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Chapter 1093: 1093
Noah's ambition intensified even more . A god was right in front of him . Cutting him down would be the greatest accomplishment even made by a heroic cultivator .

The world around him disappeared as his focus reached its peak . Noah could only see the forefinger . Nothing else mattered in his mind anymore .

A black spot appeared on his ghostly figure's chest . The mark enlarged until it took the shape of a star that engulfed half of his torso in its rotation .

Noah was calling upon the entirety of his individuality to perform that slash . It didn't matter if some of its aspects didn't match swords well . He wanted to pour all his existence into his most potent attack .

His ghostly figure began to morph . A tail and two wings grew from his back . A pair of horns rose from his forehead, and his fingers became long claws .

The environment darkened . Noah's brown mental energy dimmed as his existence invaded that ethereal world . Yet, the expert remained still, waiting for him to launch his final attack .

Noah eventually acted . His sword felt heavy as he lifted it above his head and focused everything he had on his blade . A sense of emptiness pervaded his being as his everything went on the weapon, but Noah had already stopped thinking .

Anger was the last to arrive . The forefinger was only a minute part of the divine will's body, but its power surpassed anything that Noah had ever met .

He felt mocked . The expert believed that one finger was enough to suppress him, so he had to prove him wrong .

Of course, Noah wasn't thinking straight in that situation . It didn't matter how powerful a heroic cultivator was . Gods were in another realm, and even their wills were too powerful for the lower plane's weak experts .

However, Noah used his unreasonable desire to kill a god to push his power even further . His ambition became so intense under that concentration that it made his sturdy mental walls shake uncontrollably .

Noah didn't feel any pain, or, rather, he couldn't sense it in that situation . Only the forefinger existed in his mind . Everything else was inside his ethereal blade .

His sword eventually fell . Noah felt as if he was trying to cut through the hardest material in the world as he swung his blade downward . It was so heavy that bulging veins appeared on his material body outside .

Instants of silence felt like an eternity . Noah's mind remained devoid of any thoughts as he performed the slash that carried all his life .

The ethereal sword touched the tip of the finger, and its blade lost any weight as its power came out of it . Noah's mental faculties returned only sense an immense force flinging him backward and making him slam on his trembling walls .

Noah took a while to recover and focus again on the expert . He didn't see any slash when he looked in his direction, but his eccentric figure still stood on top of his mental sea .

The man's finger was in front of him . Noah didn't manage to make it move at all, let alone cut it . Yet, he soon noticed that something was off since the expert had arched his eyebrows .

Noah felt drained, and even the level of his mental sea had reached a critical condition . However, he straightened his position and walked toward the motionless expert who showed a slight smile at that sight .

Noah walked until his eyes were right above the finger . He didn't see anything peculiar, but he felt that something was off .

His focus increased once again . Noah mustered the last bits of his mental energy to inspect the tip of the finger . Laws appeared in his vision, and the structure of the will became somewhat clear at that point .

Noah didn't even dream to understand the expert's law, but he could see that something had happened on the finger's tip . Its structure was still intact, but a minute spot appeared damaged .

"I thought you lacked purity due to your various paths," The expert finally decided to speak . "But there is another side to consider . Are you certain that you don't want to focus solely on the sword?"

"I've decided that long ago," Noah replied weakly . His consciousness had begun to waver in those last seconds . His mental energy was getting too scarce to keep him awake .

The expert sighed before continuing with his teachings . "The path for purity sees the removal of imperfection and foreign elements . Yet, nothing is extraneous to the blade capable of encompassing everything . "

Noah's mind broadened as understanding flowed inside him . His consciousness was about to fade, but he used everything he could to keep the connection with the Divine Cut intact .

"The blade of ambition is your sword," The expert said as his words became muffled . "Rather than removing paths, you must bring them to their peak and unite them into a single sword . There can't be existences carrying multiple laws, but those with vast individualities do exist . As for boundless, that will depend on you . "

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Noah started to see the outside world as the voice of the expert resounded in his dizzy mind . It was day when he awakened, but he soon collapsed on the spot .

The last line of the expert echoed inside him . "You are worthy of my inheritance . From now on, you'll address me as Sword Saint . "

Then, Noah's consciousness went dark, and his body slid from the roof of the tower to fall toward the ground .




Noah awakened in a dark environment . The laws of the darkness element were intense there, but he could sense something familiar inside them .

A bird-like creature rested next to him . Noah could finally recognize where he was when he noticed Night crouched on his side .

That was the environment that he had created for the Pterodactyl . The creature must have taken him there after he fell from the tower .

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Night woke up when it saw that its Master had recovered . It stretched a bit before setting off and resuming its mission to turn that area into a breeding ground .

Noah then noticed Snore coiled behind him and the Demonic Sword by his side . His two living assets had come out on their own to protect him while he remained unconscious .

His inscribed notebook had stored a few mental messages . They mostly questioned him about his health, but those close to him knew that Noah had often engaged in reckless training methods to improve his power .

There was even a summary of what had happened while he was unconscious, but nothing was worthy of his attention . He had slept for a little more than two months in the end . Nothing could affect peace in such a short period .

Flying Demon joked on how Night had caught him mid-air when he fell from the tower, and Dreaming Demon wished him the best in terms of health .

Only June's message forced him to answer . Her words proved once again how close the two of them were, and Noah couldn't help but smile when he heard her .

"Did you gain anything good?" June's voice echoed in Noah's mind when he played her message, and he could only answer in one way when he recalled the events inside the ancient aura .

"I gained everything," Noah conveyed as he stood up to return to the surface . He had a meeting with Sword Saint that he didn't want to miss .