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Chapter 1071: 1071
Noah had already grasped its form with his consciousness, but looking directly at it gave him more hints about its species .

'Is that a Pterodactyl?' Noah thought as waves of shock filled his mind . That wasn't his first time seeing an ancient or extinct species, especially after the events in the hidden world . However, that specimen's features were so unique that he couldn't help but admire them .

The creature didn't have a proper body . It didn't have any skin or tissues, but it had a fixed form . The only traces of its existence were its aura and the outlines of its shape . It resembled a basic Blood Companion when "Breath" didn't fill its insides .

Nevertheless, those were only its most evident characteristics . The feature that left Noah speechless was the fabric of its body . It wasn't material, and it blended perfectly with the darkness around it . It was as if darkness itself made its few strands of tissues .

Noah's interest surged at that sight . A magical beast purely made of darkness would obviously attract his attention, and he had all the time to test its capabilities .

The Pterodactyl's aura placed it in the lower tier of the sixth rank, but Noah's flames didn't appear able to hurt it . They suppressed the creature, but its structure remained untouched .

Moreover, it seemed that the beast was becoming used to the flames since it began to struggle to come out of the starry sky .

Two hypotheses appeared in Noah's mind, and he promptly shot forward to test them . His figure appeared above the struggling beast, and a punch landed on the black lines that depicted its head .

Noah felt some resistance when his knuckles hit the creature's ethereal edges, but his fist crossed them after that . A grunt came out of the beast, but it didn't seem to have suffered any damage .

'It should have felt this one,' Noah thought as he floated above the beast, 'But the flames can only stop it . '

The Demonic Sword flew in his grasp at that point, and Noah slashed without any hesitation . A black line landed on the creature, but it didn't cross its body like his last attacks . Instead, it exploded into a cloud of corrosive smoke after making a dent in its head's lines .

A loud cry finally came out of its mouth, and its struggles to come out of the fiery sea became more intense . Yet, Noah continued his tests and unleashed a series of violent attacks under him .

Noah gained a general understanding of the Pterodactyl's prowess after he launched all he had on it . The beast appeared resistant to every attack, especially when it came to techniques relying on his darkness and physical strength .

The Pterodactyl's body was a mess after Noah completed his tests . The lines on its wings and slim torso had missing pieces on multiple spots, and only its head had remained mostly intact .

Noah had done that on purpose . The head generally was the essential part of any creature, so he had focused on other spots to continue his testing and learn more about that species .

Even an unknown creature in the sixth rank couldn't do anything against Noah's might . The more he fought with his new body, the more he could express its power . Suppressing a beast on that level barely took any effort .

'It shouldn't be this weak,' Noah eventually thought . He had a general idea of how strong a creature in the sixth rank should be, and the Pterodactyl didn't even meet the standards of weaker species in his knowledge .

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Still, the prison-like structures inside the Gorge hinted that it had been kept captive . The creature's strange body didn't allow him to see any sign of starvation, but Noah found that as the only explanation for its low battle prowess .

There was also the chance that they were a weak species, but Noah didn't believe that his opponent was at its peak . A species on that level would have never survived in any food chain .

'How does it even eat?' Noah pondered while the Pterodactyl cried in pain . Its screeches were deep growls that spread through the Gorge's darkness and made the rocky walls tremble .

The starry sky had dispersed by that point, so the Pterodactyl could touch the Gorge's blackness again . Some of the lines that made its body began to regrow as the creature remained immersed in the darkness .

The process was slow, but it was still faster than natural healing . It seemed that the darkness was the environment that took the best out of its species .

Snore had formed next to Noah when he tested the elemental attacks, but it coiled around the powerless Pterodactyl to perform another test . After the Blood Companion sealed its grip on the creature, Noah flew upward to expose it to the sunlight .

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The Pterodactyl began to cry in fear . Noah heard its pleading growls as the sun started to illuminate its peculiar form . However, he ignored them to improve his knowledge of that creature .

The black lines that made the Pterodactyl's body began to fade as light illuminated its shape . The mighty rank 6 beast vanished when exposed to the sunlight, and only a few mental waves remained in its spot .

Noah's consciousness trapped those mental waves before they could disperse, but he saw only darkness when he absorbed them inside his mind . He felt the hunger that they carried, and a faint sharpness accompanied it .

'They can't live during the day,' Noah added pieces of information in his mental bestiary before diving back inside the Gorge .

The fear of dealing with traces left with divine beings disappeared after he confirmed the Pterodactyl's weakness . He had nothing to worry about if that was the species in charge of the Gorge .

Darkness enveloped him once again as he descended past his previous spot and flew toward the bottom of the fissure . His consciousness sensed a series of presences waking up at his passage, and he didn't hesitate to shoot toward them .

Pterodactyls of various levels filled the depths of the Gorge . Noah saw two more specimens in the sixth rank surrounded by an army of beasts in the fourth and fifth rank . There were hundreds of creatures hidden in the darkness, but Noah felt that they were only a tide of ants .