared to lack a core, which meant that there was only water in their structure .

More and more defenses activated in the distance . It was as if the entirety of the Royal Academy had transformed into an army of inscribed items that had to take him down as their only goal .

Noah didn't expect any less from the most advanced organization in the inscription field . Actually, he found those defenses too weak, which told him that there were more of them in deeper parts of the Academy .

A series of cultivators wearing golden armors rose from some buildings in the distance . All of them wielded heavy cannons that had shining lines covering the entirety of its surface .

Everything pointed toward Noah, but he didn't show any fear .

'I guess I can begin,' Noah thought as the fiendish smirk on his helmet enlarged . A human-shaped crack appeared in his position, and a starry sky covered the entire area .