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Chapter 1085: 1085
When June's lightning bolt hit the net, it triggered a chain reaction that released a torrent of attacks toward the giant .

Splashes of a dark-red poison landed on the net only to shatter due to its destructive power . Lightning bolts dug the massive armor and pierced every defensive layer until they landed on the cultivators at its center .

Gustavo screamed in pain as June's attacks crushed his body . Its survival instinct made him throw potions and pills recklessly in a desperate attempt to escape from that deadly situation .

The giant changed color under that relentless assault . Its shades became dark-blue until they turned completely black . Then, its structure became unstable, and violent tremors ran through its fabric, making it denser .

Gustavo didn't care about his safety anymore . When death became a possibility in his mind, he poured everything he had in the armor, uncaring of the harm that it could cause him .

A dangerous sensation rose from the back of June's mind, and she retreated a high speed while launching multiple lightning bolts toward the net . The giant inside it became bigger as she escaped, and a smelly smoke started to come out of its figure .

An explosion occurred after a few seconds . The poisons accumulated in the armor led to a detonation that spread smelly dark drops everywhere on the battlefield .

The cultivators observing the battle had to resort to defensive measures to fend off those poisonous drops . June had to launch countless attacks since she was closer to the detonation, but a dark current engulfed her nonetheless .

The audience remained silent as the outcome of the battle unfolded in their vision . The clouds that had formed around the fighters were slowly dispersing, and no one dared to divert their eyes from them .

The first one to disperse revealed a badly injured June . Her body was a mess of bruises, missing skin, and bulging pustules . The various poisons inside the current had begun to affect her muscles, but the pulsating Perfect Circuit kept them away from her insides .

Then, Gustavo's cloud dispersed, revealing a humanoid figure covered by a smelly liquid .

The cultivators at the battlefield's borders took a while to understand Gustavo's condition, and they shook their heads when they realized how far gone he was .

His body had fused with the poison, and it took all his mental energy to prevent it from crumbling . Still, dense drops fell from his figure, showing how even that effort was pointless .

Gustavo pointed his arm toward June, but his hand melted and fell during the process . A confused expression appeared on his monstrous face . It seemed that he had yet to realize how injured he was .

The Elders of the alliance cheered . June had won, adding another victory to the invading side . Unsightly expressions appeared on the Royals while Andrew picked his inscribed notebook to respect the terms of the battle .

A few seconds had to pass before he announced the results . "From this moment onward, the Ballor family doesn't belong to the Elbas family anymore . It is free to emigrate…"

Andrew glanced at June as he interrupted his line, and she mustered her strength to complete it . "It will emigrate toward the Hive . "

The Elders of the Hive cheered, and the Demons stepped forward to help June . Her life wasn't in danger, but she needed to rest immediately to avoid worsening her injuries .

The matter appeared to be over, and everyone relaxed as they started to discuss who would fight next . Yet, a heavy aura spread on the battlefield, and the experts slowly turned toward the origin of that pressure .

A silver-haired cultivator wearing a shining golden robe had appeared above them . He stared at the battlefield while wearing a confident smile, and his eyes darted between the allied and enemy troops .

His aura revealed his status as a powerhouse, and the small crown on his head hinted that he was important even among rank 6 cultivators . His facial features resembled the other silver-haired experts, but he had a red mark in the middle of his forehead that differentiated him from them .

"Second Prince!" Andrew shouted in a solemn tone as he kneeled in the air . The other Royals quickly followed his example, and welcoming cries echoed as all the members of the Elbas family fell on one knee .

Flying Demon and Dreaming Demon's eyes sharpened at that sight . They had heard that name when they had invaded the old Royal Academy, but the fame of that powerhouse didn't stop there .

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When the invasion started, the Elbas family had revealed its new five powerhouses . They appeared to be twins with identical cultivation levels who imitated King Elbas in both power and expertise .

Nevertheless, Second Prince was different . He had already made some progress inside the lower stage of the sixth rank, and his appearance was more eccentric than his brothers and sisters .

Moreover, he had been in charge of defending Divine Market city during the invasion . Great Elder Diana had fought him, and she described him as a canny mind and a great strategist, other than a true master in making use of defensive formations .

His appearance there was unexpected . After all, the alliance could quickly make use of teleportation matrices to change their target . Yet, everything had happened too suddenly, so the troops had to reorganize before moving into the now defenseless territory .

Chasing Demon and the others were in the middle of a battle too . The troops had to wait for them to be over before moving .

"I didn't know we let traitors escape freely," Second Prince said as his gaze stopped on the injured June . His golden eyes crossed her mental defenses and exposed her centers of power to his inspection .

"You have Father's research too," Second Prince announced in a severe tone . "Your betrayal is older than you make it appear . "

June's eyes widened at his words, but a tremor swept her body at that point . She started to cough, and a smelly black liquid came out of her mouth as the effects of the poison intensified .

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She was getting worse . Every minute spent in that condition were hours added to her recovery . Still, that was the last of her problems now that a powerhouse's focus was on her .

"Your Highness," Andrew spoke in an attempt to justify his actions, "These are the rules of the fight . The Elbas family will lose face if we ignore them . "

"You lost enough face by letting a traitor win," Second Prince said in an uncaring tone . His hand rose, and flames gathered in his palm as his eyes remained on June, but ice suddenly spread on his fingers .

The Demons arrived next to June and threw a few pills in her mouth . Some of her injuries started to close, and the bumps began to withdraw . The three of them were about to leave, but the heavy aura returned and stopped their movements .

Dreaming Demon stared at Second Prince with a confused expression . The bottle containing the pink liquid was empty . She had used her remaining reward from Shadal's dimension to stop the powerhouse, but he had recovered in a matter of seconds .

"You used that against Ravaging Demon," Second Prince said as he shook his head to dispel the remaining effects of Dreaming Demon's influence . "How can you expect that to work again?"

The ice on his fingers broke, and flames reappeared on his palm . They took the shape of a small snake coiled around his arm as he pointed at the trio .

He was about to launch a spell, but he quickly moved his arm to attack it somewhere next to him . An explosion occurred mid-air, and a man followed by a maimed bird, a flying blade, and a giant snake came out of it .

Behind him, the golden shields fell apart, and the ballistae crumbled under the assault of the two allied powerhouses .