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Published at 21st of November 2020 10:14:54 PM

Chapter 1065: 1065
White beams and knights pierced the cloud, but the corrosive smoke destroyed them before they could even find Noah again . The current power of the defensive formations was still too low to face his abilities .

The destruction accumulated on the battlefield continued to fuel Noah's spells . His offensive would be more vigorous with Snore's feathers, but the Blood Companion had used all its bullets to destroy the river .

Water started to come out from the destroyed riverbed . The ground even fixed itself under the influence of the golden light . However, it was still too early for it to summon the rank 6 puppets again .

Noah remained inside the cloud and inspected the ground . He felt slightly surprised that those in control of the defenses were only trying to restore the previous formations since they had already proved themselves too weak to stop him .

No different patterns appeared on the ground, and the structures only showed the same layout while they regrow .

Noah felt that something was off, but he wouldn't let that scare him . The Black Hole spell and the saber-shaper runes had reached power in the sixth rank while he waited, so he made them fall downward .

A massive black sphere and a torrent of sabers flew toward the ground, and Noah came out of the cloud in his fiendish form to join his abilities .

The ground opened before the attacks even landed . The pressure radiated by Noah's offensive was enough to disperse the golden light and destroy the few shining lines that it had restored .

A loud shockwave spread through the Royal Academy . Entire layers of the ground directly disintegrated as his attacks dug their way into the depths of the area .

The Black Hole spell covered the entirety of the central area with its explosion, but Noah remained in its range, uncaring of the pressure that landed on his body . The shockwave didn't even manage to make him change his trajectory .

The color of the ground changed at some point . Noah saw a smooth black layer appearing on his path and fending off the shockwave that had preceded him .

It seemed that he had reached a restricted area, but a tough material wouldn't be enough to stop his offensive .

The sabers converged in front of him and began to rotate to form a drill-like formation that clashed on the black wall . Screeching sounds spread from that spot, but everything went silent right before Noah landed .

Noah felt the sharpness of the sabers-shaped runes resonating in his mind . He only needed to point the Demonic Sword toward the center of the drill to make all of them stop for a second .

The black wall had metallic properties, and defensive formations were reinforcing its structure on the other side . It could endure a few spells from a powerhouse, but Noah's attack cracked its surface and made a hole that reached the other side .

An eerie aura came out of the hole, but a dangerous sensation appeared in Noah's mind as his consciousness sensed two powerful presences above him .

Noah glanced at the cracked wall while stopping his offensive . The cracks weren't enough to make him go to the other side, so he had to accept that his exploration of the restricted areas was over .

Noah kicked on the wall to jump right back on the surface . Two silver-haired cultivators floated in the sky as they waited for him . Their golden eyes shone with the arrogance proper only of the Elbas family's pure bloodline, and their centers of power expressed their status as powerhouses .

"Second Prince was right again," First Prince said as he smiled toward Noah, "He is the same Demon that has invaded the old Academy . "

"Second Prince is usually right," Second Princess said while glancing at Noah with the same smile as her brother . "He might fight us this time . "

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Noah's fiendish form continued to emit corrosive smoke that covered his figure in a black cloud . Everything quickly became dark in his view, but that didn't stop him from recognizing the two Royals .

They were the silver-haired cultivators that had stopped him and the Demons from raiding the old Academy . Noah had to use Chasing Demon's talisman at that time, but now he was a different existence .

"Does the Patriarch of the Balvan Family like to hide?" First Prince said as fire surrounded his figure . Second Princess looked at the corrosive smoke and plucked a hair from her head to give birth to a giant fiery snake .

She had instantly decided to use her bloodline to fuel her flames . She wasn't using primary energy, but her fire was far more intense than her brother's .

Noah's battle intent surged when he fixed his consciousness on the two Royals .

He had only fought magical beasts and poorly trained hybrids since he had become a powerhouse . Those creatures were far inferior to cultivators in terms of battle prowess, and their only advantage was that they could endure his physical strength .

However, cultivators could rely on spells, defensive items, and their experience in battles at that level . Noah didn't expect to overpower them with a few tricks or by betting everything on his body .

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'I wonder what peaks my body will reach against them,' Noah thought as his eyes went on the Demonic Sword in his grasp .

The Cut's aura had enlightened him on many offensive methods that featured swords, but Noah had yet to use those that would express the full might of his body .

He could launch powerful slashes without hurting his living weapon thanks to the expertise gained in the divine inheritance, but those techniques didn't suit him . He knew how to launch gentle attacks, but he remained a creature with physical strength that surpassed even hybrids .

His real power was in slashes that required brute strength other than technique . The only problem was that his Demonic Sword couldn't survive many of them .

'You might get hurt,' Noah thought, and the Demonic Sword answered with a roar that carried pure battle intent when it understood his feelings .

With Noah's breakthroughs and Snore, the Demonic Sword had found itself unable to shine during battles . It still was an incredible asset in his arsenal, but it had to wait for his dantian to reach the sixth rank before becoming a crucial part of his offensive .

Noah had never forgotten about his living weapon, and even his idea of forging a rank 6 weapon was only a temporary solution . The Demonic Sword carried his individuality, so he knew that he would never abandon it .

'Fine then,' Noah thought, and the Demonic Sword became smaller in his palm . It became as short as a knife as he raised it above his head and wielded it with both hands .