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Chapter 1082: 1082
Night had managed to destroy everything except for its head, which was in a poor state too . Noah knew that the creature could surpass its body's structural limits, but he didn't think it would be so selfless in its anger .

Noah carefully crushed the head and took the dark matter released inside his mind . His half-transparent figure then took Night's consciousness and immersed it in the sea before pushing out the higher energy .

Night's mind rested under the nurturing properties of Noah's mental energy . More thoughts fused with its consciousness to stabilize its growth and add more restrictions .

The Pterodactyl's mind didn't suffer any injury . Its tiredness came from the body that it had destroyed with its reckless offensive .

'It's pointless to leave it without a body,' Noah thought as he came out of the corrosive cloud . 'And it will only hurt it to use such weak puppets . '

He had deactivated the Demonic Form before the last attacks, but he still felt drained . There was so much to do, but the war wouldn't stop raging for a while .

There was one problem with that . Noah didn't believe that the alliance could take anything valuable away from the Royals .

King Elbas was a monster, and most of his descendants were talented inscription masters . It didn't matter that they were weak . All they had to do was relying on defenses that they had set beforehand to survive .

Out of the territories in its domain, the Elbas family only had a few valuable ones remaining .

The region with Spiked Roots hid the Royal Academy, but the Dark Gorge had fallen, and Noah had already taken the rank 7 magical beast . All the defenses would gather in the Academy now, so it was pointless to even dream about conquering it .

The buildings in Divine Market city belonging to the Elbas family had tight defenses, and it could take a century of continuous siege to deplete the energy accumulated there .

The alliance could endure the costs, but the lack of certainty made it doubtful . Both the Hive and the Council were more willing to invest time and resources in nurturing more cultivators .

The Utra nation had the dimensional portal, but only King Elbas knew how to use it . Conquering that region was virtually useless since his return would restore everything to the previous state .

The Elbas family used every other region in its domain as a livable land . It built obelisks and trained talents, but it didn't have anything worthy of the attention of a powerhouse .

The alliance was willing to invest resources for something lasting, but the defensive formations made even the valuable resources unappealing . The gains wouldn't make up for the resources wasted to seize them .

The report at the end of the battle confirmed Noah's guess . Even with the three of them in one of the less protected regions, they didn't manage to pierce the golden shields .

The alliance had invested a lot in that region already, so it will continue the assault until it fell . Taking away a habitable land would still hurt the Elbas family in the long-run in the end .

However, both leaders didn't want to push any more than that . The Elbas family had already lost a lot, and the alliance could remain above its enemies for years with those gains .

With the Empire relegated to the peripheral territories of the Papral nation and the Elbas family stuck in four regions, the rule of the alliance would be undisputed . The Hive and the Council could keep on growing stronger than the other organizations for millennia .

Noah agreed with the leaders' vision and joined the next battles too . It had become evident that they couldn't destroy the golden shields in a few assaults, but they could pressure them until they depleted all the energy stashed in the region .

Third Prince and First Princess had a hard time dealing with the three powerhouses . Still, their greatest pain was the invisible puppet that felt through the darkness and destroyed everything that it could .

Luckily for the alliance, those formations didn't have self-fixing properties, so its assets could continue to create small damages through the years of battle .

Noah learnt a lot about Night in that period, but the most surprising event happened two years after the beginning of the invasion .

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Great Elder Diana, Chasing Demon, and Noah hammered the defensive formations while dealing with the Royals' assault as per usual . The Elbas family didn't dare to deploy more troops there for fear of losing essential territories, so all the battles were similar to each other .

Night and Noah destroyed cores, and the two powerhouses took care of the incoming attacks while expanding the tremors spreading through the shields .

The cloud of corrosive smoke surrounded that battlefield, so some weaker cultivators had decided to fight on the regions' sides instead . There were fewer protections there, so the battles mostly had fame as their main gains . The weaker cultivators couldn't let the powerhouses decide everything . They wanted their share of the glory .

Those battles happened in an orderly manner, and cultivators even bet resources from time to time . A few of them had to stop fighting because their power put them in a different league from other rank 5 experts .

Flying Demon and Dreaming Demon were like that . Their prowess surpassed the limits of the fifth rank . The same went for Elder Julia, who had steadily improved over the years .

The Hive wasn't the only organization to have experts of that type . The Elbas family had Andrew Elbas, who was on a similar level to Elder Julia, and a few solid stage cultivators who didn't rely on the Pool to advance .

The Council had Elder Regina, who appeared on the same level as Dreaming Demon . Many believed that the two of them would be the next existences to step into the powerhouses' realm .

Those existences couldn't kill each other when surrounded by allies . It was simply impossible to deliver a fatal injury when their levels were so close . So, it was mostly weaker cultivators fighting .

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During one of those battles, a flash of black lightning fell on the battlefield, revealing June's figure surrounded by waves of black sparks . An orange halo came out of her figure, and the Elbas family's side cheered when it saw her solid stage cultivation level .

Nevertheless, June rose in the sky until she reached the Hive's army . A wave of surprised gasps and incredulous shouts echoed through that side of the battlefield, but that was only the beginning .

"I'm willing to bet Eccentric Thunder's inheritance to leave the Elbas family together with my family," June announced once all eyes went on her .

Many experts knew about Eccentric Thunder, and some had even investigated the matter of his inheritance . Yet, the expert's will had detonated everything to cover June's traces, so everyone thought that every resource was gone .

The offer was appealing, especially since June gave the Royals a chance to punish a traitor before her actual betrayal . They eventually sent one of the solid stage cultivators nearing the peak of the rank against her after agreeing to her conditions .

June had been a liquid stage cultivator only a few years before, so no one expected much from her . Still, Andrew Elbas had sent one of the strongest assets among those that had relied on the Royal Pool to advance .

Many believed that such a decision was overkill, but they had to rethink their evaluation when they saw June match her opponent's blows after four exchanges .