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Chapter 1067: 1067
His only weakness was that he had yet to go into seclusion to tune his attacks to the new power he acquired . Still, that wasn't entirely his fault .

Noah had learnt about June's condition right after coming out of the chrysalis . Then, he discovered that there were rebels in the other world when he found her .

He had to take care of the rebellion to save the dimensional tunnel, and the Council traded the Divine Cut for the Kesier Apes once he returned to the main world .

The enlightenment obtained with the Cut's aura had kept him fully occupied for years, which stopped the projects he had started in the previous free months .

Noah didn't even have the time to seize that Divine Inheritance since the time to start the assault on the Elbas family's domain had arrived .

In total, Noah had piled less than a year of actual training and seclusion, which was unthinkable for an entity on his level . The only reason he could express his current prowess was that the Divine Cut had pushed his individuality toward his sharpness .

It was as if Noah had been through a polishing process that had taken out his strongest self . Still, there was a limit to how much power he could express due to the lack of training .

However, his mind worked at an incredible speed when he was under pressure, or the situation required it . Noah had developed the movement technique in a matter of months, and most of the slashes performed during the assault on the Royal Academy were attacks that he had never tested .

The same had happened at that moment . Noah had found himself stuck in a situation that required him to express more power, and his body had activated all his mental methods to create a technique that suited him .

Of course, even his fantastic body had its limits . Noah needed to own the necessary power and expertise already for something on that level to be born .

First Prince's arrogant smile froze when he saw his left arm floating away from him together with the golden light that Noah had severed . Fear filled his mind as he thought about what would have happened if the defensive ability didn't have enough "Breath" to deflect that blow .

The truth was that the golden light had focused everything on restricting Noah, which meant that most of its "Breath" was between him and the Royal . That density of that energy had been enough to make Noah's slash deviate from its original trajectory and cut First Prince's arm instead of his head .

"This is not possible," First Prince said slowly . His words resembled a mumbling proper of a researcher witnessing something that defied the laws of the world .

A human-shaped crack replaced Noah's figure right before Second Princess' snake engulfed that area . Her fire dispersed the starry sky and corrosive smoke but left First Prince unaffected . His sister's spell didn't hurt him .

Noah reappeared behind Second Princess, but the sensors had warned her about his arrival . A golden light shone around her too and blocked his punch, locking him in the same situation as before .

Second Princess didn't stop there . She had seen what Noah was capable of, so she didn't limit her defenses to that inscribed item . Wounds opened on her wrists, and blood flowed inside the light to empower its radiance .

Noah executed his new cut again, and the laws in front of him separated . However, his slash found a denser layer of laws once it crashed on the golden light . A curse echoed in his mind when he saw that his new attack wasn't able to pierce the shield .

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His Divine Deduction technique activated again as his body pushed his mental capabilities to their limits to solve that issue . Yet, Noah didn't find anything in those fractions of instants .

A conclusion became evident in his mind . His power wasn't enough to pierce that defense .

Second Princess revealed a smile at that sight, but her expression froze when she saw the fiendish figure doing the same . A wave of coldness filled her body as Noah sprinted backward to fly in the direction of the massive crack that the sky was still struggling to close .

The pulling force became stronger as Noah dragged Second Princess and her defensive item toward the crack . His speed increased, and the Royal couldn't help but shout when she saw how reckless her opponent was . "You are going to kill both of us!"

Noah didn't answer . Black smoke continued to come out of his spiked armor, which blocked any available path toward them . First Prince wanted to help her sister, but he had a hard time catching up with them .

The fissure grew closer in Second Princess' eyes . She had to do something to stop her opponent, but the golden light didn't allow her to express her full power .

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Nevertheless, lowering her defenses would expose her to Noah . She was in a pickle, and no approach left her unharmed .

Initially, she tried to test Noah's recklessness . She didn't believe that he would charge right into the void to kill her . Yet, the fiendish figure kept on looking at her with an evil grin, and his speed only increased as they neared the fissure .

When they were about to reach the crack, she understood that Noah's threats weren't void . Multiple cuts appeared on her body, and blood covered her skin before she recalled the golden light . Then, her figure exploded into a fiery nova .

Noah slashed as soon as he saw her defenses disappearing, but dense flames quickly pushed him away while dispersing his Demonic Form . A human-shaped crack replaced his figure right before he entered the fissure, and he reappeared above the sky to analyze the state of the battlefield .

First Prince had just opened a path through the corrosive smoke when the flames destroyed every trace of it . A concerned expression appeared on his face when he saw that fire, but he relaxed after a bloodied figure appeared near him .

Noah almost didn't recognize Second Princess . What had appeared next to First Prince was a cultivator without any skin and missing the right part of her lower body .

The last clash had left her badly injured, but she stood next to her brother as if nothing had happened . Even if she was only a cultivator, the resilience of a powerhouse was incredible .