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Published at 2nd of December 2020 06:44:57 AM

Chapter 1091: 1091
Night had been restless in the last three centuries . At first, it had flown across the regions near the tower, hunting every strong creature that it found . Still, it had soon grown bored of fighting rank 5 creatures, leading it to move its focus elsewhere .

The Pterodactyl felt bound to Noah, so it never went too far away from his training areas at the beginning . It tried to fight the powerful creatures under Chasing Demon's quarters when Noah trained with the Seventh Kesier rune, but he stopped it every time .

Night had eventually given up on that task too, only to search for a new opponent .

It looked down on the rank 6 magical beasts in the world, but it never fought them since Noah needed them . The formations in the alliance's domain were technically on its side, so it had to give up on them too .

The lack of worthy opponents put it in a similar situation to Noah, which improved their connection once again . Yet, the Pterodactyl didn't have to cultivate, so it had entire years of free time that it didn't know how to fill .

Its eyes had risen to the sky at some point . That azure environment had a distant ball of fire capable of illuminating the Mortal Lands . The humans called it "Sun", but that was only another shiny opponent for the Pterodactyl .

Noah had to interrupt his meditation once because he felt the connection with Night becoming thin . His consciousness had returned to the material world to discover that his new companion was trying to reach the Sun .

It was needless to say that the effort had almost killed the creature . Still, that had forced Noah to accept the fact that he couldn't leave Night without anything to do while he trained .

He couldn't afford to lose a divine creature's mind due to its selfless crusade against the light . Its last act had even defied its connection with Noah, warning him of the possible repercussions of the creature's boredom .

Noah had solved the issue by giving it an almost impossible task .

The Night-blade Pterodactyls needed an isolated environment completely tainted with their darkness to reproduce . Their species didn't need a partner . The laws that they spread would automatically generate one of their kind once they became dense enough .

Noah had personally cleared a large underground area in one of the central territories that had yet to recover from the winged beasts' invasion . He had reinforced its edges with the Elemental Forging method and had given it to the Pterodactyl .

His task was simple . Night had to destroy every law in the area until it became the perfect breeding ground for its species . An eventual success would provide strong beasts to the Hive, so that was a win-win situation for him .

As their connection improved, Night had learnt to sense when Noah came out of his meditations . It had even felt his sense of loss after the last one, which was the reason behind its mocking expression .

Noah stared at the bird-like creature next to him . It was only the shape of a big bird, but he had learnt to recognize its different expressions without needing facial features .

"Someone just lost against a ghost!" Night exclaimed, following its line with deep chirps . It wasn't a small bird anymore, so its cries carried a bit of dignity .

"I won't let a suicidal bird give me lessons on how to win," Noah snorted as he laid on the roof of the tower . The starry sky filled his vision, but the figure of the long-haired man in the inheritance appeared between him and the stars .

That was the will of a god . Noah had just interacted with an existence who had left its inheritance inside the Immortal Lands!

'There is a chance that he didn't expect heroic cultivators to find it,' Noah thought as he closed his eyes .

The eccentric expert had performed that slash in the Immortal Lands, where divine beings walked freely . He might have intended to pass down his inheritance to fellow divine existences, but the fall of the new continent had ruined his plans .

Noah couldn't be sure of that . The Divine Cut was there now, so he would attempt to seize it . However, he accepted inside his mind that he might have to give up on the inheritance if he met a bottleneck .

'He is right,' Noah concluded in his mind . 'I am a brute . '

The understanding obtained in the Divine Cut had shown Noah how limited his martial arts were . He could barely call himself a swordsman . His slashes were only a channel where Noah poured his physical strength .

'I lack grace,' Noah thought . All the sword arts learnt in the past three centuries had brought his sharpness to a new league . He felt that he could cut down Second Prince's defenses with his bare fingers now .

Yet, his core had always remained the same . His strongest slashes relied on his physical strength .

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'Do I need to seize all the inheritance?' Noah started to ponder . 'Is this greed that I feel only a side effect of my individuality?'

Questions piled up inside his mind . As his path in the heroic ranks reached the last stages, his road toward the stars became foggy .

Mind and body were fine . They advanced without needing any deep understanding . The problem was Noah's dantian since it depended on his individuality .

"I'll say this once again," Night shouted, "I thought the Sun was closer! At most, you are to blame for building a body with such awful senses!"

Noah reopened his eyes to look at the proud Pterodactyl chirping justifications next to him . He had always envied the easy path of the magical beasts, and his thoughts went on the cultivation journey of the perfect hybrids .

His mind lost itself in his life's many experiences only to understand how unsuited he was for peace . Even his long seclusions in the past had the purpose of preparing him for a new battle .

'I'm truly a brute,' Noah couldn't help but smile at that thought .

Many cultivators would do anything in their power to remain inside their quarters for centuries . Some would even abandon organizations to avoid wasting time in the political environment .

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Noah was the opposite . He went from one battle to another in a constant search for a new enlightenment . Since difficulties forced his power to improve, he dived directly into them .

"Night," Noah said at some point, "Why do you want to destroy the light?"

The Pterodactyl felt the seriousness in Noah's words and decided to stop complaining to give an honest answer . "Because it's my enemy . Heaven and Earth made it in this way . "

"Are you nothing more than a bunch of instincts even after I gave you a new body?" Noah questioned the creature again .

"I don't know," Night replied and remained silent for a few seconds before continuing . "I know what I am . I know that I hate light . I don't care what or who decided this, but I can only be myself . "

Noah felt that some clarity returned in his mind after its words, and he patted the bird's empty head before complimenting it . "You are the smartest Night-blade Pterodactyl of the world . "

Night felt delighted to hear that, but it soon recalled something that made it complain once again . "I'm the only Pterodactyl in the world! This complement has no value!"

Noah only heard part of that line . His mental waves had already touched the ancient aura of the Cut, bringing him back in the divine inheritance .