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Chapter 1072: 1072
Snore did most of the work . Its elemental attack ignored most of those creatures' natural defenses and shattered the frail lines that made their bodies . Noah kept on wondering how such a species had managed to thrive for so long, but he could only use their captivity as an explanation .

He didn't know the Immortal Lands' environment, and there were no existing reports about that place . There was the chance that weaker beasts could survive in the higher plane due to particular areas that featured fewer threats .

Yet, the prison-like structure was artificial, which meant that someone or something had chosen to build it and trap that species before the piece of Immortal Lands fell . That added some value to the Pterodactyls . Still, Noah didn't find the reason for that even after hundreds of specimens had died by his hand .

The two rank six specimens took some more effort to kill since they worked against Noah together . However, that species could only fly and attempt to cut with its strange body, so they posed no threat to Noah .

Hundreds of corpses had accumulated inside Noah's space-ring by the time he defeated the army . Only silence and darkness remained in the depths of the Gorge .

Noah inspected the walls before exploring the depths further . There were more cells there, but no inscriptions at all .

He reviewed his idea of the formations on the surface . They probably had the purpose of preventing those creatures from going out of the fissure at night since the Elbas family had opened all the cells .

Nevertheless, he still didn't understand why the Royals had even decided to preserve that area . After all, those beasts appeared useless for most purposes . The metal of the cells seemed more valuable since it came from the Immortal Lands .

Even Noah's physical strength wasn't enough to bend the bars . The Royals might have met the same problems seizing that metal since most of the cells were still virtually intact .

Another strange aspect of that pack was that all its specimens appeared malnourished . Ordinary magical beasts would resort to cannibalism at that point, but that didn't seem to be the case for the Pterodactyls .

Noah dived toward the bottom of the Gorge full of doubts . There had to be something worthy of spending "Breath" to trap hundreds of creatures, and he had all the intentions to find it .

No more Pterodactyls appeared in the darkness . It was as if that spot had an empty area entirely devoid of life . Yet, there were cells on the walls there too . The decision to live in the fissure's initial parts had come from the beasts .

His consciousness could cover almost the entirety of the place, so Noah could confirm that one of the valley's sides was empty and explore the other one directly .

Nothing made no sound in that environment, and he floated right above the ground to avoid making sounds with his steps . He didn't feel any danger in front of him, but something told him to be careful anyway .

That sensation was unusual for a being like him . Magical beasts' instincts would ether differentiate between dangerous and safe, without nothing in the middle .

However, he felt something different there . It was as if something mysterious was at the end of the valley, but nothing that he should be afraid of .

Noah reached the end but found nothing unusual . There was only the rocky wall in front of him . Still, the eerie feeling remained, so he continued to investigate the area with his consciousness .

Something began to appear in his mind as he continued to look for clues . The laws' layout started to feel unnatural, and a peculiar detail became visible in the ground's structure .

It wasn't anything flashy . Noah sensed all of that in the form of faint instincts that told him that something was off .

He suddenly realized that the ground should feel differently, and a pattern appeared in his mind at that understanding . There were inscriptions that he couldn't see there, and even his consciousness struggled to give them a form .

Noah retracted his senses as he pondered over the matter for an instant . He didn't have any method to unlock formations, and his expertise in the field was inadequate . He could only opt for one approach, and his fist landed on the ground right after he accepted that .

The whole valley trembled, and even the walls shook to no end . Yet, no cracks appeared on their surface, and the rocks under Noah showed no sign of breaking either .

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Noah had found his confirmation that something was there . The only problem now was whether he could reach it .

A torrent of punches landed on the ground . Noah attacked relentlessly, using all the strength contained in his body . Intense earthquakes spread through the whole Gorge, but the rocks didn't give in to his assault .

The ground held on even after his assault continued for an hour . The protections in place weren't something that his physical strength alone could handle .

Noah stopped his assault before heaving a helpless sigh . The Royals had probably uncovered what laid underground, and they had decided to preserve the Gorge because of that .

He couldn't imagine the Royals spending resources on something useless, and King Elbas wasn't the type of powerhouse to accept defeat in front of a barrier .

Yet, King Elbas had most likely breached the barrier due to his expertise in the inscription field . Noah had to rely on his abilities if he wanted to do the same .

The Demonic Sword landed on his palm and its shape condensed . The weapon became even smaller than a knife . It resembled nothing more than a shard of a dark metal when it reached its highest density .

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Noah's dark star sensed his feelings and empowered his understanding of the world . Arrays of laws appeared in his eyes, and the minute differences in their layout became more evident .

Mental energy went on the lines of the Divine Deduction technique to improve Noah's understanding . Faint ideas on how to destroy that array became more transparent as his mind's capabilities surpassed their normal limits .

When he felt ready, Noah let the destruction of his individuality guide him . Both his hands wielded the shard-like Demonic Sword and pushed it toward the ground in a slow motion .

Noah saw the fabric of the world breaking as his weapon reached the ground . The pressure that fell on it was so great that a crack appeared on its surface .

When the Demonic Sword's tip touched the ground, a series of white lines lit up and covered the entire area . Yet, Noah's sharpness spread through them and made the whole shining structure crumble .

The ground became transparent, and the bars of a large cage appeared right under him . Noah only needed a glance to understand what he was seeing .

There was another strange Pterodactyl inside that cage, but its aura was immense . Noah could only remain speechless when he realized that he was in front of a proper rank 7 magical beast .