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Chapter 1097: 1097
The sudden outburst and suppression of the Ape didn't change what was happening . King Elbas was still walking toward the eastern coast, and the allied powerhouses had yet to make their move .

That was probably the best chance to kill King Elbas . He had just returned from a long journey, and his opponent had been a former divine magical beast .

His breakthrough was a problem, but there was a good chance that the Royals' leader was hiding some injuries . Also, he was far away from his domain now, so he couldn't use defensive formations .

Still, killing him would probably free the Ape God, and the Princes and Princesses were nearby . The alliance outnumbered them, but there was a solid stage powerhouse among their opponents .

King Elbas walked in the air showing his usual arrogant smile . It seemed as if he desired for his opponents to make a move . However, no one attacked .

"Let's defend!" Great Elder Diana transmitted through the alliance's inscribed notebooks, and everyone retreated toward the eastern coast .

Even Noah didn't object to that order . He didn't believe for even a second that King Elbas was unprepared . In his mind, he had already accepted that the alliance couldn't do anything to defeat him .

Differences in ranks and stages became harder to cross as the level increased . Both Chasing Demon and Great Elder Diana had inscribed items that allowed them to express more power, but that was even more true for King Elbas .

Defeating him might be impossible, but they had no reason to do that . The alliance owned most of the world anyway . They could defend and continue to solidify their superiority .

King Elbas didn't chase those cultivators . He even let those in the fifth rank return toward the nearest teleportation matrices .

He didn't seem to care about anything around him . He had one goal, so he was going to walk toward it slowly .

Elder Julia and Chasing Demon took control of the Copying Technique deployed in the region mentioned by King Elbas . They prepared themselves for his arrival while the other higher-ups of the Hive remained nearby, ready to intervene if needed .

Great Elder Diana and other higher-ups of the Council did the same . They joined the Elders of the Hive in their waiting for King Elbas' arrival .

The Copying Technique activated before the enemy arrived . Countless magical beasts formed on the surface of the snowy plain and arranged themselves in a defensive formation .

Meanwhile, the cultivators living in the recently built domes and structures used teleportation matrices to abandon the area .

The army of magical beasts had hundreds of different specimens that would follow precise roles meant to make use of their innate abilities .

Chasing Demon had become an expert with the Copying Technique . He didn't pick the creature to capture randomly but chose those that would benefit the overall defenses .

It was pointless to trap too many magical beasts . One single creature was enough to create a limitless number of copies, so diversity was better than sheer numbers .

Noah didn't help with the Copying Technique, but he could see that Chasing Demon had done an incredible job . Any expert in the magical beasts' field would praise him for his choices .

There were thousands of magical beasts at the peak of the fourth rank . They all had a water aptitude and specialized in long-range attacks . Their species were among the strongest of their kind too .

A series of peak rank 5 magical beasts stood in front of that army . Other water-type creatures specialized in long-range attacks filled the ground and acted as leaders of the swarm .

Noah recognized various kinds of seahorses, turtles, and giant fishes meant to pressure the incoming powerhouse .

Chasing Demon could avoid summoning so many weaker beasts, but doing that balanced the region's depletion of energy reserves . It was cheaper to have an army of rank 4 creatures than a single one in the sixth rank .

It didn't matter that King Elbas was in the solid stage . The constant assault of so many immortal creatures could probably affect him in the long run .

The fact that Chasing Demon had summoned such an army didn't mean that he didn't create copies of rank 6 creatures . A tall ape stood among the beasts . That was the previous king of the snowy mountain!

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Entire organizations would find it challenging to deal with that army . The problem wasn't in the sheer number of troops but because they were virtually immortal!

King Elbas took a few days to arrive . He reached the sky above the snowy plain walking at his slow pace and wearing his arrogant smile . The Ape God was still inside the floating golden shield next to him, and the sight of the army silenced the creature .

Silence fell on the entire region too . The army of beasts went silent while King Elbas inspected the area . A tinge of surprise appeared on his expression, but he shook his head in the end .

King Elbas lifted his arm, and a drop of blood fell from his forefinger . The drop took fire as if descended toward the army, but it was only a small flame when it crashed on the ground .

Intense rumblings spread on the terrain, and crack opened in the entirety of the region . Tall tongues of flames came out of those fissures and enveloped the army of beasts .

The copies couldn't do anything against that attack . The power of a solid stage powerhouse wasn't something that they could oppose .

The once snowy plane transformed into a red environment after King Elbas' attack . Melted rocks and uneven terrain filled the area, and the region's structures became nothing more than fuming debris .

Only the dome stood still, but large cracks spread on its surface . The city under it had become visible too, which showed how much power it had already lost .

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The region had become worthless after one attack . The Hive would have to spend decades fixing the damages only to bring it back to a decent state .

Chasing Demon could decide to abandon that territory . The Hive didn't need it . Its value came from the fact that the Elbas family couldn't occupy it .

However, the alliance had the chance to test King Elbas' power at that time, and the Copying Technique had yet to show all its tricks . It didn't hurt to waste some amassed "Breath" to defend it .

The army of beasts reappeared in less than ten seconds . The creatures didn't wait for the powerhouse to attack and launched their innate abilities as soon as they reformed .

The sky changed color . The reddish halo generated by the setting of the Sun disappeared, replaced by a blue radiance .

King Elbas saw the region disappear, replaced by an array of water missiles and currents that carried different properties .

The fabric of the sky fell apart . The air itself trembled until it crumbled under that myriad of attacks . A large passage to the void appeared, but the assault of abilities didn't stop .

The amount of energy depleted to launch those attacks was unfathomable, but even that wasn't enough to suppress the enemy powerhouse . The endless tide of abilities took fire at some point, and the flames spread until they reached the army of beasts, which crumbled under that counter-attack .