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Chapter 1078: 1078
Night's new body had the shape of a small bird that didn't seem to have any unique feature . Noah had built it following the characteristics of the Night-blade Pterodactyl's species . He had left the insides empty, creating only its edges .

That was only an approximation of the Pterodactyls' bodies . He would take his time to study the corpses in his ring in the future, but Night would have to use that small puppet until then .

"Shut up," Noah said as he flew toward the exit of the Gorge . "I'll give you a new one once I see how useful you are . Most importantly, do you remember how to fight?"

Night went silent while it gave a proper inspection of its new body . It kept on mumbling some complaints from time to time, but it also sprinted at a speed that surprised even Noah .

The beast became almost invisible in the darkness of the Gorge . It flew through the entirety of the valley in a matter of seconds . Noah had to stop his ascent to keep track of its movements .

'It wasn't joking about its prowess,' Noah thought as he inspected the small bird .

Night's new body was a puppet in the lower tier of the sixth rank . It could potentially surpass Snore's power when it came to raw strength, but it lacked the features that made the Blood Companion a threatening asset .

Nevertheless, Noah had to reevaluate the Pterodactyl's claims . The beast had fused with the new body less than an hour ago, but it could already express a speed that surpassed Noah's wildest predictions . It even reached the structural limits of the puppet!

Noah felt lucky that the Royals didn't feed the weaker specimens . Clearing the Gorge would have been troublesome if he had to fight the three rank 6 Pterodactyls at their peak .

"Awful, awful!" Night shouted as it returned near Noah . "This thing is about to break already! How do you expect me to fight inside this trash?"

"You won't get a new one until you achieve something in the next battles," Noah's answer was firm, but he felt slightly excited .

Night had been able to express spectacular power already . A tingling feeling spread through his fingers when he imagined what it could do with a proper body .

The Pterodactyl chirped angrily, but it didn't try to rebel . It continued to circle Noah as he resumed his ascent toward the surface . However, it abruptly stopped at the sight of the sunlight .

"The sunlight isn't deadly for you anymore," Noah said, but Night didn't move . It appeared paralyzed in fear, and even his mental orders weren't enough to make it step into the light .

It didn't remember what it could do or how it used to fight . Still, its instincts allowed it to perform the attacks and movements that it had honed throughout its life .

Night's instincts gave it the ability to fight even if it didn't remember how . Noah could feel its annoyance through their mental connection, but he knew it would eventually become used to its new condition .

That was another reason why Noah didn't make Night a proper body . The Pterodactyl's mind would eventually adapt and grow again, which could potentially lead to a rebellion .

Night was different from Snore . The Pterodactyl didn't go through the Body-inscription spell, so its mind was a separated existence . It could live without Noah as long as it had a body .

That gave it more freedom . Night didn't need a trail of higher energy attached to Noah to survive . It was more similar to the Demonic Sword when it came to the type of existence .

Noah feared that Night's mind could outgrow its restrictions, which was why he wanted to keep its growth in check for a while . He wanted to be sure that it harmonized with its new condition before improving .

Night remained stuck among the darkness, but Noah promptly grabbed it and threw it toward the edges of the Gorge . Curses chirped out of its mouth, but Noah ignored them as he followed its new asset .

When Noah resurfaced, he found Night staring at the sun . There was no cultivator in sight, so he let the creature experience that moment of peace .

"The light doesn't seem so bad," Night said, and Noah cast some corrosive smoke while the beast admired what it had been unable to see for all its life .

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Noah spewed some flames too, and Snore's head formed to launch some of its elemental attacks . The peaceful environment above the Gorge became a dangerous battlefield filled with powerful abilities .

"Can you fight through them?" Noah asked, and Night didn't hesitate to shoot inside the various attacks .

Noah kept track of the creature's movements and felt satisfied when it returned to fly around him . Night was even faster when he moved through the darkness that he produced . It was already an asset that he could deploy in battle .

"I think I'm hungry," Night said . It didn't completely understand its new body's sensations, but Noah grabbed it before sprinting in the distance .

Night's body was a disposable inscribed item . Noah could fix it with his dark matter, but he didn't intend to make it last . The beast would have to endure any sensation for now .

The reports concerning the battlefields stated that a few crucial regions stopped the advance of the allied forces . The Elbas family couldn't defend the peripheral territories of its domain, so it had focused its defenses on important areas .

The snowy regions on the southeastern coast had fallen, but the Hive couldn't seize the entirety of the Dark Gorge territory due to the Royal Academy .

The forest of Siver-yellow woods had become part of a powerful formation that could fend off powerhouses, and the Royals still owned it after months of battle .

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They had kept their share of Divine Market city too . The Elbas family had prepared countermeasures after losing access to the Divine Stele in the past, and the allied forces had yet to break its defensive formations .

Most of the areas featuring obelisks had survived the invasion, and only those that had seen powerhouses directly attacking them had fallen . The alliance's gains were small, but that was understandable since their opponent had five rank 6 cultivators in its ranks .

Noah didn't go toward the Royal Academy . That place was almost impenetrable, and the alliance only had three powerhouses on its side . June had managed to seize the potion only due to her knowledge of the place, expertise, and Noah's help .

Divine Market city was the same . Noah preferred to isolate it before starting a long siege . That was the best approach when against defenses that could fend off rank 6 cultivators .

His targets were the territories around important areas that had yet to fall due to their many defenses . His goal wasn't to take away as much as he could from King Elbas . He wanted the alliance to have territories that it could defend once the Royals' leader returned .

Noah used a series of teleportation matrices to reach the northern side of the eastern coast . A series of obelisks were there, and many cities had appeared in that region in the past centuries .

Two of the five enemy powerhouses defended that area, and a series of defensive formations created a powerful array of protections .

Chasing Demon and Great Elder Diana had gathered there after giving up on the Royal Academy and Divine Market city . The forest of Silver-yellow woods was too dangerous to approach without a plan, so that was the only viable target for them .

When Noah arrived, he found the armies of the alliance fighting the assets of the Royals . The battle looked harsh, and multicolored lights shone behind the enemy forces .