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Chapter 1070: 1070
June stretched while on his lap before snuggling closer to his chest and replying with her mouth pressing on his exposed waist . "I only need to rest . Give me a bit, and I'll let you go . "

Noah caressed his lover's hair while she fell asleep . It was rare for cultivators on that level to sleep, but June's body had suffered too much to heal naturally . She needed complete rest to become used to her improved organs .

June didn't speak casually . She knew that Noah had other plans in mind . There were many resourceful regions inside the Elbas family's domain, and he could gain access to all of them due to his power .

Yet, she wanted the two of them to remain in that position for a moment, and Noah could only agree to her request . They had been anxious until then, and they wanted to savor that instant of peace before the world forced problems on them .

Noah stared at his lover and listened to her breathing . Seeing June asleep was a rare occasion, and he wanted to memorize her before returning to the battlefields .

His consciousness expanded at some point, and Thirty-seven reappeared in the room without making any sound . Noah only needed to glance at the automaton to make him nod and summon a pillow out of nowhere .

Noah carefully replaced his lap with the pillow and moved toward the exit of the room . June needed to rest, but he had returned to his peak, and he couldn't let go of that chance .

There was a place that he needed to visit before seeing if the Hive needed help or there were resources that might interest him . His training would have to wait for a little longer .

"Check her condition all the time," Noah ordered the automaton before facing the two Demons sitting next to the exit . "You two have fun . "

The Demons revealed a cold smile at his words and shot toward the nearest teleportation matrix to join the invasion . Noah flew toward a teleportation matrix too, but his destination was the forest of spiked roots once again .

The Hive had always known that the other organizations had taken control of traces left by divine beings during the colonization of the piece of Immortal Lands .

The Council had obtained the Divine Cut, the Empire the Stele, the Hive the lava lake, and the Elbas family the Dark Gorge .

Noah had eventually interacted with all of them during his rise to power . Now, he had the chance and the cultivation level to explore the Dark Gorge .

The memories of the roars of the Gorge reappeared in his mind as he flew toward his target . The creatures trapped inside it had taught him a drive for freedom that time and chains couldn't stop .

The armies of the Hive reappeared again in his sight . Bruce led the troops across the region and made them pillage anything valuable as they advanced toward the coast .

Their strategy saw them avoiding the Royal Academy . That place was something that only a group of powerhouses could hope to breach completely .

A series of polite bows followed Noah's passage . He didn't look in their direction, but all of them performed formal salutations when they noticed him crossing the sky and disappearing in the distance .

The Elbas family had eradicated most of the Spiked Roots in the region, so the Dark Gorge appeared as a plain fissure placed in the middle of a barren area . Only a few inscriptions shone around it, but there wasn't any lifeform on the surface .

Noah landed at the edges of the Gorge, stomping directly over a formation and destroying its lines in the impact . Metallic sounds resounded from inside the darkness, but nothing happened on the surface .

Formations weren't Noah's field of expertise, but he could understand that the shining lines around the edges were new . They weren't part of the Gorge, which meant that the Elbas family had put them there for a reason .

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Noah hesitated for a second before deciding to destroy all of them . The Gorge had resisted the fall from the Immortal Lands on its own, so it was unlikely that the formations served to improve its structure . There was a higher chance that they were defenses .

The formations quickly fell apart as Noah circled the edges of the Gorge, launching punches whenever he saw a shining line . A long metallic sound followed their destruction, and something began to move among the darkness .

Noah didn't know what he had done, but he didn't fear the darkness . He jumped right inside the Gorge and floated as his mind inspected the environment .

A series of old and inactive lines covered the rocky walls, but nothing special happened even when the sunlight became unable to reach those depths .

Noah continued to descend, and cage-like structures appeared in his view . They resembled prison cells dug inside the rocky walls, with black metal bars made of a material that he didn't recognize .

They had large doors, but they were open . There were signs of forced entry on the black metal, which hinted that the Royals couldn't open them through usual methods .

The bars had missing chunks on their upper-parts, and the cuts were clean as if a blade had made them .

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Noah's senses didn't alert him, but the air became tense as he descended into the darkness . He had yet to find what had caused the movements before, and all he saw were open cells that had missing chunks of bars .

The darkness behind him moved at some point . It was impossible to see that event due to sunlight's absence, but Noah sensed something shifting in the laws familiar to him .

He was a cultivator with a darkness aptitude that had learnt how to replicate the "Breath" of his element . He was sensitive to anything happening inside the darkness, and he didn't fail to notice a creature rising among the complete blackness .

Noah had to use his sea of consciousness to make out the creature's appearance, but he struggled to have a complete image even at that point . It seemed that his mind couldn't comprehend where the beast ended and the darkness began .

'What are these?' Noah questioned himself as he stared at the creature . It had the shape of an ancient bird-like beast, but it didn't have any solid form . It was nothing more than a silhouette too, and the insides of its body were empty .

An aura with power in the sixth rank spread among the depths, but Noah spewed flames before the creature could even try to attack him .