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Chapter 1088: 1088
'Was that a puppet?' Noah couldn't help but think after reviewing the last battle .

His blows on Second Prince's body and their exchanges had felt real . They didn't differ from the battles with other powerhouses . Even Night didn't sense anything unusual when cutting him .

Yet, Second Prince had shown no fear of death . The peculiar way in which he had died also hinted that his body was a mere puppet rather than his bones and flesh .

'It was able to express so much power with a fake body,' Noah's mind felt heavy when considering that . He had initially thought that King Elbas was the last worthy opponent in the Mortal Lands, but it seemed that his heir belonged to the realms of monsters too .

Every organization had promising cultivators that preferred to hide from the public scene and focus only on their path . Noah had always known that, but he had begun to learn more about them only after becoming a powerhouse .

A smirk appeared on Noah's face as the Demonic Form vanished, and the black cloud began to disperse . He felt happy that the struggles weren't over . Now he knew that he wouldn't have to spend the last part of the heroic ranks in complete safety .

Chasing Demon and Great Elder Diana exchanged a glance before gazing in Noah's direction . The dispersion of the cloud slowly revealed his figure, but he could only spread his arms to express his helplessness when he sensed the two pairs of eyes on him .

The two powerhouses were cornering Third Prince and First Princess after the shields fell, but Second Prince's actions had restored the battlefield to its previous condition .

They weren't back to the starting point though . The ballistae had fallen, and the new shields had fewer cores . It would take the alliance less than a year to conquer that region unless the Elbas family had other tricks .

The battle ended like that . The troops began to retreat, but Noah had yet another gesture to make before returning to his quarters .

Second Prince's defeat was a silent authorization to respect the terms of June's battle . Andrew Elbas continued to settle the Ballor family's release in public so that everyone could see that his word had some value .

Noah wasn't aware of June's bet, but he saw her injured condition . The Demons' drugs and her body's innate healing capabilities were already dealing with her wounds .

She didn't need any external help, so Noah could use that chance to announce something that he had waited to make public for way too long .

Noah slowly descended toward the allied troops, who welcomed him with polite bows . Only those close to him dared to react differently to his arrival .

Only June didn't react at all . She kept her stare fixed on Noah as her lover neared the allied troops .

June had understood what he wanted to do, but she waited for him to stand in front of her to give voice to a confident complaint . "I can deal with these wounds . "

"I know," Noah said while placing his palm on her forehead, "That's why I'm doing it . "

June lowered her defenses and allowed Noah's dark matter to run inside her body . The poison that had infected her tissues couldn't do anything against the higher energy .

In a matter of seconds, June's body became devoid of poison, and her healing properties started to fix the damage suffered at full speed . Her skin began to heal, and her complexion regained some color .

She still had bruises and some smelly spots, but Noah didn't mind them in the slightest . The fixed stare of his lover left him speechless and in a daze .

It didn't matter of ugly she looked after the battle . It didn't matter that her injuries had left horrid marks on her skin . Noah only needed to look at those orange eyes to recognize his lover and ignore everything else .

The Elders of the Hive knew about their relationship, but the others didn't share that knowledge . The experts of Council felt confused seeing that intimate interaction, but they understood something when they saw Faith's expression .

Many higher-ups of the Council still believed that Noah and Faith would eventually end up together . They were terrific cultivators, and their political value would make the alliance between their organizations sturdier .

Nevertheless, there wasn't any regret nor disappointment on Faith's face . She appeared truly happy to see June and Noah interacting in that way in the open .

While the Elder of the Council had restrained reactions at that discovery, the assets of the Elbas family's responses were far flashier .

June was quite famous among the Royals . She was the battle maniac who had refused every marriage proposal and focused only on her cultivation level .

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The Royals would barely see her outside of her quarters . She appeared to be a grumpy machine, programmed only to complete missions and cultivate . They had never seen her exchange more than a few lines with other experts, let alone allowing them to touch her .

However, she appeared calm with Noah's hand on her forehead . Her expression didn't carry her usual coldness . Instead, it had a tinge of warmth that became more evident as that interaction continued .

Some of her admirers froze in fear . They had chased June for a long time only to see the Demon Prince of the Hive casually behaving intimately with her .

Other higher-ups had different reactions . Andrew Elbas and the leaders of various factions began to send countless mental messages through their inscribed notebooks .

June had learnt a lot about the Elbas family . The Royals had never fully trusted her due to her aloof behavior, but she still had a general understanding of many secret structures and defenses .

They had to modify all of them now that June had turned out to be intimate with such a high-level personality inside the Hive . It would have been different with the Council or other Elders, but Noah was famous for appearing behind the enemy lines out of nowhere .

Noah and June weren't paying attention to their surroundings . Only the eyes of their lover occupied their vision .

The hand on her forehead slowly slid toward her cheek . Meanwhile, June reached for Noah's robe to pull him closer .

The two of them drew close without diverting their gazes . They didn't speak nor convey anything with their gestures, but their lips eventually touched right in front of everyone .

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That removed every doubt about their relationship . The couple's public kiss announced their status . That exposed them to enemy schemes, but June and Noah didn't want to remain in the shadows anymore .

"It took us only a few centuries," Noah whispered once their lips separated . June wanted to tease him, but she felt too happy to say anything .

Her hand rose toward his face . Her thumb traced his features as memories resurfaced in her mind .

Everything had begun with a promise after the crisis of the winged beasts . They were little more than talented heroic assets back then, with goals that forced them to separate multiple times .

Their life together had been a series of moments stolen from a strict political environment that they had to respect as long as they remained weak .

Yet, Noah's prowess was in the powerhouses' realm, and June had centers of power fueled by higher energy . They had been spectacular talents in the past, but they had become respected assets among the heroic ranks now .

"You are still stronger than me," June eventually pouted, but both of them laughed at her words .

Their journey was still long, and they had yet to face the Immortal Lands as a challenge . However, they could finally walk forward together now .