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Chapter 110
Noah's trip became quiet .

After his demonstration of ruthlessness, the other students had become quite scared of him .
They were still young after all, their lives as nobles never allowed them to have any traumatic experience .
There were a few exceptions though .
The Eeggi siblings would usually bring him food during his cultivation sessions and June began to respect him as a true senior .
The Eeggi's felt indebted since he saved Ruth's life while June was a battle maniac, she respected strength above anything .
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The atmosphere felt a little awkward to Noah since he was among the youngest of the group .
He was currently holding a book with the second Kesier rune hidden between its pages .
Some sweat ran down his forehead as he trained his sea of consciousness .
When he felt that he had done enough, he put back the rune in the space-ring and closed the book .
'This feels really strange . '
It had been more than three weeks since they set off and Noah did nothing but train .
However, he was now in a peaceful environment .
There was no imminent danger nor someone close to him that he was trying to save .
That lack of external pressure that forced him to become stronger left him with some unsatisfaction .

'The first hurdle on the cultivation journey is the access to techniques . The second one is the immense boredom caused by the extended periods of training . '
Noah liked to train, he liked feeling his strength increasing day by day, but he had to admit that he also liked to use that power at some point .
'I should not ask for more dangers now that I'm finally free from them . With my luck, I will end up in some mess sooner or later . '
His mental energy was expended and he had already cultivated for the entirety of the previous night, he was left with nothing to do .
'Maybe I should ask June to spar again . She is the only one that can face me here . I wonder what kind of spells she has . '
He stood up and moved toward the girl meditating on one of the mats near him but then Thaddeus' voice resounded through the ship and he appeared on the main deck .
"We are about to fly over Elbas city, I believe many of you will be interested in seeing it . "
'Fly over?'
June stood up and moved toward the border of the deck when Noah spoke to her .
"June, isn't the academy inside the Royal city?"
June's eyes widened like she had seen the most unbelievable thing of her life .
Noah was confused and continued .
June seemed to return to reality and spoke honestly .
"Sorry, it's just that I never saw you speaking to someone on your own will . "

Noah was momentarily stunned .
'Now that I think about it, I never did anything else except cultivating in this life . '
He never cared much about people even in his previous life .
Since he found a purpose in his other one, he completely disregarded anything else .

He shrugged his shoulder to answer and waited for her reply .
"The academy is inside Arolyac forest which is near the capital . Its exact location is known only to the students and to those in the Royal family though . "
"Oh, and why is that?"
"Arolyac forest is a danger zone but many precious materials are hidden inside it . Part of the students' duties is to gather them and send them to the capital . "
'Mh, it seems the perfect area to train the next generation of cultivators . Also not knowing the exact location makes it harder for the families of the nobles to reach to them, diminishing their influence on their heirs . '
Then a doubt formed in his mind .
'Wait, she is a battle maniac, how does she know so many things?'
"How do you know all of this?"
June spoke like it was the most obvious thing in the world .
"It's the story of our country, everyone knows about it . It's common knowledge . "

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'I guess I really should pay more attention to topics outside cultivation . '
He sighed and moved to look at the landscape below the ship .
Rivers and plains occupied the scenery but, in the distance, a massive figure began to appear .
June neared him .
"Didn't you have an instructor when you were a kid?"
Noah vaguely remembered the face of Li Neregnes back in his childhood .
"Kind of . "
The massive figure became more detailed and their conversation was interrupted by their astonishment .
Enormous was the word that better described the city that they were looking at .
It was more than one hundred kilometers wide, it started to occupy all their field of view as the ship neared it .
Many buildings eight and nine-story high were shown from above the imponent defense wall .
As the air-ship flew over it, its streets became visible as it did its population .
It seemed that every corner of the city was bustling with life .
Noah saw caravans speeding across the larger roads with magical beasts carrying their carriages .
Massive buildings appeared toward the center of the capital and, in its exact center, a giant castle stood higher than any other structure .

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"That's the Royal Mansion . "
June spoke when she looked in the direction of the castle .
"The level of extravagance in the capital sure is incredible . "
Noah replied .
"Most of the extravagant things are made in the Academy . This ship is one of those . "
Thaddeus had moved behind them and spoke with a proud tone .
June stiffened but Noah simply asked another question .
"Why is that? I believed that once you graduated from the academy, you would work in the Royal city . "
Thaddeus smiled .
"We are officially working in the capital but the best research ground remains the academy . We are surrounded by precious material and have the best talents in the country, why would we move elsewhere?"
Noah nodded with his gaze still inspecting Elbas city .
'It seems yet another world compared to Balvan mansion . '
He repressed a smile from appearing on his face .
'It's even better than I thought!'