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Published at 21st of November 2020 10:14:56 PM

Chapter 1063: 1063
No side gained an advantage over the other . The defensive formations wasted a large amount of "Breath" to block the attacks and launch their abilities, while Noah depleted his energies to pressure them with his incessant offensive .

Noah and the defensive measures appeared equally matched, but he was slowly losing ground .

New knights came out of the ground, and they had an additional layer of protection around their armors at that time . A series of metallic shields appeared in front of the mirrors while they gathered energy .

The defensive formations adapted to the Instabilities, his slashes, and Snore's elemental attacks . Noah found it hard to advance in that situation since those inscriptions became more difficult to pierce .

His movement technique allowed him to escape from any encirclement, but he couldn't use it to sprint toward his enemies due to the many sensors filling the Royal Academy . He couldn't even focus on those devices since the ground would fix them in a few minutes .

He could exploit the period between one fix and another to aim for the Royals, but breaking the defenses on his path required more time . The Elbas family had created a perfect array of formations, and that was only the most superficial layer .

'I won't even see the protections meant for stronger powerhouses at this pace,' Noah thought as he disappeared in a human-shaped crack . The formations would force him to retreat soon if he didn't change the trend of that battle .

He wasn't strong enough to overpower the various layers of protection, but there was something that he could do . The formations struggled against his attacks before the adaptation process kicked in, so he had a short opportunity every time he revealed a new ability .

Still, revealing small bits of his power could only give him a minute or two before the formations countered him again . If he wanted to create a good opportunity, he had to show everything at the same time!

The dark star in his chest spun faster when it sensed Noah's determination . Massive amounts of nutrients went on his mind as a sea of saber-shaped runes surrounded his figure .

The Black Hole spell followed the appearance of the fuming sabers . Noah had yet to improve his abilities, but those two skills could grow until they reached the sixth rank even without modifications .

The sky of the Royal Academy reeked of his destruction . Noah had unleashed some of his strongest attacks for a while by then . Primary energy filled every inch of the battlefield .

Most of it converged toward Snore's wings, but some went on the other spells .

Countless white beams and knights shot in Noah's direction while he flew higher in the sky . Purple light pressed on his mental sphere, and water currents followed him to try to block his retreat .

Noah spewed flames and launched black lines . His Demonic Form and attacks filled the entire sky with corrosive smoke that the formations soon felt forced to focus .

The threat of the Demonic Form wasn't something that they could ignore . The black clouds had rank 6 power even if they weren't at their best due to the level of his dantian .

The formation could focus only on Noah initially because he used the corrosive smoke to block some of the attacks . However, as the battle continued, those defenses had to switch their attention to his spell .

Noah flew even higher in the sky . He was buying as much time as he could for his spells . Yet, he felt forced to act when he saw that the formations were starting to ignore him .

The Black Hole spell and the saber-shaped runes still needed some time to reach power in the sixth rank, so he began his counterattack by throwing his remaining Instabilities downward .

Hundreds of spiked sphere flew toward a dense array of white beams and water currents that surrounded an army of knights . Loud explosions echoed in the sky as the disposable weapons crashed on the attacks of the defensive formations .

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A storm made of fuming spikes ravaged the battlefield . They didn't distinguish enemy from foe, and many of them flew toward Noah, who limited himself to glance coldly at the sharp runes .

Metallic sounds resounded as the spikes landed on his metallic skin . Snore was busy charging its attack, so Noah wanted to block the blow to let his Blood Companion focus .

White marks appeared on his skin as the chaotic storm of runes crashed on him . Some of them even tried to fly toward his spells, but Noah moved to act as a human shield .

The white beams couldn't do anything against the Instabilities, but many knights and the water currents survived the explosions . The spikes had ruined their structure, but the defenses continued to fly toward their target .

The water began to disperse once reached the thick cloud . The rank 6 puppets were the only ones that could deal with Noah's corrosive smoke, so they focused their offensive on it .

The knights waited for the currents to create a path through the cloud before shooting toward Noah .

Black lines clashed on the flying knights, dividing all of them in half . Noah's spiked armor was a mess due to the storms of runes, but he didn't suffer any injury .

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Instead, that last exchange had made him gain enough time to launch his counterattack . The defensive formations were still charging their next offensive when they saw a storm of abilities with rank 6 power falling toward the ground .

The Black Hole spell flew downward, absorbing any energy still lingering in the air before slamming directly at the center of the Academy . Snore launched its feathers, aiming for the river among the shining structures . The saber-shaped runes ravaged the sky and destroyed the annoying purple lines, dispersing the mental pressure that was becoming unbearable .

Noah flew downward together with his abilities . Flames and black lines shot from his figure, aiming toward the sensors and attacks of the cultivators coming from the distance .

The chaos on the battlefield intensified . Noah's abilities pushed back all the defensive formations' attacks and suppressed those defenses for a window that he didn't hesitate to exploit .

His figure disappeared, leaving behind a human-shaped crack in the fabric of the sky . The sensors couldn't sense his movements due to the intense shockwaves that filled the battlefield .

The Elbas family's cultivators couldn't notice that most of the defensive formations were offline, but some of them sensed an immense danger while they escaped from the range of the destructive storm .

Cecil Elbas was among them, but the danger that he felt skyrocketed when a scorching hand sealed its grasp around the back of his neck .