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Published at 1st of December 2020 08:20:09 AM

Chapter 1094: 1094
Noah saw his attack losing against the expert's copy . Sword Saint's slash crossed his ethereal figure without doing any harm before dispersing on his mental walls .

That was the training method decided by Sword Saint . Noah had to launch attacks that the expert copied in their purest form . He then also listed the weaknesses of Noah's slash to instruct him .

The idea behind that training was to force Noah to express every aspect of his individuality in his slashes . He had refused to abandon his other paths, so he needed to fuse all of them into his sword .

That was easier than done . Whenever Noah focused on his destruction, he failed to add his creation . Whenever he minded only his sharpness, he forgot about his bestiality .

Sword Saint's attacks couldn't copy Noah's individuality completely . There were some aspects that he could only try to imitate since he lacked understanding in those paths .

The issue was harsher when it came to Noah's beast side . Sword Saint could perform slashes that relied on brute strength, but they didn't come close to Noah's iconic attacks .

Still, Noah didn't have to imitate the expert's attacks . He only needed to learn and take inspiration from them . Everything else was up to him and his ability to push that path forward .

Noah called upon his pride and used all the physical strength that he could imagine to slash toward the immobile opponent . He didn't forget to follow the specific forms learnt during the enlightenments, so his blow had some grace too .

A thick slash flew out of his ethereal sword . Sharpness came out of its shape and broke the water inside the mental sea . Yet, small dark spots formed on its surface after that destruction .

"Better!" Sword Saint exclaimed before curving his forefinger again . A similar thick slash shot from his hand and clashed with the incoming attack before piercing it to fly toward Noah .

The expert's slash dispersed after it crossed Noah's ghostly figure . The same outcome had occurred, but Noah felt his excitement building up anyway .

Noah could feel his existence improving as that training continued . That process forced his individuality to converge into a slash, pushing his being together like never before .

His body had harmonized his many features before, but that process was different . It involved laws, and it was more connected to what Noah expressed rather than focusing on his species .

"What did I do wrong this time?" Noah asked . His slash had lost against an imitation, so he had to improve it .

Sword Saint meant that Noah needed more training . He had to turn his best slash in his weakest and start improving from that base . The path in front of him was still long, but he had a direction, and the guidance of a divine will now .

Luckily for Noah, the training sessions with the Divine Cut had become shorter after Sword Saint's will materialized . The battles inside his mental sphere lasted as if they were fights in the outside world, so he never spent more than a few days there .

Noah depleted almost all his mental energy in every session anyway, but he could spend more time on his traditional training and many projects after he rested .

There was one particular project that bugged him . No matter how hard he tried, he didn't manage to copy the light element with the dark matter .

It seemed that his higher energy was utterly incapable of reproducing that element . The more he tried to modify it to succeed in his task, the more the dark matter lost power .

Noah had begun to think that it was against his higher energy's nature to become that element . Still, he wasn't ready to give up on the project yet .

After all, he had already thought of a spell that made use of all his copied elements . In theory, its effects would make him ignore most of the limitations brought by his low level among the powerhouses .

Other projects proceeded well instead . Noah had to keep his diagrams in their original state while he focused on meditating next to the Divine Cut, but he had time for them now .

His new state as a rank 6 mage and his incredible body allowed him to go past his spells' original purposes . Noah didn't need to abide by the creators' initial intentions anymore and could push their core ideas on a path that suited him .

Noah could keep many old spells, and he could even recover some of those abandoned in the past . The limitations on their power didn't matter anymore since he rebuilt them in his mind .

That project led to many side projects since he had to treat every spell differently . There were cases where he could even fuse a few of them, but that led to difficulties .

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It was hard to fuse two core ideas into a greater one without damaging their intensity . Noah had to test that process many times before understanding that he had to change his approach .

Noah had never learnt how to create diagrams from nothing because his expertise brought him on different paths . Yet, he could use wills to obtain similar effects .

Noah had already done something similar in the past . Translating diagrams into wills so that he could modify them had allowed him to improve many spells during his journey across the heroic ranks .

He didn't do the same when he became a rank 6 mage because of both worlds' many events, but nothing stopped him now .

Moreover, he wanted to improve that procedure too . Noah wasn't satisfied with wills that depleted themselves once "Breath" triggered their effects . He wanted something lasting .

The Will-devouring runes came in his help at that point . With a mixture of strong wills and his three energies, Noah could create runes that replicated spells once fueled with darkness .

They were different from the Kesier runes . Noah had to immerse them inside the mental sea because they needed constant contact with his mental energy .

Those runes were far from perfect, but Noah felt that he was finally learning something he had desired since he was a human cultivator . He was finalizing his method to create spells!

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Many runes started to fill the mental sea . Noah added one spell after another to his arsenal . They couldn't express his full power since they didn't involve his body, but his battle style would gain some variety .

There were too many eyes on him now . Every powerhouse had developed countermeasures to his iconic attacks . Improving his abilities wasn't enough . Noah needed more of them to compete in that realm .

That eventually led to the biggest problem . One of Noah's strongest spells was the Demonic Form, but it seemed that all the world had developed countermeasures against its corrosive effects .

Night could exploit it to express its power, but that didn't make his corrosive smoke more useful . Noah had used the spell only to enhance his body and as a form of protection in the last battles .

The Demonic Form was peculiar among spells . It had a strange form that grew according to the number of Kesier runes inside a mental sphere .

That was one of the reasons why Noah had never attempted to modify it . It appeared too complicated for him, and he didn't want to risk ruining his greatest asset .

However, he was in the last stage of the heroic ranks now . His Divine Deduction technique had rank 6 mental energy as a fuel, and his dark star pushed his abilities far beyond their normal limits .

It was time to improve the Demonic Form, and the Black Mark spell seemed perfect for his needs .