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Chapter 108
Noah didn't know what to answer .

He knew that he had no chances of defeating Thaddeus, he was simply too far away from his level .
He thought for a long time while Thaddeus limited himself to smile at him .
Then, he asked the question that pressed him more .
"What will happen to me?"
Thaddeus shrugged his shoulder and answered .
"You will become a student of the academy . "
Noah was stunned and confused by his answer .
Thaddeus continued .
"What? The academy's main objective is to take the most promising cultivators away from the noble families and bring them into the Royal family's ranks . You might act like a little demon but don't delude yourself: you aren't the first problematic character that my family managed to control . "
Noah relaxed a bit hearing those words .
"So, why did you do all that speech before?"
Thaddeus' face became stern .
"Because you needed to understand what kind of a monster my family is . We have been the rulers for two thousand years after all, it didn't happen because we were lucky . "
Noah understood .

"You want me to behave?"
Thaddeus nodded .
"I will keep your identity a secret, we would rather have you as our asset in the future than leave you in a cage for life . Just remember that we are always watching so don't pull anything funny or you will be done for . "
Noah nodded, he was planning to lay low and focus on his cultivation anyway .
"One last thing . That bat of yours, is it a spell?"
'Is he testing me?'
"Yes . "
Thaddeus smiled again and launched a rune toward him .
The light of the rune enveloped Noah and teleported him back in the room with the other winners .
He could see that the four were interested in his private conversation but they didn't ask anything .
Noah sat back on the couch to cultivate, he completely ignored June emulating him again and sitting right next to him .
'When will I be free?'
He could not help but have these thoughts after his meeting with Thaddeus .
'When will I stop being used?'
He laughed internally .

'Little demon? If they want to put a leash on me, they should be ready to pay the price . '
He spent the rest of the night cultivating, eager to see what the academy reserved for him .
The morning came and Thaddeus reappeared in the room .
"We are ready to set off toward the capital, please follow me to the main deck . "
He pressed one hand on the wall behind him and a door materialized .
'Deck? Are we inside a ship?'
Noah was confused and followed Thaddeus' lead with the other four youths .
Outside of the room, there was a spacious corridor adorned with paintings .
They then reached some stairs and climbed them .
When they arrived at the top of them, Thaddeus pressed his hand on the ceiling and a large passage opened .
The light of the sun passed through the opening and the sky became visible .
On the other side of the passage, a large deck unfolded itself in front of the group .

It was more than thirty meters large and had many spots assigned for meditation on it .
Ten more people were present on the deck and Noah recognized the two red-haired siblings between them .

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However, his attention was on his surroundings .
He could clearly see that they were still in the middle of Ebonrest city, toward its central part, but he could not understand where their transport was .
'Wait, he called it "main deck" and this place definitely resembles a ship . There is no water around us though . '
He thought for some more time until an idea formed in his mind .
'Don't tell me . '
As if reacting to his discovery, the ship began to tremble .
The youths from less important families were looking around them with a confused expression but those from the large-size families had their eyes open wide in surprise .
Noah instinctively reached for the edges of the deck and looked below him .
The ship was slowly distancing itself from the terrain .
He turned to look at Thaddeus and noticed that he was holding a small crystal in his hand .
'I knew it!'
The ship continued to rise vertically into the air until its from was completely visible .
It was long one hundred meters and large thirty, it almost made no sound while it set off and there was no air pressure whatsoever created from its movements .
There were no masts nor veils and the uncovered part on the outside occupied only a third of the entire machine .
Maybe, it was better to call it a flying submarine rather than an air-ship .

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'I thought that my previous world was more advanced technologically but I was wrong . They actually created an air-ship with runes and inscriptions!'
Soft light was emitted from its sides showing the many runes that formed a peculiar pattern on the wooden hull .
"This is amazing, isn't it?"
The red-haired girl appeared on his side and spoke casually .
"The Patriarch once told me that these things existed but I always believed that he was saying that to make me train harder for the entrance test . "
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Noah didn't mind her too much and continued to stare at the environment .
The air-ship had reached an altitude of more than three kilometers and then stopped its rise .
It then began to move horizontally in a direction unknown to Noah .
"I am Ruth Eeggi, I wanted to thank you for saving my life in the test . I hope that we will get along in the academy . "
Ruth bowed and Noah nodded seeing her gesture .
He then inspected the ship for a few more instants before focusing on the new members of the group .
'They don't seem that strong . I wonder what other abilities they have . "
Thaddeus then faced the fifteen young cultivators and spoke in a loud voice .
"You fifteen are now students of the Academy . Adding you to the ones from the other four test areas and the twenty-five that will buy their ingress, we will create a new class . It will be called Grayshade and it will have one hundred students . I will explain more about the rules and the courses of the academy once we group up with the other students . "