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Chapter 1095: 1095
The Divine Deduction technique had never stopped illuminating the insides of his mental sphere in that period . That slowed down his training with Sword Saint a bit, but Noah had never held back when he found a way to improve his power .

The Demonic Form and the Black Mark had similar effects . Noah could already imagine the corrosive smoke carrying poisonous properties on top of its corrosive ability .

Still, he needed to modify the Demonic Form spell's very core if he wanted that to happen . Noah had to fuse the original idea behind the Black Mark spell into the roots, which was an invasive procedure .

Noah didn't focus only on the roots' structure when he studied his spell . He paid particular attention to the laws in their fabric and how they interacted with the Kesier runes .

The more he learnt about that diagram, the more he realized how complex it was . Yet, he understood that certain tricks were behind the creation of spells that didn't have limitations to their power .

The Warp spell, the Shadow Copy spell, the Body-inscription spell, and the Demonic Form all had external factors connected to their diagrams . The last two had quite obvious requirements, while the others only needed stronger mental spheres .

Having more external factors allowed the diagrams to be less complicated . They could have fewer lines since part of their effects depended on things unrelated to their core .

However, the Demonic Form ignored that theory . Its roots acted as if they were a parasite drawing power from the Kesier rune, even if they didn't hurt them in the slightest .

That would typically make any modification more difficult, but it made it easier for Noah . If he could treat the spell as a living being, he could make use of his expertise .

Noah felt as if he wanted to improve the species of the Demonic Form when planning its modifications . The roots weren't an actual lifeform, but that wouldn't matter as long as they behaved like one .

At first, Noah began experimenting with the small bits of roots that tried to cover the Seventh Kesier rune's almost-invisible shape .

Noah was nowhere near the seventh rank, so only the rune's faint shape had begun to form in his mind . The roots wanted to cover that too, but they could only hang from the Sixth rune after failing .

Imbuing wills in the matter was something that Noah had done since his time in the Royal Academy . The Elemental Forging method proved itself exceptionally useful in that situation .

Noah had to break down the Black Mark's spell to its core, translate it into a will, and forge it into the roots . His centuries of training in that inscription method made him confident in succeeding without hurting the spell .

A few positive results happened as he became more experienced with the procedure . Still, Noah cut away those forged parts anyway since he wasn't satisfied with their power .

The experiments stretched on for an entire decade . Noah did nothing but training, sparring with Sword Saint, and modifying the Demonic Form in that period .

Then, when he finally obtained satisfying results, he entered the last stage of the experiment .

Noah couldn't allow himself to fail at that point . He was about to modify the core of the Demonic Form spell . Any mistake would damage one of his strongest weapons .

The First Kesier rune had the least number of roots, but the spell's core was there . Every effect and ability of the Demonic Form came from a thick root that gave birth to all the other ones .

Noah reviewed the procedure multiple times before approaching the First Kesier rune . He used the Divine Deduction technique to eliminate every flaw, and even his body reacted in the end .

'I will succeed,' Noah thought when he sensed his dark star spinning faster and improving his mental capabilities .

His determination had triggered one of the best features of his body . His star had reacted to the pressure that Noah felt when approaching the modification .

The thick root occupied Noah's vision . His ghostly figure floated in front of the First Kesier rune and called upon primary energy previously stored in his mind to begin the procedure .

During his experiments, Noah had found out that the dark matter was too heavy to interact with the roots without damaging them . The same went for his darkness, which forced him to use primary energy to perform the forging .

'Soft without lacking intensity,' Noah thought as a rune surged from the depths of his mental sea and reached the cloud of primary energy next to him .

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The rune had a peculiar shape . It was a black spot with uneven edges that tried to spread in the environment .

That was the rune created to push the Black Mark spell to the sixth rank . Dark matter made its entire structure, but Noah had to sacrifice it at that time .

The rune fell apart inside the thin cloud of primary energy . Noah pushed the dark matter out of his mental sphere, but he restricted the meaning that it carried inside .

He didn't care about the rune . He could always make another one when he had the time . What interested him was the pure meaning he had managed to translate when he updated his spells .

The core idea of the Black Mark spell remained inside the primary energy . That thin substance initially ignored the influence radiated by that meaning, but it started to bend as Noah's containment continued .

With Noah there, even the volatile primary energy had to acquire special features . After all, he had become able to interact with the laws when he reached the sixth rank . He didn't need to rely on the native's inscription method to control the primary energy anymore .

The Black Mark's core idea became less intense as the procedure continued . The primary energy absorbed it and gained its features, which slowly turned it into the forging material .

When the meaning vanished, Noah approached the thick root and began the inscription . The modified primary energy flowed inside the Demonic Form's core, forever altering its fabric .

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The root began to shake as Noah continued to pour primary energy inside it . Its branches became thinner as their core weakened, and some of them directly fell from the runes to disperse in the mental sea .

Noah continued without minding those repercussions . He knew what was happening, so the wilting of the roots didn't scare him .

Little by little, all the branches fell . Only the core root remained on the Kesier rune by the time Noah completed pouring primary energy .

The root shook . It shrunk only to grow larger again in a cycle that continued for minutes . Noah could only watch at that point . The forging was complete . It was up to the diagram to adapt now .

The root's color changed . It was already black, but the addition of that meaning made it even darker . Its edges became difficult to make out since light couldn't illuminate it properly .

The tremors eventually stopped, and the root remained still as if dead . However, it remained attached to the First Kesier rune, which made Noah confident in the procedure's success .

As if answering to Noah's confidence, the root slowly started to enlarge . It was a timid growth initially, but it gained speed as it became used to its new structure .

Multiple branches grew from the central body, and an intricate diagram quickly appeared on the six Kesier runes as the roots covered their surface . They even tried to spread on the Seventh Kesier rune's faint shape, but they failed as their predecessors .

Once the structure stabilized, Noah felt a surge of power filling his mind . Something inside him had already predicted the power of his improved spell, and the result made him feel ecstatic!