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Published at 21st of November 2020 10:14:58 PM

Chapter 1062: 1062
The aura radiated by the purple lines pressed on his mind and made him deplete more mental energy, but Noah preferred to take care of the other defenses first . Moreover, he would exhaust his solid darkness before emptying his sea of consciousness anyway, so he didn't mind those inscriptions .

Some of the mirrors shattered under the shockwaves released by his attack, but the others followed his figure and launched beams made of different elements . Meanwhile, the cultivators in the distance fired their cannons, which shot large bullets covered in a smelly substance .

Noah tilted his wrist, and hundreds of black lines shot from the Demonic Sword . That simple gesture had been enough to launch slashes in every direction, and all of them had a quasi-rank 6 power!

The Demonic Sword didn't feel any pressure when releasing that attack . The period spent immersed inside the Cut's aura had made him able to control his strength and turn his every move into a slash .

The slashes crashed on the defensive measures . The beams couldn't do anything against them, and the black lines landed on the mirrors . The bullets opposed some resistance, but Noah's attacks pierced them anyway, even if they dispersed a few meters after .

The mirrors shattered, and their buildings began to crumble due to the impact . Corrosive smoke spread on those spots too and seeped inside the cracks that had formed .

The bullets exploded after being cut in half . They released a poisonous cloud that clashed with the Demonic Sword's corrosive smoke . The two corrosive abilities destroyed each other as they fought .

Noah's eyes sharpened at that sight . He didn't unleash his full power, but the Elbas family had managed to block him without suffering any losses . Also, those were only the first layers of defense .

'I might not be able to seize anything,' Noah realized when he saw more knights rising from the ground . They were different at that time . Their metallic surface had turned black and had a few runes on it .

More mirrors appeared on the intact buildings nearby . They began to accumulate "Breath" again, but Noah felt a sense of disgust when his consciousness analyzed that flow of energy .

He understood what was happening instantly, but he wanted to test how effective that procedure was . The world lost its light again, and more flames covered the ground .

Most of the knights crumbled, but some of them managed to endure the might of the flames . The mirrors launched white beams at that point, and Noah answered with the same slashes .

The slashes fended off the white beams, but they didn't manage to reach the buildings . More black knights surged from the ground, and they appeared as an improved version of those that had survived his flames .

Noah could only watch as the defensive formations adapted themselves at his abilities and element . The new knights had high resistance to flames, while the white beams had used "Breath" of the light element as their fuel .

He had never heard of anything similar . Formations usually had a specific task and set weaknesses . They didn't change their approach according to their opponent unless someone controlled them .

'Can I even reach the core?' Noah wondered, but he knew the answer to that question already . He was in the middle of one of the most advanced places in the world . He had no hope to cross those defenses on his own .

Noah changed approach at that realization . Continuing to fight the defensive formations would only cause him more problems . It was better to aim for his target and unleash as much destruction as he could along the way .

A human-shaped crack appeared in the sky as he shot toward Cecil's presence . The latter was right beyond the three water puppets, and Noah's initial idea was to ignore them .

However, more lines lit up in the sky while he sprinted in his dark dimension . A series of currents came out of the puppets, and they blocked Noah's path in multiple spots as they created a massive wall .

There seemed to be sensors that worked together with the defenses all around the Academy . Puppets at the bottom of the sixth rank could gain an awareness superior to many powerhouses thanks to them .

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Noah felt forced to stop . Currents shot out of the wall in front of him, and white beams came after him from behind . The cultivators had pulled the trigger on the cannons, and the knights had begun to fly in his direction .

That situation was dire . Noah wouldn't suffer any injury, but he couldn't let the formations gain the upper hand in that situation . Being suppressed there would mean having to break through the constant assault of protections tuning with his power .

Snore enveloped his figure, and a layer of dark rocks covered its dark skin . Then, Noah threw hundreds of Instabilities as the rocky armor formed .

Explosions echoed in the Royal Academy . The sky became a chaotic place filled with clouds of corrosive smoke and saber-shaped runes .

The many attacks that had adapted to his power fell apart under the Instabilities' might . Noah had taken the defensive formations by surprise when he relied on a different offensive .

Nothing went through the layer of black rocks, and Snore released Noah when the storm of fuming sabers ended .

Devastation unfolded in his eyes . Many buildings of the Academy had crumbled due to the sudden deployment of so many disposable weapons . Only the defenses that surpassed the fifth rank in power had survived that amount of destruction .

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Some of the shining lines had also gone dim, which gave Noah hope in defeating the defenses of the Academy . However, a wave of golden light soon spread from the ground, and the destroyed formations began to reform under that halo .

The Elbas family had even created methods to restore inscriptions . Noah wasn't an expert in the formations field, but he knew that such a feature was incredible even for the best masters!

Noah didn't stop his tracks due to his astonishment . Flames came out of his fiendish mouth, and elemental attacks shot from his Blood Companion . Snore even spread its wings as it began to charge its feathers .

His wrist trembled from time to time, and hundreds of black lines shot out of the Demonic Sword . More cultivators rose in the distance, and Noah even saw Cecil through the holes that had formed on the water puppets' wall .

The Elbas family's assets were ganging on him, and his smile couldn't help but become wider at that sight .

Those same cultivators had tried to suppress him in the past, but he was fighting alone against them now . Noah felt as if he was finally solving a grudge that had lingered in his mind for centuries .