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Chapter 1080: 1080
The smoke didn't manage to piece those defenses, but tremors sparkled from time to time on their surface as Noah's spell continued to attack it .

It was a constant siege . The Demonic Form forced the golden shields to waste more energy since it remained on top of them .

"We can't avoid the arrows," Chasing Demon said as he neared him . A metallic layer had appeared on top of his skin, and a humming sound came out of it to keep the corrosive smoke away .

"Someone always needs to block them," Great Elder Diana said while reaching Noah too . An array of minute lightning bolts covered her figure and destroyed every particle of corrosive smoke that tried to touch her skin .

Both powerhouses had defensive methods that countered Noah's Demonic Form . The event didn't surprise him since his spell's features had become common knowledge since he escaped the Utra nation .

It was only normal for powerhouses to develop countermeasures to such a threatening spell . Even Chasing Demon had created one in case enemies managed to reproduce it .

"The Royals will probably start to attack now that you have arrived," Great Elder Diana continued . "We can't breach them in only one battle . This is a slow siege . "

Great Elder Diana's words made sense, but Noah wanted to see if Night could open a different path . His horned helmet turned toward Chasing Demon as he spoke to his Patriarch . "Let me try something . "

On that battlefield, Great Elder Diana was clearly in charge . Her cultivation level in the liquid stage put her one step above both Noah and Chasing Demon .

However, they both came from organizations at the top of those Mortal Lands . The number of powerful items and assets in their possession transcended what a single powerhouse could accomplish .

The alliance didn't have a leader for that exact reason . If the Hive and the Council were to base their prowess purely on items, the Copying Formation would be enough to place the Hive on top .

The problem there was that no one wanted to waste valuable items on a simple battlefield . The alliance didn't want to reveal its cards, but it didn't want to lose troops either, which was why Diana pressed for a slow and safe approach .

Nevertheless, Noah was different .

Chasing Demon nodded, and Noah shot forward . The Patriarch of the Hive followed him across the corrosive smoke, and Great Elder Diana snorted before imitating him .

She didn't care that Noah had ignored her proposal . She had always known how he acted . She was only annoyed that they would have to waste more time because Noah wanted to test himself .

Diana joined her palms, and crackling sounds spread through the black cloud . It was as if that simple gesture had given birth to a lightning storm even if the two cultivators from the Hive didn't see a single lightning bolt .

The arrows reached her only to find her palms in their trajectory . Both Noah and Chasing Demon thought that her limbs would shatter, but two massive lightning bolts came out of her hands and turned the disposable weapons into ashes .

A series of fiery snakes made their way through the darkness at that point . They had followed the arrows, so they didn't come in contact with the corrosive smoke, which left them virtually intact .

Chasing Demon stepped forward, and rocks began to form on top of his skin . The Patriarch transformed as more "Breath" of the earth element turned his figure into a massive golem that started to fight with the snakes .

Great Elder Diana quickly went to help Chasing Demon . He was alone against the spells of two powerhouses, and she knew that the defensive formations had yet to unleash everything .

Multicolored beams assaulted the corrosive cloud . Without the weaker heroic cultivators as targets, they could focus all their power on the powerhouses .

Noah saw his area of destruction becoming smaller as hundreds of shining beams with power at the peak of the fifth rank assaulted the cloud . Even with three powerhouses against them, the Royals could hold their ground without suffering any loss!

'Are you ready?' Noah asked while he let the two rank 6 cultivators block the attacks for him .

'Just give me a target,' Night conveyed in an annoyed tone . Those types of battles appeared unworthy of its status, but it had to admit that it felt good to fight without worrying about the sunlight .

Noah gave it an order and shot toward the golden shields . A loud shockwave expanded from his landing spot, but the light radiated by the defenses didn't even flicker at his arrival .

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That was a formation with rank 6 power . Noah would have to do far more than that only to make a crack appear on its surface . Moreover, there was the chance that those lines could fix themselves like the inscriptions in the Royal Academy .

Being so close to the shields exposed Noah, but his goal was to distract the two Royals from his main offensive .

Snore launched its elemental attacks on the shields while the Demonic Sword became smaller than a knife . Arrays of laws appeared in his vision as Noah focused, and his slow slashes severed them .

An intense tremor spread on the shields, and the light on a large area dimmed . The dark zone had the shape of a massive fissure, and the defensive formations took a few minutes to restore their radiance .

However, no crack appeared on their surface . Even one of Noah's most powerful slashes couldn't do anything against those shields .

Bright beams and spells of the fire element flew toward him right after he launched his attack . His body covered by the spiked armor could endure the cores' blows on its own, but Noah couldn't underestimate the Royals' offensive .

A human-shaped crack appeared in his spot right before the attacks could converge on him . The explosion that their crash caused engulfed Noah when he came out of his dimension and flung him back toward his allies .

Chasing Demon couldn't stop smiling . Noah's prowess was off the scale for an existence that had lived a little more than five hundred years . He could already imagine how Noah would have no rivals in the lower planes once his centers of powers reached the last part of the heroic ranks .

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Great Elder Diana had similar thoughts, but she wasn't as optimistic as her ally . The stronger a cultivator was, the harsher Heaven and Earth's restrictions would be .

A broader individuality made the cultivation journey harsher too . Noah's growth inside the fifth rank matched and even slightly surpassed the best geniuses, but it wasn't monster-like for that exact reason .

Moreover, she was still a bit annoyed that Noah didn't listen to her . Even monsters should respect experience and power, especially when they came from allies .

"Can we use my strategy now?" Great Elder Diana asked, and Chasing Demon shrugged his shoulders . Two more arrows were coming, so he had to deploy some defenses .

Great Elder Diana prioritized blocking the arrows too and almost failed to notice how Noah was barely listening to their conversation . She believed that he was disappointed due to the outcome of his attacks, but what she saw after she blocked the bolts made her think otherwise .

Chasing Demon and Diana destroyed the arrows and were about to regroup with Noah to organize themselves when a series of explosions resounded from the defensive formations .

The shining lines' cores began to explode, destabilizing the entire array and removing annoying attacks from the Royals' defenses .

More cores continued to explode . No one except Noah knew how such an event was possible, but even he found it hard to believe it . In his mind, he could hear Night repeat the same line over and over again . 'Die, you shining thing!'