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Chapter 1076: 1076
The metal bars hurt the Pterodactyl's mind inside the dark matter, but the fact that a trail of higher energy connected it to the outside created a minute path where it could pass .

Noah's pulling force didn't rely on bare strength . His mind didn't have such capabilities . The higher energy's unique properties confused the cage's restricting ability, allowing him to retrieve the invaded part of dark matter if he went all-out .

The procedure for him was relatively easy when compared to what the Pterodactyl was going through . The mysterious inscription method used on the bars ripped its mind apart whenever part of it escaped the imprisonment .

Noah felt delighted at that sight . His worries eased when he saw how badly the cage hurt it .

Small bits of invaded dark matter accumulated on the other side of the metal bars as the process continued . The Pterodactyl cried in pain, but its roars didn't have any meaning .

The divine beast had taken control of the higher energy, but it couldn't use it properly . That was a completely new body made of something superior to the "Breath" of the darkness element . The creature didn't have any experience with that material .

It would have been different if Noah had let it fuse with his darkness . The Pterodactyl didn't have experience with that material either, but it was more similar to the "Breath" .

Instead, the dark matter followed different laws and had an intrinsic power far superior to the "Breath" . Noah had given the creature the best material in the world for its species, but the Pterodactyl couldn't understand that just yet .

Noah kept control of the integrity of the creature's mind as the process continued . He could see its instincts and experience reaching the outside of the cave, but its knowledge appeared to be heavier .

Some of the beast's memories could easily cross the cage, but others fought against the pulling force . It was as if they didn't want to reach the outer world .

That wasn't the Pterodactyl's fault . Noah could immediately guess that those memories had formed in the Immortal Lands and contained pieces of information that a lower plane shouldn't have .

Noah did his best to pull as much knowledge as possible, but it became evident that he would have to exhaust himself if he wanted to seize it . He would typically make that trade, but that situation was too dangerous . He needed to remain at his peak to face the incoming battle .

As soon as he encountered his first significant hindrance, Noah cut off the connection with the cage . The trail of higher energy separated from the metal bars, removing the safe passage to the outside world .

Its new body eventually separated . Part of the invaded dark matter proceeded through the tunnel of higher energy while the other remained inside the cage .

Noah didn't know how much the Pterodactyl had lost, but only its knowledge wasn't enough to keep the dark matter in one part . The higher energy left behind in the cage soon dispersed, and the pieces of information inside it vanished forever .

Only the Pterodactyl's confused scream remained in the area, and Noah heard them becoming louder as its dark matter neared his head . The pressure inside his mind saw a sudden increase in intensity when that higher energy entered his sea of consciousness .

The trail of higher energy followed the Pterodactyl's mind and sealed the empty spot inside Noah's mind, blocking every path for retreat . The traps inside the layers of mental energy activated and pushed the invaded dark matter toward the sphere's center .

The Pterodactyl had become violent as soon as it entered Noah's mind . Its control over its new body was awful, but the sheer intensity of its divine consciousness could force the dark matter to release power surges .

The creature was so angry that its feelings had forced themselves on its new body, giving it some offensive power .

Noah didn't expect anything less from a divine beast, and his preparations showed that he had judged its power correctly .

Flares of dark matter shot from the beast's body as it flew toward the center of Noah's mental sphere . A thick net made of dark matter became visible whenever they tried to destroy the defensive layers of mental energy .

However, Noah's protections held tightly . That offensive wasn't enough to break them . The defenses didn't only restrict the Pterodactyl . Their main purpose was to reinforce the walls of his mental sphere and absorb eventual shockwaves .

The last offensive proved that they served their primary purpose, but Noah had to make his mind reach its limits to contain all that energy . Yet, the area was about to become emptier .

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The Pterodactyl's continued to rage even when it reached the center of Noah's mental sphere, and some layers of mental energy fell apart . Still, the net of dark matter held most of the structure in place .

Meanwhile, Noah's ghostly figure, the saber-shaped runes, and Snore's ghostly shape shot toward the lump of dark matter . The six Kesier runes floating above his mental sea started to release a humming sound that suppressed the foreign presence too .

Noah's attacks broke the dark matter, but they couldn't hurt the divine consciousness . The ethereal figure of the strange Pterodactyl soon replaced the previous formless higher energy .

The Pterodactyl could survive in its form made of mental energy inside Noah's sea of consciousness . That new shape even gave it access to its accumulated experience now .

The beast shot at high speed toward the brown mental energy, but the trajectory of his flight was odd . It appeared that it couldn't go straight, making it easier for Noah's weapons to land on it .

Snore pounced at it directly and restricted its movements, while Noah turned his entire ethereal figure into a blade that slashed at the Pterodactyl . The saber-shaped runes flew through its ghostly body multiple times in a cyclic motion .

Initially, the attacks didn't do anything against the Pterodactyl's figure . Still, Noah's destruction made him find the injuries left by the bars and those from the forces severing of its knowledge .

The Pterodactyl seemed incapable of controlling its body . It would go in a straight line only to fall toward the sea one instant after .

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Losing part of its mind had left the beast in a poor state, and it needed some time to become used to its new condition . Of course, Noah exploited that situation by using everything he had .

His attacks created cracks on its ethereal body after some time, and the traps previously set inside the cover of mental energy came out to help to seize the beast .

A series of spherical runes surrounded the broken figure and absorbed the shattered parts of its soft-red shape . The Pterodactyl became thinner, and Noah found it easier to break part of its body as the process continued .

The Pterodactyl could only fall apart under that incessant assault . The spherical runes gathered every red particle that came out of its body before diving into the mental sea .

Noah's pride surged at that point, and currents made of mental energy and dark matter invaded the red particles to alter their structure .

The consciousness of the Pterodactyl would usually vanish if left in that condition, but the spherical runes preserved it and gave Noah time to apply essential modifications .

The red particles darkened under that refinement . Their color became a brown similar to Noah's mental energy before the spherical runes fused to amass the creature's mind in one place .

The figure of the Pterodactyl reformed once all the pieces become one again, and the runes opened to let the mental sea touch it directly .

A shining brown figure rose to stare at Noah then, and human words resounded inside his mind . "Hello, Master . I hate you . "