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Chapter 1075: 1075
Noah didn't know about those drawbacks, but he had his share of worries too . Magical beasts' seas of consciousness were imperfect, but he was still dealing with a divine being .

He didn't know how advanced its mental sphere was nor how powerful it would be . There was a chance that he could suppress it due to his many assets and innate advantages over the Pterodactyl's kind, but some risks existed nonetheless .

"You are a peculiar human," The Pterodactyl said without adding anything else . The creature and Noah had reached a silent understanding during their negotiations . They knew that they would both try to trick their opponent .

"I'm not a human," Noah answered . He didn't need to say anything else . He had completed his part when he had accepted to take that risk .

The divine beast and Noah exchanged stares even if the creature didn't have eyes . Their minds were enough to tell them that they were keeping their full attention on each other .

"You have a deal, peculiar creature," The Pterodactyl broke the silence and the lines that made its strange body began to waver after it spoke .

Nevertheless, Noah promptly backed off and returned toward the superior parts of the Gorge before announcing his intentions . "I'll come back soon . Our agreement still stands . "

The Pterodactyl's roars resounded in the Gorge as Noah left to make the necessary preparations for that procedure . As for the creature's eagerness, he couldn't care less .

Noah dug a cave in one of the soft walls of the Gorge and quickly activated the Divine Deduction technique . He had to prepare every kind of protection before approaching the cage again .

A plan soon formed in his mind, and strategies followed . Noah began to build a series of prison-like structures and large barriers with his dark matter .

The Will-consuming runes' theories and innate greed were enough to create lasting restrictions, but Noah wanted more . He needed multiple layers of protection so that his mental sphere didn't suffer if the creature managed to break free .

Noah would never let the Pterodactyl fuse directly with his darkness . He wanted to suppress it inside his mental sphere and restrict it inside a body made of dark matter .

The procedure would be similar to what Snore had experienced, with the only difference that he had to force a divine mind inside a heroic body .

'I need weapons,' Noah thought, and saber-shaped runes accumulated inside his mind .

The only problem was whether his mind could contain the imminent battle . Still, he could only rely on his mental energy's remarkable properties as a form of protection .

Waves surged from the mental sea . Shining brown water covered the walls of his sea of consciousness, leaving only one spot open .

Noah repeated the process multiple times and even waited for his mental sea to reform before resuming that procedure .

His mind became a brown sphere that only had one small part devoid of water . The Kesier runes, his saber-shaped runes, and Snore's ethereal figure were there, waiting for their opponent to arrive .

Noah's ghostly figure swam through the brown water as he prepared the battlefield . Lumps of dark matter assembled to create a tunnel and various traps meant to restrict the beast's will . He even made a net to reinforce the entire structure .

It took him two weeks to prepare everything, double-check the defenses, and cultivate until he returned to his peak . If he had time, he would spend a few years with the Seventh Kesier rune to maximize his mind's condition .

Yet, a war was raging outside, and he didn't know how much the alliance would manage to conquer . He felt lucky enough that no one had come inside the Gorge during that period . That was his only opportunity to get the divine beast .

Noah's mind felt heavy when he descended toward the valley again . There was so much higher energy inside it that he could barely suppress his headache .

The Pterodactyl lifted its head at his return . It wanted to complain, but it felt too eager to bother about that wait .

That creature was a divine beast . Two weeks weren't even enough for a nap . Months would go by wherever it lost focus .

'What do you need?' Noah asked as he landed on the cage . He needed that information to make the last adjustment .

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'Any darkness,' The Pterodactyl replied . 'I need to take control of it and fuse my mind . '

Noah hesitated for a few seconds before a small whiff of dark matter came out of his forefinger . The creature would be far weaker if Noah made it fuse with his darkness . However, that would worsen its potential as a puppet .

Noah was willing to increase the risk of that procedure to obtain an asset that could improve his power properly .

The drop of dark matter fell downward, leaving a black trail connected to Noah's hand . It crossed the metal bars, but it didn't reach the center of the cave . It hovered right under Noah's foot .

The Pterodactyl showed no fear, and it started the procedure immediately . The lines that made its body began to tremble and the darkness inside them wavered as its consciousness slid outward .

The creature's head touched the part of dark matter that crossed the metal bars, and Noah felt a foreign presence trying to take control of its energy .

The presence was intense, and its power breathtaking . It created shocks that spread until Noah's hand only to disperse through his body .

Some dark matter came out of Noah's mind . The beast's imperfect mind was stronger than he had expected, so he had to release some pressure . His mental sphere wouldn't be able to contain it otherwise .

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Noah lowered the defenses of the dark matter inside the cage at that point . The Pterodactyl invaded his higher energy once nothing blocked its way, and its body crumbled when it completed the process .

The rank 7 body was no more . The divine creature had officially reached the non-return point .

Noah lost control of the dark matter inside the cage, but nothing spread outside the bars . Their material targeted the Pterodactyl, so even its consciousness suffered from their restrictions .

Noah could still turn back . Cutting his connection with the dark matter would leave the Pterodactyl in that wretched state . The dark matter might even explode once it became unable to contain its imperfect mind . Noah was in the position to kill a divine beast!

Nevertheless, his goal wasn't pure destruction . He wanted a new weapon, a unique asset that would increase his power .

Noah lifted his hand to connect the trail of dark matter to his mind . The higher energy fused with the tunnel inside his sphere, and the mechanisms prepared in the previous weeks activated .

A pulling force began to attract the Pterodactyl's invaded dark matter toward his mind . The creature screamed in pain as it clashed with the cage, but Noah pulled without minding the beast's safety .

It took more than one hour, but, eventually, a small part of the dark matter invaded by the Pterodactyl crossed the cage and entered the strand of higher energy .