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Chapter 1096: 1096
Runes with various shapes filled his mental sea, and black roots covered his Kesier runes . His spells were ready for battle, and Noah couldn't wait to test them in the open .

However, the world was still at peace, and Noah had to teleport between the Divine Cut and Chasing Demon's quarters for his training . The Hive had built a proper habitation for him, but he preferred to finalize the matters with Sword Saint before settling there .

As he poured more of himself inside his slashes, Noah's individuality advanced, pushing his dantian toward the peak of the fifth rank . It was only a matter of time before he became a fully-fledged powerhouse .

When he was almost eight hundred and fifty years old, an inevitable change occurred, and the peace in those Mortal Lands finally fell apart .

King Elbas had disappeared for centuries by then . No one believed that he had died in his search for the rank 7 Kesier Ape, but that didn't explain why he had been missing for so long .

The underground world was vast and messy . A sea of magma filled most of it and forced everything inside to move according to its currents .

Noah had been honest during the negotiations with King Elbas . His description of the currents was as accurate as he could make them . The journey toward the Ape God would only take a century, according to his calculations .

The delay in King Elbas' return hinted that something had happened, and the whole world learnt about that when the Royals' leader returned to the surface .

No one noticed anything at the beginning . There wasn't any earthquake or natural calamity to announce that event . Yet, the investigative buildings of the organizations soon saw something peculiar .

The period of peace had made those buildings quite useless . The heroic cultivators overseeing the nations' borders and the sea had to spend centuries observing the complete nothingness .

However, sounds of alarm resounded everywhere once they recorded the image of a crowned cultivator flying together with a tall ape that had six white runes on its fur .

The higher-ups of every organization received messages and came out in the open to witness that event with their eyes .

Noah was cultivating in front of the rank 7 Kesier rune when the message arrived . Dreaming Demon, Chasing Demon, Flying Demon, Elder Julia, and Skully were with him, and they all reacted in the same way at that news .

The six powerhouses teleported on the surface and set off for the eastern coast . Other rank 5 cultivators followed their example, and the teleportation matrices across the new continent shone to no end .

The Empire had sent some troops too . God's Left Hand floated at some distance above the sea together with other cultivators . There was even another powerhouse next to her .

The world's best assets had gathered to witness the return of the strongest powerhouse in those Mortal Lands .

King Elbas' figure became visible at some point . He reappeared from a distant point in the sea and flew slowly toward his underlings . His golden robe shone on its own, and his crown reflected the sunlight, giving off a blinding radiance .

The rank 7 Kesier Ape floated by his side . A golden shield filled with runes surrounded the creature and forced it to fly alongside King Elbas . Still, it didn't restrict its movements inside the separate area .

The golden cage radiated a peak rank 6 aura . Its power was at the limits of the heroic ranks and managed to block the trapped creature's punches .

The Ape was weaker than Noah recalled . Its power had fallen in the quasi-rank 7 stage . Yet, its condition seemed to have improved since the last time . It appeared full of vitality and in a perfect state .

Even the missing piece of fur had reformed . No rune had appeared in that spot, but there were a few white pieces . It was as if the Ape's rank had regressed only to increase again .

Noah knew that such improvement was far from natural . He had left the Ape inside a sea of magma while its world crumbled . That wasn't an environment that could benefit its growth, especially in its weakened state .

King Elbas probably had intervened . The best inscription master of the world knew methods that could restore the Ape to a decent condition .

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No one questioned the prowess of the golden cage . The experts didn't know how that item could contain a quasi-rank 7 creature, but the answer to their doubts was in the powerhouse flying next to it .

There was one aspect of King Elbas cultivation's level that shocked all the bystanders . The Royal had left when he was at the peak of the liquid stage, but now his dantian expressed the solid stage's power!

King Elbas had a breakthrough during his journey . He now lacked only one step before becoming a god!

"Father!" The Princes and Princesses shouted as they bowed when King Elbas reached them . The leader nodded at his underlings before inspecting the cultivators of the other organizations .

A lot had changed while he was away . Many cultivators had advanced to the sixth rank, and the Elbas family had lost most of its territories .

Moreover, the Royals had gone through three hundred and fifty years of suppression while the alliance had flourished on their old lands .

Second Prince straightened his position and handed a white orb to his father while keeping his head lowered . The item fell apart when King Elbas touched it, and the white gas that came out of it flew inside the leader's mind .

King Elbas kept his eyes closed for a second before reopening them and showing a wide smile . His gaze then went on the alliance's side as he gave voice to a playful comment . "You sure had fun while I was gone . Well, I expected much already . "

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The lack of anger in King Elbas' words surprised some of the experts on the scene, but Noah and a few others could understand how he felt .

King Elbas was a powerhouse in the solid stage . He didn't mind those worldly matters at all .

"I'll take back the snowy land and the bushland," King Elbas announced in a peaceful tone . "You can keep the others for now . "

His announcement forced the various leaders to send a series of mental messages, but they quickly had to stop their actions since the Royal began to advance again .

King Elbas moved toward the alliance's side . The Princes and Princesses didn't follow him, so he was marching alone toward ten rank 6 experts .

"You!" The Ape cried when it noticed Noah from inside the golden shield . "You damned creature! Destroying my world wasn't enough . You had to send this damned human too!"

Noah ignored the cries of the beast and kept his attention on King Elbas . Yet, the latter didn't like that sudden outburst and waved his hand to activate some restrictions .

Faint chains appeared on the Ape's fur . They came from beneath its skin and suppressed both its physical strength and mental abilities .

The beast collapsed inside the shield . A few shrieks of pain came out of its mouth, but King Elbas' cold words silenced even them . "I told you to use human words . "