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Chapter 1074: 1074
It was as if Heaven and Earth had declared their species unfitting of the higher plane . Noah could only feel surprised that the rank 7 specimen had even managed to build a pack up there .

Still, there was a limit to how much that information interested him . Noah wanted to understand if he could exploit that encounter to his advantage, but the situation appeared helpless .

He couldn't open the cage and breaking it was out of the question . Letting the rank 7 Pterodactyl free wasn't ideal either since he would die if he succeeded .

'Should I just leave it here?' Noah thought as he watched the beast raging inside the cage . He would generally kill it to remove the creature from King Elbas' clutches, but he wasn't sure that he could even leave a scratch on its divine body .

"You better come up with something, or I'll leave you here," Noah said at some point .

His knowledge had limits due to the lower plane, but that creature had lived in the Immortal Lands . Moreover, it was a divine beast, so its abilities had to surpass ordinary beasts' limits .

The Pterodactyl continued to rage for a few seconds before calming down and pondering over the matter . Noah felt its stare on him as human words resounded in the darkness . "What can you even offer? Your darkness is so pitiful . "

Noah's eyebrows arched . He didn't think the creature would consider his words, but it seemed to be a way out of that situation . The only problem was whether he should trust the Pterodactyl .

Snore formed next to him before unleashing a wave of black flames . The dark matter that made its elemental attack spread in the cage and engulfed the divine beast .

The Pterodactyl shook when the higher energy touched its lines . It didn't suffer any damage, but it was its first time seeing darkness that it couldn't fuse with .

The dark matter appeared far better than the normal "Breath" of the darkness element . Noah's darkness was on the same level as that energy, but the dark matter was far more powerful .

The beast remained silent as it watched the flames disperse . The dark matter left the cage and vanished in the blackness of the Gorge .

The Pterodactyl appeared stunned, but Noah wasn't sure that he understood the creature's behavior correctly . His senses couldn't comprehend much when it came to divine beings . He was mostly using his knowledge in the magical beasts' field to help his mind .

"You have some interesting stuff," The beast eventually said . "Why don't you feed me with that energy until I'm strong enough to break the cage?"

"Is that what your species eats? Darkness?" Noah asked .

"That's not going to happen," Noah said, and the beast began to rage again under him .

Noah's smiled while the Pterodactyl slammed its head on the metal bars . He couldn't help but enjoy that situation even if he didn't trap the divine beast himself .

"Get me out already!" The Pterodactyl cried, but Noah shook his head . If he was going to cooperate with the creature, it had to be at his conditions .

"You can speak quite fluently," Noah said after the Pterodactyl calmed down . "Are all divine beasts like you?"

The Pterodactyl hesitated for a few seconds . It didn't want to reply to Noah's questions, but he appeared different from the other humans who studied it during the last period .

There was a different type of interest in Noah's eyes . King Elbas could only see a material and a peculiar creature when looking at the Pterodactyl, while Noah saw an asset that could increase his power .

"All divine beasts can use human words," The Pterodactyl said . "The fluency depends on our innate intelligence . "

Noah's smile widened when he heard that . The divine beast had finally started to cooperate, and a single answer had managed to improve his knowledge of his field of expertise .

Having an ally who knew so much about the higher plane could help him reach the divine ranks . It could even increase his chances of survival during the divine Tribulations .

The only problem was that the Pterodactyl's knowledge could go against him during the negotiations since he didn't know the limits of divine creatures .

"I have an offer," Noah said after he pondered about the matter for a bit . "Become my slave . "

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Noah directly started to ignore the beast after his words . He didn't need to look at it to know that it would rage inside the cage again .

He had no idea of how he could submit a divine creature . His power wasn't enough to control it, and he was too weak to use the superiority of his species against it .

The only one that could give him answers was inside the cage, and it would say anything to get out . Still, Noah wanted to gain something out of that encounter . He would leave he couldn't find any solution .

The Pterodactyl recovered its calm after a while and stared at Noah . It knew that it didn't have any other chance to come out of there, so it had to find a way to exploit it .

"I'll never be a slave," The Pterodactyl eventually said .

"What do you want then?" Noah asked . His previous offer had been only a ploy to force the beast to accept an unfavorable outcome . He didn't expect it to play along .

The Pterodactyl tilted its head to point toward Snore . Its lines followed the Blood Companion floating lazily behind Noah . Yet, it didn't speak . The Pterodactyl remained silent as it continued to stare at a being entirely made of higher energy .

"I can make a similar body for you," Noah said when he confirmed how deep its interest in the dark matter was . "I'll even solve your problem with the sunlight . You only have to submit to me . "

"That's not going to happen," The Pterodactyl replied, but Noah's answer arrived before it could even think about something else to say .

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"Then you'll remain here forever," Noah said, and those words appeared to hurt the creature deeply . He didn't know for how long it had remained locked there, but it had to be quite desperate even to consider his words .

A few minutes of silence had to pass before the Pterodactyl spoke again . "I accept to submit . Keep your darkness in the cage for a while so that I can fuse with it . "

"That's not going to happen either," Noah turned down that offer . He wouldn't let a foreign substance fuse with his energy . He would probably lose his life if a creature in the divine ranks tried to become part of him .

"This is the only way," The Pterodactyl replied in a calm tone, but Noah could see the lies under its human voice . The beast had turned violent whenever something didn't go according to its plans so that peaceful behavior was a pondered act .

"You said that all divine beasts can speak," Noah said . "But you seem pretty above the average in terms of intelligence . What about your consciousness? Can you move it?"

The Pterodactyl didn't initially understand what Noah's words meant, but a low growl spread through the valley when it did .

"Do you want me to abandon my body?" The creature said, and Noah answered with a simple but universal nod .

More silence filled the area as the creature pondered over the offer .

Noah had guessed correctly . The core of that species was in a few mental waves that kept the lines together . However, the Pterodactyls were nothing more than thoughts that had taken control of darkness .

They could separate their minds from their bodies if they wanted . What Noah didn't know was that they would have to abandon their bodies forever if they did .